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Will Yeomans

I enjoy fly fishing, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, skiing, and pretty much anything outside.

Pretty cool but wasn’t worth the drive

This is a great hike. All in all was super hard and rewarding

Super fun and easy. We just brought our own tubes and it worked perfectly.

This is a great run in the winter when it is nice and cool. It is pretty easy to find your way around and you can choose the lengths of your run with all the trails.

The lake was a brilliant blue and it was very scenic but a little crowded.

This creek has beautiful hide of blue and cool features. It is also pretty easy to explore along the did and get some good photos.

This is a pretty popular place so it is busy at times but other than that it was very fun.

This is a good hike that can be done by the whole family. The stream next to the trail has some very interesting sections to photograph.

This is a great hike that sees much less traffic than Red Pine and White Pine. I highly recommend it to anyone who who like some solitude.

This is a great spot just to relax and enjoy the lake.

This lake as an amazing, breathtaking color and I would highly recommend it to anyone

It is a great spot with not nearly as many people as the main falls. The instructions to get there were a little confusing . The trail to get to the Cave is on the right if you are going up and is just before the upper falls. Also, graffiti has ruined the walls on the cave. Other than that is was a cool spot and a must do if you are in Banff

This is a really cool hike in Capitol Reef. It is fun to go out on the arch and look down. It is not to strenuous and most everyone could complete it. It does get a little crowded though so if you want the arch to yourself, go early.

This is by far the best hike in the Capitol Reef Fruita District. It wasn't to hard and you can get down the falls with a little effort. We took the right side of every fall to get down and it was not to bad. The scenery is amazing. Another plus is we only passed 3 small groups. This is a great hike and I recommend it to anybody who is down in Capitol Reef and has the time.

I love this trip. I enjoy fishing and this was a great lake to do It at. I would use a clear bobber with a swivel on below it. Put some thin leader on the other side of the swivel. On the leader I would use a small dark ant fly or parachute Adams or a small caddis fly. That is what I use but almost any fly works. I caught a few nice brook trout. Have fun and good luck fishing!

This is a short hike that you can do with anyone because of how easy it is. It is a great lake and if you go during late summer there are tons of salamanders. This is really fun for a quick day hike and has beautiful scenery

That doesn't look like little cottonwood

This is so fun and the fishing is awesome

So fun and easy

This is an awesome quick little adventure and I highly recommend it to anyone who is visiting St. George

Good hike with great views.

I went up in June when there was still some snow up higher. Throw a clear bubble and a fly on and you will catch quite a few trout.