The Best Outdoor Activities in Wyoming

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Sunrise Hike to Mt. Washburn

Wyoming / Dunraven Pass

The parking lot for the Mt. Washburn Hike from Dunraven Pass trailhead is located about 5 miles north of Canyon Village along the Grand Loop Road. Since we wanted to reach the top of Mt.

Ben Lertsakdadet
882 Saves

Explore Lower Grand Canyon Falls, Yellowstone NP

Wyoming / Brink of the Lower Falls

Lower Grand Canyon Falls is one of the gems of Yellowstone and is the one of the most photographed spots in the park.

Josh Packer
722 Saves

Take a Dip at "Hippie" Hot Springs

Wyoming / Hippie Hot Springs

Hippie Hot Springs is definitely one of the better kept secrets in the area. In fact, locals will probably get mad that I am even letting others know about it.

Backpack to Death Canyon

Wyoming / Death Canyon Trailhead

Day 1: This trip begins at the Death Canyon Trailhead. Try to arrive early, as it gets crowded and various groups day hike from here. After the first few miles, you’ll encounter Phelps Lake.

Kathleen Morton
620 Saves

Hike and Cliff Jump into Phelps Lake

Wyoming / Death Canyon Trailhead

Don’t look down! You’re about to cliff jump 40 feet from a granite boulder into a lake cold with Glacier runoff.

497 Saves

Explore Jenny Lake, WY

Wyoming / Jenny Lake

To get here, Is very easy. Heading north out of Jackson Wyoming, just follow the signs once you enter Grand Teton National Park for the route to Jenny Lake.

Daniel Brittain
449 Saves

Hike above Grand Prismatic Spring

Wyoming / Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Prismatic Spring is Yellowstone's largest hot spring and is the third largest spring in the world.

Chase Dekker
445 Saves

Photograph the Grand Teton at the Snake River Overlook

Wyoming / Snake River Overlook

The Snake River Overlook is a well-known stopping point in Grand Teton National Park and for good reason. You get a spectacular view of the Snake River leading up to the Grand Teton.

Josh Packer
437 Saves

Camp in the Gros Ventre Wilderness

Wyoming / Gros Ventre, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Take highway 89 out of Jackson, headed north, and turn on to Gros Ventre Rd. This will take you right past the campground, wild rivers, and ample hiking.

Christin Healey
370 Saves

Drive the Grand Loop in Yellowstone NP

Wyoming / Yellowstone Lake, West Thumb

Many people who live an active our outdoor lifestyle have been to many places to climb, hike, camp, etc. Yellowstone National Park needs to be on every single persons bucket list.

Hike the Cirque of the Towers

Wyoming / Big Sandy Trailhead

Wyoming’s Wind River Range is home to some of the most rugged wilderness in the lower 48 states.

Greg Owens
351 Saves

Visit Old Faithful

Wyoming / Old Faithful Visitor Center

Starting at the Old Faithful Lodge, which is a sight to see in itself, several trails start out heading away the actual Old Faithful geyser.

Danny McGee
332 Saves

Hike the Wapiti Lake Trail to Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Loop

Wyoming / Wapiti Lake Trailhead

Experience Yellowstone’s diversity with this epic loop hike. How to get there: Wapiti Lake Trailhead is located just south of Upper Falls of the Yellowstone.

Jon King
330 Saves

Camping at "The Observatory"

Wyoming / The Observatory (Bridger-Teton National Forest)

Ah...the Observatory. This is not its actual name, but the nickname it has earned over many years of use by the seasonal employees.

Backpack Paintbrush and Cascade Canyons

Wyoming / Paintbrush Canyon Trailhead

This is one of the most picturesque and popular overnight trails in the Tetons for a reason. The trailhead is located at the String Lake parking lot.

Rob Witt
293 Saves

Scenic Drive Up to Grand Targhee Ski Resort

Wyoming / E Alta Ski Hill Road

The scenic drive along Alta Ski Hill Road to Grand Targhee Ski Resort provides many amazing views of the Grand Teton, especially during autumn.

Josh Packer
278 Saves

Hike to Delta Lake

Wyoming / Lupine Meadows Trailhead

Delta Lake is a hidden gem in one of America's busiest national parks, Grand Teton in Wyoming.

Michael O'Keeffe
272 Saves

Drive along the Signal Mountain Road, Grand Teton NP

Wyoming / Signal Mountain Road

One of the prettiest drives in the park, Signal Mountain Road is located just about a mile from the Signal Mountain Lodge.

Michelle Olmstead
264 Saves

Backpack the Teton Crest Trail, Grand Teton NP

Wyoming / Death Canyon Trailhead

The Teton Crest Trail has several variations that allow the hiker to enter and exit through different canyons.

Rachel Becker
254 Saves

Hike Uncle Tom's Trail

Wyoming / Uncle Toms Trail

If your in the Yellowstone National Park, this is a must do. The trail/stair case is visible from the opposite of the canyon, weaving its way down the canyon wall to a nice outlook at the base.

