Zakary Caldwell

One of my favorites

This was a great hike to take with my family. We all loved it.

Great views!

This was a very good hike! Great views all around. The falls were beautiful. The emerald forest was my favorite part of the hike. There were some great groves of trees. The only downside was that you couldn’t get up close to the waterfalls. I did this hike on a weekday in late April. There was already a lot of people to share the trail with. But everyone was very friendly. The ranger station at the beginning of the trail was great. They had a lot of great info. I’ll be coming back and going in deeper next time for an overnighter at the nearby lakes.


It was a good hike. I would recommend going past the parking lot, over the bridge. There is better parking and it puts you on the side of the trail that has access to the waterfall. Good for a nice 2-3 hour trip.