The Best Outdoor Activities in Wisconsin

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Hike the Lake Superior Ice Caves

Wisconsin / Meyers Beach Parking Area

Begin at Meyer's Beach in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore near Cornucopia, WI.

512 Saves

Explore Pewit's Nest State Natural Area

Wisconsin / Pewit's Nest State Natural Area

Starting from the parking lot it only takes 5-10 minutes to arrive at the falls; if you stay right at the fork you come to the bottom of the falls.

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Kayak to the Sand Island Sea Caves

Wisconsin / Little Sand Bay Campground

Sand Island is a part of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore near Bayfield, Wisconsin.

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Hike to Willow Falls

Wisconsin / Willow Falls

This trip through Willow River State Park shows off beautiful views of Little Falls Lake and Willow River on your way to the falls. In the spring, wildflowers won't disappoint.

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Hike Parfrey's Glen

Wisconsin / Ice Age National Scenic Trailhead

Located next to the popular Devil's Lake State Park, Parfrey's Glen holds many of the same geographical features.

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Explore Cascade Falls

Wisconsin / Cascade Falls, Osceola, WI

Cascade Falls is a must-stop if you are passing through Osceola, Wisconsin. The falls can be accessed on Cascade Street (Highway 35) near 1st Avenue in downtown Osceola.

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Camp at Governor Dodge State Park

Wisconsin / Cox Hollow Campground

You can make campground reservations ahead of time or drive into the park to talk to a ranger, and reserve a hike-in campsite for the a night.

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Bouldering at Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin

Wisconsin / Devil's Lake State Park

Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin offers some of the craziest views in the midwest as well as an abundance of supreme bouldering sites.

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Hike the Lion's Den Gorge Loop

Wisconsin / Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve

Lion's Den Gorge is a gorgeous nature preserve featuring a variety of unique nature scenes.

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Hike the River Loop at Dells of the Eau Claire

Wisconsin / Dells of the Eau Claire River County Park

Begin at the trailhead either north or south of the river, where parking is offered, and hike down to the river. You should be able to hear the falls.

307 Saves

Hike Cave Point County Park

Wisconsin / Cave Point County Park

Cave Point County Park is 19 acres and it located adjacent to the much larger Whitefish Dunes State Park in Door County, WI. It has a small parking lot, restrooms, and an out-and-back trail.

297 Saves

Hike through the Dunes at Kohler-Andrae SP

Wisconsin / Kohler Andrae SP Parking Area

This park is known for its sand dunes, which rise above the blue waters of Lake Michigan.

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Hike to Lower Potato Falls

Wisconsin / Lower Potato Falls Trailhead

Coming into the park off Hwy 169 in Gurney, WI, you will turn West onto Falls Rd.

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Hike to Big and Little Manitou Falls in Pattison State Park

Wisconsin / Big Manitou Falls Trailhead

Pattison State Park is a Northwoods paradise. Home to Big and Little Manitou Falls, water is a main attraction here.

242 Saves

Hike to Copper Falls

Wisconsin / N Country National Scenic Trailhead

Coming into the park on Hwy 169, you will turn west/northwest into the park entrance.

235 Saves

Hike the East Bluff Trail to Devil's Doorway

Wisconsin / Devil's Lake State Park

This hike begins at the east end of the North Shore Visitors' area. The hike starts relatively level before turning to the right and leading you up steps.

228 Saves

Hike the Island at Amnicon Falls State Park

Wisconsin / Amnicon Falls State Park

Amnicon Falls State Park, as its name suggests, has a waterfall as its central feature.

219 Saves

Hike to the Top of Maiden Rock Bluff

Wisconsin / Maiden Rock Bluff Parking Area

It's easy to spot Maiden Rock Bluff as you drive along Highway 35: the 400-foot-tall limestone cliff extends for nearly a mile. Getting to the top is also easy.

211 Saves

Hike Potholes & CCC Trail Loop

Wisconsin / Devils Lake Group Camping

Park in the South entrance group camping lot to find the trailhead, just a few steps North of the parking lot. A few different paths you can take, but took grotto trail (.3 miles) to Potholes trail (.

205 Saves

Kayak the Wisconsin River in the Dells

Wisconsin / Wisconsin River, Wisconsin Dells

Just minutes away from the hullabaloo of downtown Wisconsin Dells is the perfect spot to launch a kayak and paddle the Wisconsin River.