Derek Tice
249 Saves

Summit Table Mountain

Wyoming / Teton Canyon, Trailhead

To climb Table Mountain you begin at the Teton Canyon Trailhead near Driggs, Idaho. The trailhead sits at about 6,800 feet elevation and from there you have two options to reach the 11,106 ft.

Hike to Hidden Falls, WY

Wyoming / Jenny Lake Trailhead

You will find great views of the Tetons throughout this trek, which takes you past the gorgeous Jenny Lake and String Lake, as well as to Hidden Falls, a massive cascade along a river with many other.

Eric Bennett
239 Saves

Backpack to Union Falls and Scout Pool, Yellowstone NP

Wyoming / Union Falls Trailhead

Of a summer spent living in Yellowstone, and many overnight trips in the park, the trek to Union Falls and Scout Pool ranked at the top of my list.

Allie Morris
237 Saves

Night Photography at Mormon Row

Wyoming / Mormon Row, WY

While you may have seen the hundreds of shots of this place at Sunrise or Sunset, very few people come here at night to shoot the barns. Every time I have gone I have been the only one out there.

Eric Bennett
235 Saves

Hike to Artist's Paint Pots

Wyoming / Artists Paint Pots

From the parking lot, follow the boardwalk pathway until you reach the springs. The hike itself is pretty self explanatory. It is a very easy hike and very short.

Edward Day
233 Saves

Hike to Huckleberry Point, Grand Teton NP

Wyoming / Death Canyon Trailhead

Getting There: Coming from Jackson Hole, enter Grand Teton National Park and turn left onto Moose-Wilson Road. Continue southwest until you come to Death Canyon trailhead on your right.

Kyle Aiton
233 Saves

Explore Midway Geyser Basin

Wyoming / Grand Prismatic Spring

If you have ever seen images of Yellowstone besides Old Faithful, this is it. The Midway Geyser Basin is one of the most colorful and steamy hot spring basins in the world.

Daniel Brittain
228 Saves

Hike Darby Canyon to the Wind Cave

Wyoming / Darby Wind Caves Trailhead

The best time to hike Darby Canyon is May through September, since the snow stays late in spring and comes earlier in fall.

Josh Packer
223 Saves

Hike to Taggart Lake

Wyoming / Taggart Lake Trailhead

This is an easy, four-mile loop hike that doesn't have much of elevation gain. Start off at the Taggart Lake Trailhead. Hike through the forest following a stream until you reach an opening.

Vladimir Karcha
223 Saves

Hike Devils Tower Loop

Wyoming / Devil's Tower Trailhead

Take a detour off I-90 and visit one of the most iconic geographic landmarks in cinematic history.

Casey Berner
222 Saves

Hike to the Wind River Range Base Camp at Island Lake and Titcomb Basin

Wyoming / Elkhart Park Trailhead

Wyoming’s Wind River Range is home to some of the most rugged wilderness in the lower 48 states.

Greg Owens
217 Saves

Explore Mammoth Hot Springs

Wyoming / Mammoth Hot Springs

These natural hot springs are crazy cool and very rare, which makes for an unforgettable trip. The hot springs are located right off of highway 89.

Layne Allison
215 Saves

Night Photography at Yellowstone Geysers

Wyoming / The Grand Prismatic Spring

During the day this spot will be packed with people.

Eric Bennett
214 Saves

Watch a Sunset at Schwabacher Landing

Wyoming / Schwabacher Landing

When you think of iconic Grand Teton viewpoints, Schwabacher Landing is at the top of that list.

Capture the Sunset on the Yellowstone River

Wyoming / Hayden Valley

The Yellowstone river is considered one of the most scenic and beautiful in all of the United States.

Eric Schuette
205 Saves

Backpack the Paintbrush Canyon Loop

Wyoming / Paintbrush Canyon Trailhead

There are many ways to access the Teton backcountry. However, one of my personal favorites is from Leigh Lake via the String Lake trailhead.

Ryan Manuel
203 Saves

Hike to Lost Creek Falls, Yellowstone NP

Wyoming / Roosevelt Lodge, Yellowstone National Park

This 1 mile hike begins behind the Roosevelt Lodge in the Tower-Roosevelt area of Yellowstone. There is plenty of parking in the area. After you park your car start heading behind the gift shop.

Chema Domenech
202 Saves

Hike to Mystic Falls, WY

Wyoming / Biscuit Basin Trailhead

Mystic Falls is located in the Biscuit Basin area of Yellowstone National Park. Biscuit Basin’s parking lot is approximately 2 miles north of Old Faithful along Grand Loop Road.

Jon King
197 Saves

Drive The Firehole Lake Loop

Wyoming / Firehole Lake Drive

Firehole Lake Drive is a 2 mile one way road, near the Lower Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park. This is one of the hidden gems in Yosemite where you'll find solitude and quietness.

