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Staying Warm and Dry in the Pacific Northwest

​Almost everyone knows the saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.”

Curated by Jason Horstman

For anyone who lives in or has been to the Pacific Northwest, you know this definitely applies almost any time of the year, especially during rainy seasons.  But this doesn’t have to deter you from getting outside.  As long as you’re prepared with the right gear, there’s nothing that stands in your way from enjoying a nice rainy day adventure, whether it’s planned or not. The list of items below is typically what I tend to bring with me and what I recommend in the event that there’s potential for rainfall or wet conditions.  

There’s no boot I’ve been able to count on more to keep my feet dry and comfortable, and also provide great stability and traction for any surface I come across on the trail. Occasionally I will jog on the way down a trail, and this shoe also has a running shoe feel that is perfect for those that like to splash a few puddles and add a little adrenaline to their adventure.

If the weather calls for cold or inclement weather, this is a great lightweight option that is simple to set up and take down.

If you’re looking for something a little more heavy duty that protects against all the elements, this sleeve works great. It comes in a variety of sizes and lengths and is very easy to put on.

If you’re looking for a cheap and simple solution for keeping your camera dry, these plastic sleeves seem to do the trick. They slip right around your camera and contain a convenient drawstring cord for the lens opening and an opening for the viewfinder as well.

This is a great lightweight option for those who already own a sleeping bag but just want to add a little extra warmth without upgrading their bag. This particular liner adds about 25°F to the temperature rating.

Sherpa Jumla Hat

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I have yet to find a hat that keeps my head warmer than this one. It’s wool insulated, and the coolest part is that it’s handmade in Nepal.

This may be one of the most important items on this list, as wool wicks away moisture and is guaranteed to keep your feet dry and warm, as well as prevent any rubbing with your winter boots. Smartwool makes several variations, all of which are great in their own respect.

If you want a jacket that combines warmth and waterproof, this is a great lightweight option. The 700 down fill and breathable waterproof shell make this jacket great for just about any occasion that calls for cold and wet conditions.

This is also a great affordable lightweight option weighing a little over 11 ounces, and not to mention great breathability and compressibility as well. This is another jacket that I carry with me often if weather calls for mild temps and a chance of rain.

With a 650 down fill that’s weather and water resistant, affordable, and very compressible, there’s no better option for staying warm when the weather calls for a little light rain or snow and cooler temps. This is a great jacket for winter adventures in the mountains

This quilt is very compact and lightweight, and comes in a variety of options, all that are custom handmade and fairly affordable. I love the flexibility to either use this as a blanket or zip it up and use it a sleeping bag.

There’s no better pant shell for a day full of wet winter adventures. The reasons why I love these pants are endless, but here the top ones to name a few – fully waterproof for staying dry in wet conditions, breathable so your legs don’t overheat and sweat, and zippers on the bottom and an elastic drawstring waistband for a flexible fit. Pro tip – if you plan to glissade down a mountain and want to keep your butt dry, these pants will do just the trick.