Sunrise in Zabriskie Point in Death Valley

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The view of the sunrise in Zabriskie Point is spectacular, and a must-do when you're at the park. Known for it's erosional landscape and vibrantly colored badlands, this place will make you feel like you're in a different world.

Getting to the top of Zabriskie Point is very easy, about a quick 3-5 minute walk from the parking lot. Come here an hour or so before the sunrise, so you can enjoy star gazing before the horizon is lit up by the sun.

Just before the sun rises, you will find lots of photographers in Zabriskie Point with their camera tripods facing opposite the direction of the sunrise. This boggled me for a moment, but when the sun started rising, I saw how the sunlight painted the mountains behind with shades of pink and orange, and it was a truly magical sight. Enjoy the moment, because in a matter of minutes the light hitting the mountains start to fade away.


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