Trent Sizemore
195 Saves

Backpack and Fly Fish the Wind River Range

Wyoming / Elkhart Trailhead

Day 1: Hit the Elkhart trailhead. Get set up at Hobbs lake, do a little fishing, eat and turn in for the night. Day 2: Head out for Island Lake to set a base camp for the next few days.

Allen Crater
193 Saves

Hike to Jenny Lake's Inspiration Point

Wyoming / Jenny Lake Trailhead

A relatively easy hike. Getting to the trailhead requires a short boat ride across Jenny Lake from the south side. Alternatively, it is possible to walk around the lake as well.

Gordon Li
191 Saves

Lakeside Camping and Mountain Biking

Wyoming / Curt Gowdy State Park Ranger Station

This trail system is somewhat of a hidden gem to mountain bikers south of the Wyoming border. Those who know their way around the best trail systems, though, hail Curt Gowdy as one of the best.

Whitney James
190 Saves

Hike to the Summit of Medicine Bow Peak

Wyoming / Medicine Bow Peak Trail - Lake Marie Trailhead

Medicine Bow Peak (12,014ft) is the highest summit in the Snowy Range of Wyoming. There is a network of quality alpine trails leading around the mountain and up to the summit.

Tobin Akehurst
189 Saves

Climb South and Middle Tetons

Wyoming / Lupine Meadows Trailhead

Northwestern Wyoming’s Teton Range is one of North America’s truly iconic landscapes.

Greg Owens
188 Saves

Hike the Wind River Range's Deep Lake

Wyoming / Big Sandy Opening

Wyoming’s Wind River Range is home to some of the most rugged wilderness in the lower 48 states.

Greg Owens
188 Saves

Camp on the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River

Wyoming / Clarks Fork Yellowstone River Campsite

Coming out of Cooke City, MT follow the Beartooth Highway (named the most scenic byway in the U.S.) toward Beartooth Pass. Go about 8 miles.

Andrew Slaton
181 Saves

Photograph Wildlife in Lamar Valley

Wyoming / Lamar Valley, Yellowstone

This adventure is a little harder to pinpoint on a map because the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone encompasses a large area of the park.

Brynn Schmidt
179 Saves

Photograph the Milky Way over Yellowstone's West Thumb Geysers

Wyoming / West Thumb Geyser Basin

Visiting Yellowstone National Park during the daytime is enchanting; with its geysers, lake and wildlife attracting tourists and photographers from across the world.

Bryony Richards
175 Saves

Hike to Leigh Lake

Wyoming / String Lake Trailhead, WY

Leigh Lake is absolutely stunning with about as many recreational activities as you can imagine for a lake. It is a short flat one mile hike from the trailhead at String Lake to Leigh.

Photograph the Milky Way over Yellowstone Lake

Wyoming / Yellowstone Lake, West Thumb

Yellowstone Lake is huge and it would take a few hours to drive around the entire lake.

Daniel Brittain
171 Saves

Hike to Seneca Lake

Wyoming / Elkhart Park Trailhead

The Wind River Range is one of the best backpacking + climbing wildernesses in the lower 48.

Andrew Slaton
167 Saves

Swim in the Firehole River

Wyoming / Firehole River Swimming Hole

The Firehole River Swimming Hole is on the southern portion of Firehole Canyon Rd inside the park, near the West Entrance to Yellowstone. The road is a one way loop from north to south.

Adam Franklin
166 Saves

Summit Cloud Peak

Wyoming / West Tensleep Trailhead

Although there is more than one way to access the peak, the most commonly used route begins at the West Tensleep Trailhead & Campground (44.258019, -107.215344) (Elevation: 9101 ft.

Ryan Manuel
165 Saves

Whitewater Raft the Grand Canyon of the Snake River

Wyoming / West Table Boat Ramp

If you have never been whitewater rafting, you should definitely go for the first time to the Grand Canyon of the Snake River.

Josh Packer
164 Saves

Hike along the Gros Ventre River

Wyoming / Gros Ventre, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The Gros Ventre (pronounced gro-vant) lies on the southern boundary of Grand Teton National Park, and is home to a great deal of wildlife.

Chase Dekker
163 Saves

Explore Devil's Overlook in Bighorn Canyon

Wyoming / Devil's Overlook

Bighorn Canyon is a quiet and beautiful National Recreation Area covering parts of Montana and Wyoming. No trip here would be complete without a visit to the iconic Devil's Overlook.

Aaron Selig
163 Saves

Hike and Camp on Jackson Peak

Wyoming / Goodwin Lake Trailhead

Start at the Goodwin Lake Trailhead by driving through the Curtis Canyon Campground, following the road RIGHT at the first split, then LEFT at the second.

Cole Buckhart
158 Saves

Hike to Amphitheater Lake

Wyoming / Lupine Meadows Trailhead

The trail starts at Lupine Meadows Trailhead. You will see signs as you drive down the Teton Park Road. If heading north and you go past the Jenny Lake Visitor Center you have gone too far.

