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0.5 Miles Round Trip - 50 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

Clark's Point Trail - Search Nearby - Added by Piper Wolters

Explore the East and West sides of Clark's Point! Easy hikes to outstanding views-especially at sunset!

The trailhead to both sides of Clark's Point starts at the end of a street in a very rich neighborhood. Driving down Fieldston Road feels like driving through Laguna Beach, CA. Follow the directions to this point.

To your left is East Clark's Point. You will hike 10 minutes or so to reach this view point. You'll see the railroad jetting out across the water, the artistic tunnel, and Teddy Bear Cove across the way.

To your right is West Clark's Point. This is also about a 10 minute hike. There is an option to hike down to the train tracks on this side. Or, keep following the trail veering left and you'll end up on an obvious point. The view is absolutely incredible. You can see several of the San Juan Islands, the Canadian Mountains, and plenty of boats/seals/birds!

These two spots are super great for hammocking, photography, or adventure!!


Easy Parking
Picnic Area


0.5 Miles
50 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail

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Worth checking out

It’s cool that this app shows us places and things to do that we never would have known about on our own. This little bike is case and point. There’s no way I would have ever know about this spot so kudos to whoever added this to the outbound app.

Gorgeous Sound Views

This place is beautiful not too hard to find but you can't park near the trailhead this is in the middle of a very nice rich neighborhood. So park further back and your fine just make sure you park where there aren't any no parking signs. Very easy to get to it's like a ten minute hike but the views are splendid