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Great camping spots. Easy parking. Cool amphitheater. Nearby river with a swimming hole. Amazing vibes.

Every year people from all over the world travel to Darrington WA to sit back, relax and listen to Bluegrass. This festival, as well as the campsite, is such a magical experience and it's a great idea to make it an annual tradition.

With or without the festival going on, Darrington Music Park is such an awesome place to camp. The tree line is in the shade and the best spot to pitch a tent. The bugs are at a minimum and at sunset the campgrounds turn into a fairy-tale with rays of light splitting between the tree trunks and casting a green glow through the leaves. There's almost always a little red huckleberry bushes next to a tree so have a snack!

There's a few trails that lead you on a short walk and then down a steep, dusty hill. A rope is used as a handrail because it's a little hard to walk down. This takes you to the river that has various waterholes. If you go upriver about 20 minutes there's a deep waterhole with a sandy bank; it's perfect for getting away from the heat and hanging out with friends or getting alone time!

However the hidden gem really is the musical festival. People from near and far come and listen/play folk music on stage as well as have jam sessions in their camp from the late to the early hours. During the event people set up booths of handmade assorted items, and there's delicious food stands, so bring your wallet! The neat thing too is that when all the headlining shows are over and it's getting late, everyone goes back to their campsite, brings out their banjos, mandolins, fiddles, etc., and everyone plays music and sings in little groups. If you're a musician or simply just want to listen, you can wander around the camp and can join in sessions. It's a great way to learn and meet all types of people. Everyone is so nice and content and there's tons of families so bring your kids, cousins, friends, whoever!

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