Jacques Lamoureux
157 Saves

Hike to Photographer's Point

Wyoming / Elkhart Park Trailhead

Begin at the main Elkhart Park parking area. Take the Pole Creek Trail directly adjacent to the restroom. You will follow this trail for approximately 4.

Andrew Slaton
154 Saves

Photograph a Sunrise at Oxbow Bend

Wyoming / Oxbow Bend

A trip to Grand Teton National Park would not be complete without a visit to the iconic Oxbow Bend at sunrise. It is simply one of the most beautiful scenes on Earth, no matter what the conditions.

Michelle Olmstead
152 Saves

Take a Sunrise Drive around Antelope Flats

Wyoming / Antelope Flats, Wyoming

From Jackson drive north on Hwy 189. After you pass Moose Junction (which is the entrance ot Grand Teton NP) you will see Blacktail Butte on your left.

Taylor Glenn
150 Saves

Backpack Square Top Mountain

Wyoming / Green River Lakes Campground

You have two options when starting from Green River Lakes Campground, located 52 miles north of Pinedale, WY, (21 of these miles are on a washboard dirt road).

Jake Hougaard
148 Saves

Explore the 4 Lazy F Ranch

Wyoming / 4 Lazy F Ranch

This ranch is not very well known at all, even by those who have lived in the area for years, but it's definitely worth the visit.

Camp at the Wedding Tree

Wyoming / The Wedding Tree

This is a great spot to camp if the park campgrounds are full (particularly in the summertime).

Eric Bennett
145 Saves

Camp at Colter Bay Campground

Wyoming / Colter Bay Campground, Wyoming

If you have never been to the Grand Teton National Park, you should make it next on your list. It is a fantastic place for wildlife viewing and exploring.

Ryan Mckinney
144 Saves

Explore Shell Canyon

Wyoming / Shell Canyon

Shell Creek starts high up in the Bighorn Mountains, and flows through the Bighorn National Forest until it reaches the Bighorn River, near the small western town of Greybull.

Aaron Selig
141 Saves

Backpack the Granite Canyon to Death Canyon Loop

Wyoming / Granite Canyon to Death Canyon loop

This fairly easy 2-night backpacking trip in the Tetons can be started around noon, allowing you to finish around noon, 2 days later.From the visitor center, obtain a permit for 2 nights.

Julien Bacal
140 Saves

Climb Fremont Peak via Southeast Buttress

Wyoming / Elkhart Park Trailhead

The typical approach to the SE Buttress is from Indian Basin, probably because it is easier, provided you plan on going to Indian Basin anyway.

Tobin Akehurst
136 Saves

Hike to Lake Solitude

Wyoming / Jenny Lake Trailhead

Start out at South Jenny Lake. You have the option to take a ferry boat to the other side of the lake to make the journey shorter.

Grant Whitty
134 Saves

Photograph the Snowy Range

Wyoming / Medicine Bow Peak Trail - Lake Marie Trailhead

Starting at the Medicine Bow Peak TH you have easy access to Lake Marie, Mirror Lake, and Lookout Lake for sunrise.

Jason Hatfield
134 Saves

Colter Bay Lakeshore Trail Day Hike

Wyoming / Colter Bay Lakeshore Trail

Within the first 100 feet on the trail, you are greeted with the stunning view of the peaks of Grand Teton reflecting off of Jackson Lake.

Ben Lertsakdadet
131 Saves

Paddle at Oxbow Bend

Wyoming / Oxbow Bend

Sunrise at Oxbow Bend is one of the most popular events in the park, and for good reason. Mt. Moran is particularly stunning in the morning light.

Hike the String Lake Loop, Grand Teton NP

Wyoming / String Lake Trailhead, WY

String Lake is a great place to spend time in Grand Teton National Park. There are many options for fun here including kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and picnicking.

Michelle Olmstead
124 Saves

Backpack to Dunanda Falls

Wyoming / Bechler Ranger Station

You'll start at the Bechler Ranger Station and take the Boundry Creek Trail. Depending on which camp site you reserve your hike will be anywhere from 5-9 miles.

Cole Buckhart
123 Saves

Hike the Joyner Ridge Trail

Wyoming / Joyner Ridge Trailhead

There is a nice sized parking lot at Joyner Ridge. From the parking lot, the Devil's Tower looms very large! From the parking lot the trail is obvious and easy to follow.

Eric Schuette
119 Saves

Capture the Night Sky over Devils Tower

Wyoming / Devil's Tower Trailhead

Devils Tower, also known as Bear Lodge, was the first designated National Monument.

Jason Hatfield
119 Saves

Trail Run at Schwabacher Landing

Wyoming / Schwabacher Landing

If you are looking for one of the most scenic trail runs in the country, check out the trail at Schwabacher Landing. The trail starts at the parking lot with an elevation of 6,545 feet and is flat.

