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Xander Walsh

We hiked this to break up a road trip and we were really happy we did. Easy hike, good directions and a peaceful little hollow. The bugs were a bit thick but not unbearable.

Clearly marked trail head a minute from parking lot. Obvious, easy but steep old road bed that brings you into the steep upper valley south side twin peaks. There is a bench where the trail narrows to single track at tree line. From there it’s alpine and you can go to Salt and Pepper peak or twin peaks. Look for sheep.

Awesome exploring but don’t be dumb. Glacier travel requires the right gear so bring crampons, axe, helmet. I guided here for a couple years and watched too many unprepared peeps get carried out. MICA guides is awesome and will take you to some amazing features.

Go to PWSKC as stated and get info about marine rec sites. Tent platforms, bear boxes and outhouses on some of the most amazing beaches and rocky shores ever. Prepare for lots of 50 degree rain but hope for 65 and sun. Nothing is more beautiful than a sunny PWS!

Most people stop at Baldy which takes 45min to 1.5hrs. But if you are feeling strong or have a day then keep going. This ridge leads to Blacktail and once you start moving back (obvious alpine trail on a clear day) you are in another world. Ridge line and straight hike up another mountain. Or keep on truck in’.

Great trail with easy access to a couple hanging valleys if you want to put some extra miles in. Two strikingly different lakes side by side make for some dramatic scenery. If you camp or have the energy for a long day then the mountain at the back of the valley (Cantata) is an epic climb. I always see sheep and the views of the inner peaks are mind blowing.

This is a sweet spot next to the end of the public accessible road. Quiet, great small sites, really beautiful hiking options (all off trail). Sunset and sunrise here are amazing and I always see Caribou and often have seen grizzlies. Once, from the camp, I saw a pack of wolves cross the river.

You can access this from Arctic Valley as well. One of the best and easiest accessed ridges in front country.

There are better options from this trail head. Little O’Malley is a bit less traveled and has a better climb. Flattop is nice but gets crowded and if you take the main trail it gets sketchy, especially for kids, people with mobility issues. They are working on a new approach on the south side which should improve.

The trail is in really great shape for a Chugach state park trail. It’s also easy to track in the alpine year round. Some hearty souls leave good winter tracks. You can also access this from prospect hikes but it adds about 2 miles RT.