Hike to Angels Landing in Zion National Park

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Angels Landing is a challenging hike that will provide you with one of the most epic viewpoints of Zion National Park. This 5 mile out-and-back hike will take you through beautiful canyons and staring down thousand foot cliffs. Not for the faint of heart!

This is the hike on every adventurers bucket list. But I must warn you, if you're afraid of heights or have anxiety, you may want to reconsider. But I mean just look at those pictures! It's no wonder that people conquer their fears to get up there! I did this hike in early September and the weather was absolutely perfect. I'd imagine winter is extremely unsafe with snow and ice. Plan to do this hike early in the morning to avoid the crowds and beat the heat in summer. This route is extremely popular, especially in summer months, and crowds can make the last leg of the hike quite dangerous.

Take the shuttle from the Visitor Center and get off at the Grotto Trailhead to begin this epic adventure. (If camping, use Watchman or South Campground for super easy access to shuttles). Bathrooms and picnic tables located at the trailhead so make sure to use them! Cross the bridge over the Virgin River and follow the paved trail that is the West Rim Trail. You'll see the huge rock in the front of you where Angels Landing sits, dominating the landscape and teasing you to climb up. You'll reach the first few zig zag switch backs as the trail takes you higher and deeper into the canyon. Enjoy the great views here as you wait for your friends whose legs may be burning. Overall, this is a long hike that climbs about 1,500 feet in elevation so take your time and take water/snack breaks as needed.

You'll be rewarded with some shady areas inside the canyon and before you know it you'll reach Walter's Wiggles, a set of many compact switchbacks beautifully designed to help you reach your end goal! A little while later, you'll arrive at Scout's Landing. Great little viewpoint here and is a good place to stop for those with small children or those who are already dizzying from the heights. You'll still get an epic picture here. No shame in stopping here if your body is telling you to do so. But...you're so close to the end! Let's keep trekkin'!

The last leg of the hike is extremely dangerous. Although I think that's what makes it so rewarding to get to the end, seriously be careful and be patient! You'll be climbing a narrow spine, thousands of feet off the valley floor. There is a chain that is bolted into the rocks to help you along the way. But keep in mind, this one chain is used by people coming down, too. Take turns and be patient. One wrong step could cost you your life. There is a sign that warns you that six people have fallen to their deaths here.

Finally, you'll reach Angels Landing! A place so high it was believed only angels could land here. And look at you go! The 360 degree views up here will leave you breathless (if your not already) and will have you thinking about this place for the rest of your life. Enjoy a snack up here and try to take it all in. There is plenty of room to spread out and capture this beautiful place from different angles.

When you're ready to head back, go down the way you came and be patient once again. Tip: The Virgin River feels amazing on those sore feet when you get to the bottom! Enjoy!!

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