Brynn Schmidt
119 Saves

Backpack to Alaska Basin via Death Canyon

Wyoming / Death Canyon Trailhead

Death Canyon Trailhead is easily accessed by heading south on Moose-Wilson Rd. from Grand Teton National Park Headquarters for 3 miles.

Spencer Williams
117 Saves

Hike the Jenny Lake North Shore

Wyoming / Jenny Lake Trailhead

Jenny Lake's north shore is one of the most beautiful hikes in Grand Teton National Park.

Trent Sizemore
114 Saves

Hike Coal Creek Trail

Wyoming / Coal Creek Trailhead, WY

Imagine hiking through the expansive valleys of wildflowers and evergreen forests with grand views of the Tetons. That is exactly what this trail provides.

Chris Bruin
112 Saves

Photograph Cave Falls

Wyoming / Cave Falls

Cave Falls is one of the hidden waterfalls of Yellowstone National Park that really only the natives know about.

Josh Packer
112 Saves

Hike Sentinel Meadows to Fairy Falls and Imperial Geyser

Wyoming / Fountain Flats Drive

This hike starts on a long, straight, wide and flat path due south from the trailhead.  After about a half a mile, you will come to the "Ojo Caliente" spring and a bridge crossing the Firehole River.

Justin Appleby
108 Saves

Backpack to Surprise Lake in Grand Teton NP

Wyoming / Lupine Meadows Trailhead

There is a good amount of parking at the Lupine Meadows Trailhead but on weekends and nice days it will fill up quickly so it is best to arrive as early as possible.

Sonja Saxe
106 Saves

Stand Up Paddle Excursion in Yellowstone National Park

Wyoming / Lewis Lake Campground, Yellowstone NP

It is something fantastic if you know how to use a standup paddle board.

Sean Jansen
106 Saves

Fly Fish at Heart Lake

Wyoming / Dipper Lake

When most people come to Medicine Bow National Forest, they usually do one of two hikes: the Lakes Trail or the Peak. Yes, both are spectacular.

Corinne White
101 Saves

Hiking to Photograph the Lone Star Geyser

Wyoming / Lone Star Loop Trail

Lone Star Geyser gets its name from being one the most isolated major geysers. The trailhead begins just south of Old Faithful, along the Loop Road. This trail follows the Firehole River for 2.

Trent Sizemore
100 Saves

Backpack to Titcomb Basin and Summit Gannett Peak

Wyoming / Elkhart Park Trailhead

If you are looking for a challenging hike in one of the most remote areas of the rocky mountains then this is the expedition for you.

Cole Medders
100 Saves

Skiing the Grand Teton NP's Teton Park Road

Wyoming / Taggart Lake Trailhead

Northwestern Wyoming’s Teton Range is one of North America’s truly iconic landscapes.

Greg Owens
99 Saves

Storm Point Trail Hike

Wyoming / Indian Pond

This short 2.3 mile out-and-back hike on the Storm Point Trail begins right in front of Indian Pond on the East Entrance Road of Yellowstone National Park.

Ben Lertsakdadet
98 Saves

Camp at Big Sandy Lake

Wyoming / Big Sandy Trailhead, WY

Big Sandy Lake is beautiful. You'll turn at Boulder, WY and head about an hour to Big Sandy Campground.

Cole Buckhart
97 Saves

Hike to Ski Lake

Wyoming / Philips Canyon Trailhead

This is a great hike that is just a few minutes from Wilson, WY. This trail is used more by locals than visitors to the area, but is a great one to check out if you are nearby.

Brynn Schmidt
95 Saves

Hike to Shirley Lake

Wyoming / Green River Lakes Trailhead

Shirley lake is a beautiful and not heavily traveled area in the Winds. To get there, you start at the Green River Lakes trailhead (8,000 ft) and head out on the Western shore of the lower lake.

Andrew Slaton
85 Saves

Hike the Rockefeller Preserve Loop

Wyoming / Rockefeller Preserve Loop Parking

The Rockefeller Preserve loop starts from a gravel trail that begins in the parking lot. The gravel pathway leads to a meadow and then goes right up to the visitor center.

Edward Day
84 Saves

Camp at Shadow Mountain

Wyoming / Shadow Mountain Campground

Whether you're looking for a place to pull in and crash or an area to take in the entire Teton range, you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to experience Shadow Mountain.

Derek Tice
82 Saves

Hike Bunsen Peak

Wyoming / Bunsen Peak Trailhead

From Mammoth Hot Springs drive south of US-89 approximately 4.8 miles towards Norris Junction. The trailhead is on the left as you exit Golden Gate Canyon.

Mike Fennell
79 Saves

Winter Phototography of Mormon Row

Wyoming / Mormon Row, WY

Off the main Highway through the GTNP heading North from Jackson Hole, turn off at Antelope Flats road. You can drive in for about 1/2 mile, but after will need to park and walk in.

