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A few tips for capturing the night sky.

Mariposa County, California


Added by Spud Groshong

The Ability To Capture The Stars, Milky Way, and Other Celestial Happenings.Being outside*Peace and Quiet

My favorite thing is taking photos at night. The Stars are one of the most beautiful things to me. I get lost staring at the sky even when I'm not out shooting.

So to start be sure you've got all of your things (camera, tripod, lens, Remote) find yourself a nice place as far away from any light pollution you can get. There is an app for the Iphone called Dark Sky that can help you with it but typically an hour or so outside of a city is an OK distance.

Once you've found where you wanna shoot bust out all your gear, get set up and attempt to take your photo. One thing I've learned with long exposure photography at night is you'll need a pretty low fstop so for depth of field i will put my lens to manual and focus some where just near infinity. That Typically allows my photo to be all in focus.

I've also found any photo longer than 30 seconds makes the stars move to much and it looks a bit weird unless you're trying to go for that effect then a much longer shutter speed is what you're after. a high ISO is almost always required.

Another thing i use to spot the milky way when there's too much light in the sky is an app that's called sky guide. it uses your location services and the horizon line to point you in the right direction.

Hope this helps a little and HAPPY SHOOTING!!

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