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Victor Hernandez

Oh hi there! Los Padres national park has a lot to offer and this is the heart of the attraction. Make sure to grab a nice shady spot under some trees for a comfortable campsite. They are limited. You ready for a wonderful waterfall? There's one nearby that's kid friendly and quite refreshing. You can even climb IN and UNDER the waterfall in a pitch black cave barely big enough for one adventurous being. Enjoy!

This trail is another rare treat in California. We would have a few geysers here...but the remarkable thing was while watching the bubbling water, you look up and see snow! All in the middle of summer! Bring a bandana for the smell of eggs. Pretty easy trail just remember the slight incline on the way back.

Came here once when I was 14 and it was cool. Went when I was 24 and it was AWESOME! Guess I enjoy nature now more however this is a bit of a risk takers hike. Lots of steep edges but the payoff is worth it. In the winter you cross and walk on a frozen waterfall! Zion truly is so Zen, Buddha would make this the new Tibet!!

Rare to see a waterfall near Los Angeles that makes you say, "WOW!" ...but this is the place. Terrain is cool as well along the creek, crossing fallen tree trunks, and jumping into the waterfall! Be safe though because there have been reports of injuries. No need to be a risk taker to enjoy the beauty Eaton has to offer :D

Guess we can thank social media for the outburst of this canyons popularity. From Rihanna to The Game you don't know who you'll see on these trails. If you're more about the scene then the scenery, this spot is for you my friend!

Vintage walkway that takes you through the cuts of the Hwood Hills. Cool and peaceful since mostly in shade and tucked in a residents area, it's great for a workout more then a scenic view. Definitely something different :D

My friend! Los Angeles really does have some treasures hidden within. This hike is awesome! What a vantage point to see all the hollywood hills and the mountain range on the horizon. Seeing the reservoir makes for some great water in the view as well! Once you reach the top you feel the majestic vibes of z tree. There are notebooks with people's good vibes n intentions in a vintage ammo box by the trunk which is the coolest guestbook of all time. In a city like LA it's nice to see that the hikers are nicer the drivers!! Highly recommend after rain since the greenery really shines.