Phill Monson
77 Saves

Explore Teton Creek along Sheep Bridge Trail

Wyoming / Sheep Bridge Trail

Trailhead: The trail is just outside of Driggs, Idaho in Alta, Wyoming on the way up to Grand Targhee Ski Resort.

Josh Packer
75 Saves

Hike the Turtle Rock Trail

Wyoming / Turtle Rock Trailhead

Starting at the trailhead near the parking lot, the trail starts off relatively paved and moves close to the base of Turtle Rock, a large outcrop of Sherman Granite that has stood the test of time fr.

Dan Barr
75 Saves

Hike Paintbrush Canyon to Holly Lake

Wyoming / Paintbrush Canyon Trailhead

This day-long adventure takes off from the Paintbrush Canyon Trailhead. The trailhead is located north of the very popular Jenny Lake along String Lake Rd.

Chema Domenech
75 Saves

Winter Camp at Colter Bay Campground

Wyoming / Colter Bay Campground, Wyoming

Just a 45 min drive from Jackson Hole, the Colter Bay Campground on Jackson Lake is a great spot to camp overnight, fish and canoe in the spring and summer time when the ice has melted.

Eric Bennett
72 Saves

Hike to Lake Louise, Wind River Range

Wyoming / Lake Louise Trailhead

Start your journey headed South/East out of Dubois toward Riverton and Lander. Take a left onto Fish Hatchery Road.

Jess Howard
72 Saves

Photograph Lewis Falls, Yellowstone NP

Wyoming / Lewis Falls Pull-Off, Yellowstone NP

If you are coming into Yellowstone National Park from the South Entrance Road (also known as Highway 89) be prepared to stop minutes before Lewis Lake to hike to this waterfall.

Gustavo Quiros
72 Saves

Canoe at Jackson Lake

Wyoming / Jackson Lake

We launched the canoe from the Signal Mountain boat ramp. Right away you have incredible views of the Teton's and as the sun was setting we had the lake to ourselves.

Kim Baker
72 Saves

Paddle String Lake and Leigh Lake

Wyoming / String Lake Canoe Launch

Whether you have your own canoe, kayak, or stand up paddle board or you need to rent, paddling the String Lake and Leigh Lake circuit is a less beaten path through Grand Teton National Park.

Clare Healy
69 Saves

Camp at Indian Creek Campground at Yellowstone NP

Wyoming / Indian Creek Campground

Indian Creek Campground is located inside Yellowstone National Park, closest to the northern entrance of the park and just eight miles from Mammoth Hot Springs.

Hike Beaver Ponds Loop

Wyoming / Beaver Ponds Trailhead

Beaver Ponds Loop offers a perfect day hike in the Mammoth Hot Springs area of Yellowstone National Park.

Jon King
68 Saves

Hike to the Patrol Cabin at Death Canyon

Wyoming / Death Canyon Trailhead

Your adventure begins at 7,000 feet along lodge pole pines and small creeks. Just a few minutes into the hike, you will reach the Valley Trail Junction. Stay left and continue towards Death Canyon.

Chema Domenech
67 Saves

Rock Climbing Ten Sleep

Wyoming / Ten Sleep Canyon

Ten Sleep Canyon is one of the best places to climb in the US. Located in North Central Wyoming, it is home to almost nobody other than the wild life.

Bouldering at "Boulder City"

Wyoming / Cathedral Group Turnout, Grand Teton National Park

Starting from the Cathedral Group Turnout off of Jenny Lake Road, find the trail next to the Cathedral Group sign. Follow this trail west into the trees for about 10 minutes.

Naomi Everett
64 Saves

Backpack the Medicine Bow Peak Trail in the Snowy Range Mountains

Wyoming / Lake Marie Trailhead

Take the Snowy Range Scenic Byway to Lake Marie trail head. Lake Marie trail head is the farthest west trailhead and parking area in the immediate Snowy Range Area.  Parking in the lot there.

Grant Whitty
63 Saves

Hike to Slide Lake

Wyoming / Green River Lakes Trailhead

The Winds in Wyoming are incredibly beautiful and offer some of the most challenging, but rewarding hikes.

Andrew Slaton
63 Saves

Whitewater Raft the Snake River

Wyoming / Lewis & Clark River Expeditions

Back in college I was a rafting guide for the daily section of the Green River in Utah. I spent many a weekend in the summer sleeping out under the stars by night and navigating the rapids by day.

Jess Curren
62 Saves

Hike to Bradley Lake

Wyoming / Taggart Lake Trailhead

So the hike starts out at Taggart Lake Trailhead ( 6625') and the highest point on the trail is (7022'). Follow this trail all the way along the stream to your left.

Garrett Schmidt
62 Saves

Camping at Ice Lake

Wyoming / Ice Lake Trailhead

The trailhead for Ice Lake starts at a small parking area along the Norris-Canyon Road, at around 8,000 feet elevation.The trail is very flat, with no noticeable elevation gain.