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Hike the Balanced Rock Trail at Devil's Lake

Wisconsin / Devil's Lake Balance Rock Trail

Devil's Lake is one of Wisconsin's most visited and most beautiful state parks, offering many trails, activities, gorgeous scenery and more.

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Hike the Seven Bridges Trail in Grant Park

Wisconsin / Seven Bridges Trail

Placed along the Lake Michigan lakeshore in Grant Park about 10 minutes south of Downtown Milwaukee, Seven Bridges Trail offers beautiful scenery that seems like something out of a fairy tail.

187 Saves

Explore the Abandoned Solvay Coke & Gas Complex

Wisconsin / Solvay Coke & Gas Co.

To access the complex, head south from downtown Milwaukee along 1st St. Once you reach Greenfield Ave., turn left heading East.

171 Saves

Explore Cana Island Lighthouse

Wisconsin / Cana Island Lighthouse

You will arrive at a parking lot that is on the mainland. Once parked, you will need to walk across the land bridge to Cana Island where you will come to a small building to pay an admission fee.

156 Saves

Camp at Devils Lake State Park

Wisconsin / Quartzite Campground

Devil's Lake State Park has 29 miles of trail that vary in difficulty. The most popular trails are the East and West Bluff trails that circle Devil's Lake and offer some of the best views in the park.

140 Saves

Explore Wisconsin Point

Wisconsin / Wisconsin Point

If you’re in the Twin Ports area, (Duluth, MN and Superior, WI) be sure to check out Wisconsin Point.

137 Saves

Experience a Sunrise at Sheridan Park

Wisconsin / Sheridan Park

Sheridan Park is home to one of the most beautiful, stunning and scenic sunrises in Wisconsin.

116 Saves

Camp on Stockton Island

Wisconsin / Stockton Island, La Pointe WI

To get out to the Apostle Islands you have to travel by boat. Many people choose to sea kayak, but with small kids we opted to take the ferry/taxi through the Apostle Islands concierge (apostleisland.

111 Saves

Hike the Kettle View Trail at Lapham Peak

Wisconsin / Lapham Peak Unit, Kettle Moraine Forest

Head 30 minutes west from Milwaukee along I-94 and you'll find yourself in the quaint town of Delafield, WI. Head south down Genesee St.

103 Saves

Hike to Moses Creek in Schmeeckle Reserve

Wisconsin / Schmeeckle Reserve

280-acre Schmeeckle Reserve is maintained by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources. Everything about it is in pristine condition.

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Camp at Buckhorn State Park

Wisconsin / Buckhorn State Park Campground

Buckhorn State Park is located just off of Interstate 94, halfway between Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

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Explore Siskiwit Falls

Wisconsin / Siskiwit Falls

Siskiwit Falls is located on the Siskiwit River in Cornucopia. There are a few different drops and slides along the river that can be easily explored.

98 Saves

Hike through Indian Lake Park

Wisconsin / Indian lake

442 acre park just outside of Madison is a perfect spot to escape for awhile. About a 20 minute drive from Madison makes it easily accessible even on a tight schedule.

94 Saves

Hike to Morgan Falls

Wisconsin / Morgan Falls Trailhead, WI

It's a easy hike to the waterfall being only 1.2 mile round trip, but traveling to the waterfall might take time as it's fairly remote. There is a $5 daily park fee.

85 Saves

Hike the Point Trail at Big Bay State Park

Wisconsin / Point Trailhead

Located at the tip of Wisconsin on Madeline Island, Big Bay State Park is a must see for any Wisconsinite. To get to Madeline Island, you'll need to purchase a round trip ferry ride in Bayfield.

84 Saves

Photograph the Lighthouse at Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Pierhead

Wisconsin / Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Pierhead

Driving on Highway 42 from Sturgeon Bay, cross the bridge over the canal heading north. Take the first right after crossing the bridge on Utah Street.

82 Saves

Hike through the Wetlands of the Horicon Marsh

Wisconsin / Horicon Marsh

Horicon Marsh is located about an hour north of Milwaukee. The wildlife refuge features several trails ranging from a quarter mile up to nearly 3 miles long.

78 Saves

Hike the South Kettle Moraine Loop

Wisconsin / Kettle Moraine Parking Lot

Park in the parking lot ($7) off of Moraine Scenic Drive. Follow the well-marked green trail and enjoy the shady hike through the Kettle Moraine Forest! Photos: Ann Althouse, Ron M, Ryan Dickey

75 Saves

Hike the Levis Trow Mounds Loop

Wisconsin / Levis/Trow Mounds Trailhead

Park in the parking lot off of Highway 95. This trail is a 12-mile loop that you will be sharing with mountain bikers.  Photos: Bjorn, k.steudel

70 Saves

Backpack the Milwaukee River and Butler Lake Segments of the Ice Age Trail

Wisconsin / Milwaukee River Trailhead

The Milwaukee River Trailhead for the Ice Age Trail (IAT) is located on WI-28, east of the Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive.

