Yeager St. John

One third of The Traveling Trio - the story of a man, a woman, and their dog as they travel the Americas living in a 1997 Dodge Ram with a Four Wheel Camper Grandby. Tag along as they traverse the continent in search of adventure!

Saline Valley is a hidden gem within DVNP, but the adventure should only be undertaken by the most prepared of folks and is not for the faint of heart. If you don't trust your vehicle, don't know how to change a spare, or don't have a decent sense of direction this is not for you. If you decide to venture here, be respectful and help keep this place going - consider contributing $20 to Lizard Lee (the camphost) for upkeep costs, offer to help clean one of the soaking tubs, or bring supplies like toilet paper, bleach, hand sanitizer or other cleaning products.

This is an incredible area of DVNP that is somewhat of a hidden secret and in my opinion should remain so, or become even more difficult to access. While out here we saw many signs of mischief - rocks removed from tracks, smaller rocks than the tracks, or rocks at both ends of tracks. When the racetrack is wet people have obviously wandered out and left deep footprints in the lakebed, as well as obvious signs of driving onto it. This road is easily accessible by any 4x4 vehicle with 10 ply tires, potentially even LT tires - the rocks aren't what will give you a flat - it's the washboarding and driving too fast. Not only does this exacerbate the problem of washboarding, it also degrades your suspension and control of your vehicle. Please, if you choose to visit this area, do so respectfully and above all in a safe manner.