Trent Sizemore
61 Saves

Camping at Brooks Lake

Wyoming / Brooks Lake Campground

Brooks Lake is going to be a short 45 minute drive east of Grand Teton, but the spectacular scenery is well worth the drive. This lake is a grizzly bear hot spot, so keep your eyes open.

Camp on Leigh Lake

Wyoming / String Lake Trailhead, WY

Because it's only accessible by canoe, kayak, or foot, the 8 Leigh Lake campsites have a solitary backcountry feel to them while providing all the necessities for an enjoyable night under Mt.

Clare Healy
60 Saves

Hike to Lake of the Crags

Wyoming / Jenny Lake Trailhead

The unmarked trek up to Lake of the Crags is a hidden gem in Grand Teton National Park, unknown or untried by many.

Elias King
59 Saves

Backpack to Elbow Lake in the Wind River Range

Wyoming / Elkhart Park Trailhead

Elkhart Park Trailhead; Wind River Range, WY.

Paul Bourdon
57 Saves

Climb East Temple Peak

Wyoming / Big Sandy Trailhead

The quickest way to the summit of East Temple is from Big Sandy Trailhead. Getting to the Big Sandy Trailhead can be a little difficult since you must travel about 46 miles on unmarked dirt roads.

Thomas Burton
54 Saves

Mountain Bike Along the Snake in GTNP

Wyoming / Taggart Lake Trailhead

This is one of the absolute best things to do in Grand Teton. The road is secluded and teeming with wildlife and amazing views.

Spend an Afternoon at Lucas Fabian Ranch

Wyoming / Lucas Fabian Ranch

The Lucas Fabian Ranch is a place you will not find on any map of the park, but it is one of my absolute favorite places to go for peace and quiet.

Hike to the Crow’s Nest in the Wind River Range

Wyoming / Spring Creek Park

The Crow’s Nest sits just above Glimpse Lake in the Winds. It is best accessed from the most infrequently used trailhead in the range.

Andrew Slaton
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Winter Hike Through Yellowstone's Upper Geyser Basin

Wyoming / Old Faithful Visitor Center

Starting at the Old Faithful Visitor Center, you can follow a flat, meandering path along the Firehole River to view several different geysers and geothermal features.

Crystal Guthrie
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Hike Signal Mountain

Wyoming / Signal Mountain Campground

This gorgeous hike to Signal Mountain begins from the Signal Mountain Lodge parking area. The trailhead is located on the opposite side of the entrance road from the lodge.

Hike to Lamar Valley Outlook near Specimen Ridge

Wyoming / Lamar Valley Outlook Trailhead

The parking area for this hike is .3 miles west of the bridge crossing the Lamar River on the NE Entrance Road. The parking area is on the east side of the road.

Spencer Rudy
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Hike to Green Mountain Falls

Wyoming / Green Mountain Falls Trailhead

From Encampment, Wyoming, start driving up the scenic Battle Pass. You'll drive about 6 miles from town. Turn on FR 550 towards Hog Park Reservoir.

Corinne White
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Backpack to Marion Lake

Wyoming / Granite Canyon Trailhead

Marion Lake is one of Grand Teton National Park’s many spectacular high altitude lakes.

John Sides
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Snowshoe to the Cunningham Cabin

Wyoming / Cunningham Cabin Parking Area

During the summer and fall seasons, this trail is easily accessible, with a large parking lot just off of highway 191, and a smaller lot closer to the cabin.

Camp at the Jenny Lake Campground

Wyoming / Jenny Lake Campground

The Jenny Lake campground is by far the most popular campground in Grand Teton National Park, and there are several reasons for that.

Camp at the Signal Mountain Campground

Wyoming / Signal Mountain Campground

The Signal Mountain campground is my personal favorite campground in Grand Teton National Park as it is exceptionally scenic. It is right on Jackson Lake and has sites located on the lakeshore.

Fish the South Fork of the Shoshone River

Wyoming / Southfork Road End Parking Area

To access the South Fork of the Shoshone River, head west through Cody on Yellowstone Ave/Highway 20. Turn left (south) on South Fork Road and continue until... well, until you can't anymore.

Backpack to Golden & Jasper Lakes in the Beartooths

Wyoming / Island Lake Trailhead, WY

Get ready for a challenging hike if you are not used to high elevations! This backpacking trip starts at the Island Lake trailhead a few miles west of the Beartooth Pass on Highway 212.

Hunter Day
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Winter Camping at Fremont Lake Overlook

Wyoming / Fremont Lake Overlook

If this is your initiation into winter camping, make it a memorable one by overlooking the beautiful Fremont Lake.

Andrew Slaton
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Hike to Avalanche Peak

Wyoming / Avalanche Peak Trailhead

Avalanche Peak is a short hike up to one of few peaks in Yellowstone National Park accessible by trail. At about 870 feet per mile it’s a leg buster.

Nicole Atkins
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Rock Climbing Wild Iris

Wyoming / Wild Iris, WY

Wild Iris is an iconic rock climbing destination for all sport climbers. It sits at about 9000 feet and there is little cell reception so let someone know where you will be.