67 Saves

Bike or Run the Glacial Drumlin Trail (Waukesha to Wales Segment)

Wisconsin / Glacial Drumlin Trail

Your journey begins at the Fox River Sanctuary and E.B. Shurts Environmental Education Center at 810 College Avenue in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

65 Saves

Explore Twin Falls, WI

Wisconsin / Twin Falls Park

It’s located on Highway 13 on the outskirts of Port Wing, WI. If you are coming from the west, you’ll see a sign on your right for the park. This will be before you get to the town of Port Wing.

65 Saves

Hike to Loew Lake

Wisconsin / Kettle Moraine State Forest Parking Area

Starting from county rd K you turn in on Emerald Drive . at the start of Emerald drive is an old and tiny cemetery.

63 Saves

Hike the Lake Geneva Trail

Wisconsin / Geneva Lake Parking Lot

Park in the parking lot off of Fontana Road. The trail borders Lake Geneva, head out in either direction for this 20-mile loop. Accessible from March to September.

62 Saves

Camp on Madeline Island

Wisconsin / Big Bay Town Park

The largest of Wisconsin's Apostle Islands, Madeline Island is about the size of Manhattan, but extremely sparsely populated and a great place to explore a north woods ecosystem.

61 Saves

Climb Eagle Tower in Peninsula State Park

Wisconsin / Eagle Tower, Peninsula State Park

From Highway 42 in Door County, WI, there are two entrances into Peninsula State Park, on the south and north ends of the park.

60 Saves

Photograph Jones' Island

Wisconsin / Jones' Island Parking

Urban explorers, meet your new favorite spot.

58 Saves

Hike to Lost Creek Falls

Wisconsin / Lost Creek Falls

From the town of Cornucopia drive west on Hwy 13. You will turn left onto Klemik Road (Dirt Road). Go down about a mile and you will look for a yellow gate/trail on your left.

52 Saves

Kayak from Schauer Park to Cave Point County Park

Wisconsin / Schauer Park

From the intersection of Schauer Road and N. Cave Point Drive in Jacksonport, WI, take Schauer Road towards the lake.

51 Saves

Kayak around Madeline Island

Wisconsin / Madeline Island Ferry Line

Unless you're kayaking directly to Madeline Island, you can pick up the ferry in Bayfield and rent kayaks in La Pointe.

50 Saves

Hike to Castle Mound Lookout at Black River State Forest

Wisconsin / Castle Mound Campgrounds

This trail is found at the Castle Mounds Campground within the Black River State Forest.

50 Saves

Explore Crex Meadows

Wisconsin / Crex Meadows Wildlife Area

The Crex Meadows Wildlife Area is part of Wisconsin’s scenic Indianhead Country - located just north of Grantsburg. It’s 30,000 acres make it one of the largest wildlife areas in the state.

46 Saves

Catch A Sunset from Powder Hill

Wisconsin / Pike Lake Parking Lot

At 1350 feet, Powder Hill is the second highest point in southeastern Wisconsin. You can start the hike to Powder Hill from the Nature Trail parking lot (0.

46 Saves

Hike the Hank Aaron and Oak Leaf Trails in Lakeshore SP

Wisconsin / Lakeshore State Park Parking

Lakeshore State Park is kind of considered a hidden gem.

42 Saves

Camp at Big Bay State Park

Wisconsin / Big Bay Campsite

Make a reservation (fees here) to secure a campsite. Find your campsite by entering GPS coordinates 46° 47' 18" N, 90° 40' 25" W or by using this map.

38 Saves

Walk the Stations of the Cross At Holy Hill

Wisconsin / Holy Hill National Shrine

Holy Hill National Shrine is a landmark within the Wisconsin area, both as a tourist spot and a great location for fall colors.

38 Saves

Visit the Parnell Observation Tower

Wisconsin / Parnell Tower Trail

Located southwest of Plymouth, WI, the Parnell Observation Tower is located just west of the intersection of Cty Road A and Cty Road U.

36 Saves

Hike Bay View Trail, Big Bay State Park

Wisconsin / Big Bay SP Parking

Starting at the parking lot, you will walk into an open field with a couple picnic tables. On the right side of the field, the trail enters into a forest and walks along Lake Superior.

31 Saves

Hike the Hemlock Trail

Wisconsin / Hemlock Trailhead

Take the unnamed road that turns off of Highway 33 (see map). At the end of this road is a parking lot and the trailhead. The trail will take you along the Kickapoo River in a 2.

30 Saves

Bike the Osaugie Trail

Wisconsin / Osaugie Trail

Biking along Superior Bay, you can experience the beautiful foliage during all of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin's seasons.

30 Saves

Hike the Bluffs on Eagle Trail in Door County's Peninsula State Park

Wisconsin / Eagle Trail

The loop begins at the parking lot of Eagle Bluff/Panorama and immediately descends 200 feet along the Green Bay coast.

26 Saves

Take a Stroll around the Lagoon at Wilson Park

Wisconsin / Wilson Park Parking Lot

Whether your looking to relax or are going for a run, Wilson Park is a perfect place for whatever recreation you desire.

24 Saves

Camp at North Fork Campground

Wisconsin / North Fork Campground

North Fork campground isn't the most sought after campground, but it is a diamond in the rough and a great alternative if Brooklyn Lake Campground and Sugarloaf Campground are full.

23 Saves

Backpack the Europe Bay Trail at Newport State Park

Wisconsin / Europe Bay Trailhead

Hidden on the northeastern side of Door County, Newport State Park offers 16 secluded, hike-in only campsites throughout its 20-plus miles of hikable terrain.

22 Saves

Hike the Plover River Segment of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail

Wisconsin / Ice Age Trail, Plover River Segment, Sportsman Dr. Parking

Parking is available at the southern terminus on Sportsman Drive and at the northern terminus on County Hwy HH.

20 Saves

Hike to Timm's Hill

Wisconsin / Timm's Hill County Park

Hike to one of the easiest high points in the country. Standing at only 1,951 feet, Wisconsin's Timms Hill isn't going to be the most impressive climb you do, but it is still worth the hike.

19 Saves

Snowshoe the Lime Kiln Trail at High Cliff

Wisconsin / Lime Kiln Trailhead

Inside of High Cliff State Park, Lime Kiln Trail is a unique spot right off the shores of Lake Winnebago. The trail extends 1.7 miles, but has a early cutoff to shorten the hike if desired.

18 Saves

Catch a Sunset at Hokneson Fishery

Wisconsin / Little Sand Bay Campground

Begin at the campground visitor center. Follow the marked paved trail right roughly .08 of a mile. The paved trail ends onto a sandy beach and the abandoned Hokenson Fishery.

17 Saves

Kayak to the Mainland Sea Caves

Wisconsin / Meyer's Beach

GETTING THERE Start your paddle from Meyer’s Beach just off of Highway 13. There is a $5 fee to park in the lot at Meyer’s Beach.

13 Saves

Hike the Thordarson Loop Trail at Rock Island State Park

Wisconsin / Rock Island State Park (Wisconsin)

Getting to Rock Island is the first part of the journey. Driving to the tip of Door County, drive to the Northport Pier and grab your first ferry to Washington Island.

11 Saves

Watch the Sunset at Fish Creek's Sunset Beach Park

Wisconsin / Sunset Beach Park

From downtown Fish Creek in Door County, WI, head west on Main St. until the road dead ends at the water.

7 Saves

Hike or Bike the NHAL Raven Trails

Wisconsin / Raven Trail - Northern Highland American Legion SF

The Raven Trails are located adjacent to Clear Lake Campground in the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest.

6 Saves

Camp at Little Sand Bay Campground

Wisconsin / Little Sand Bay Campground

On a road trip from Kanasas City, MO to explore Lake Superior we stumbled across this amazing campground right on the shore of Lake Superior, Little Sand Bay Campground (34155 State Highway 13, Bayfi.

6 Saves

Hike the Fallison Lake Nature Trail

Wisconsin / Fallison Lake Nature Trail

Reachable by car or along the Heart of Vilas paved bike trail, start your trip by filling up your water bottle at the old manual well pump (if you forget there's another at the halfway point!).

4 Saves

Snowshoe the Nicolet Beach Trail at Peninsula State Park

Wisconsin / Nicolet Beach

During the winter months, Peninsula State Park offers a number of winter activity trails, including three designated snowshoeing trails. One of those trails within the park is the Nicolet Beach Trail.

4 Saves