Camp at the Gros Ventre Campground

Wyoming / Gros Ventre Campground

This campground is the closest one in Grand Teton National Park to the town of Jackson, so if you are looking for convenience, this is it! The Gros Ventre (pronounced Grow Vont, NOT Gross Venture) ca.

Backpack the South Fork of Garnet Canyon

Wyoming / Lupine Meadows Trailhead

To start this trip you will need to go to one of the local ranger stations for a backcountry permit, Jenny Lake, Colter Bay, etc.

Thomas Bacon
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Photograph on Cottonwood Creek

Wyoming / Jenny Lake

If you are looking for a location in the Tetons to take some photos that is a little different, this is a great spot.

Brynn Schmidt
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Backpack to the Death Canyon Shelf

Wyoming / Death Canyon Trailhead

If you can snag a permit to camp at Death Canyon Shelf, consider yourself lucky. This backcountry camping zone holds some of the best sites in Grand Teton National Park.

John Sides
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Cross-Country Ski around Old Faithful, Yellowstone

Wyoming / Old Faithful Lodge, Yellowstone

While Old Faithful is familiar to many, winter there is an entirely different experience.

Brynn Schmidt
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Backpack to Slough Creek's Backcountry Campsites

Wyoming / Slough Creek Trailhead

Access to Slough Creek is via the Slough Creek Road that starts 6 miles east on the Northeast Entrance Road from Tower Junction. It is 2.

Dispersed Camp at Vedauwoo Recreation Area

Wyoming / Vedauwoo Glen Road

Just off of Interstate-80 in Southeastern Wyoming are a number of spectacular campsites available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Brian Pinkard
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Ice Fishing on Jackson Lake

Wyoming / Colter Bay Jackson Lake

From where you park your car at Colter Bay you can walk as little or as far as you would like onto the lake.

savannah cummins
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Snowshoe to Taggart Lake

Wyoming / Taggart Lake Trailhead

Park at the nicely kept Taggart Lake trailhead parking lot and grab your snowshoes for an exciting 2 mile trail hike to the gorgeous frozen Taggart Lake.

Benjamin Johnson
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Hike Mt. Glory

Wyoming / Teton Pass Parking

Depending on how old your vehicle is, this hike could be as difficult for your rig as it is for you. At the top of the Pass, there is a generously-sized parking area. The unmarked trail for Mt.

Elias King
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Hike Sheep Lake Trail

Wyoming / Sheep Lake Trail

There are a few ways to get you to Sheep Lake Trail, this particular one will take you to the trailhead via the Lewis Lake Trailhead near the picnic area.

Backpack to Green River Lakes, Wind River Range

Wyoming / Spring Creek Trailhead, Wyoming

DAY 1 - SPRING CREEK TH TO TRAPPER LAKEShuttle cars to park one vehicle at the Green River Lakes Trailhead (about 40 minutes outside of Pinedale, Wyoming) and return back to Pinedale to begin at the .

Ali Beach
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Photograph the Elusive Beehive Geyser

Wyoming / Beehive Geyser

Located in the Upper Geyser Basin along the banks of the Firehole River is the world famous Old Faithful geyser which is typically seen as a "must do" on any trip to Yellowstone National Park.

John Sunich
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Winter Wildlife Photography in Grand Teton National Park

Wyoming / Town Square Jackson Hole

Winter is a special time in Grand Teton National Park.  The landscape is transformed into a winter wonderland, and there is a stillness and quiet that you won't find in the busier tourist seasons.

Backpack to Highland Lake

Wyoming / Little Goose Trailhead

To get to Little Goose Trailhead take Red Grade Rd. west out of the little town on Bighorn for about 10 miles, then keep your eye out for FS Rd.

Isaac Parsons
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Hike to Goodwin Lake

Wyoming / Goodwin Lake Trail

The lake is cold, but perfect for swimming! Be bear aware when on this trail. The trail is best used in the summer or fall.  Photos: Cameron Yee and Jerry Donaho

Backpack to Willow Lake in the Cloud Peak Wilderness

Wyoming / Circle Park Trail

This was my first ever backpacking adventure and I couldn't recommend a better first timer trip.

Kaitlyn Janak
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Hike to Lower Sheep Canyon

Wyoming / Lower Sheep Canyon Trail

The trail is moderate in difficulty and is used primarily for hiking. There's a smaller game trail along the ridge line that should be avoided.  Photos: Alan English and Robert 

Hike to Glory Peak

Wyoming / Glory Peak Trail

This hike starts at a very high elevation, and the incline is steep! The views make the elevation worth it. This trail is best used in the summer or early autumn.  Photos: Dave Thomas and Antoine

Backpack the Pole Creek Trail, Wind River Range

Wyoming / Elkhart Trailhead

Backpacking in the Wind River Range Requires a permit, so make sure you go through the process of getting that before you set out on this adventure.

Jackson Smith
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