The Best Outdoor Activities in Utah

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Hike the Narrows, Zion NP

Utah / Temple of Sinawava Trail

Hiking the narrows in Zion National Park is one of my favorite hikes and something I return for almost every year, I can still remember my first visit as a kid.

Jason Hatfield
2927 Saves

Hike to Diamond Fork (Fifth Water) Hot Springs

Utah / Three Forks Trailhead

When you hike out to Diamond Fork aka Fifth Water hot springs, get ready for an amazing experience! The lower fall is visible from the main pool.

Jacob Moon
2581 Saves

Hike the Zion Subway - Bottom Up

Utah / The Subway, Zion National Park

Start your day early at the Left Fork Trailhead on Kolob Terrace Road from the town of Virgin outside Zion National Park. This 6.

Lindsay Daniels
1769 Saves

Hike to Donut Falls

Utah / Donut Falls Trailhead

The TrailFollow the trail for just a little bit and when it forks, stay to the left and you will arrive to Donut Falls.

Eric Bennett
1712 Saves

Hike Angels Landing, Zion NP

Utah / Zion Canyon Visitor Center

Angels Landing has long been one of my favorite national parks hikes.  The hike is thrilling, extremely photogenic, and appeals to those who enjoy exchanging leg power for views.

Jason Hatfield
1658 Saves

Hike to White Pine Lake

Utah / White Pine Lake Trailhead

Just about 5 miles (2-2.5 hrs) from the trailhead, you will find the beautiful White Pine Lake where the water is an intense blue color.

Eric Bennett
1608 Saves

Backpack to Silver Lake

Utah / Silver Lake Trail

The trail is 4.1 miles roundtrip gaining almost 1,500 feet for the duration of the adventure. Some parts are exposed, so you can get a fair amount of sun.

Michael Johnston
1581 Saves

Hike Angels Landing at Night

Utah / Angels Landing

Angel's Landing is one of the most popular hikes in all of Zion National Park and for good reason.

Derrick Lytle
1532 Saves

Hike Bryce Canyon's Riggs Spring Loop

Utah / Rainbow Point

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah is a spectacular place. It really has to be seen to be believed.

Jason Shepherd
1492 Saves

Hike Many Pools

Utah / Many Pools Trailhead

To get there, drive about .8 miles east of the smaller tunnel on the Zion-Mt. Carmel highway. There will be a place to pull out and park on a large turn.

Spencer Rudy
1358 Saves

Hike to Zion's Upper Emerald Pool

Utah / Emerald Pools Trail

Start this trail walking across the bridge over the Virgin River into the start of the trails that lead to the pools.

Mariya Dondonyan
1330 Saves

Hike to Bell Canyon's Waterfall

Utah / Bell Canyon Trailhead

If you keep a steady pace, the hike takes about an hour each way, so allow time when trying to catch the sunset.

Eric Bennett
1236 Saves

Hike The Subway - Top-Down

Utah / Wildcat Canyon Trailhead

The Subway (rated 3B III), also known as the Left Fork of the North Creek, is the most popular backcountry hike in Zion.

Scott Kranz
1205 Saves

Day Hike to Lake Blanche

Utah / Lake Blanche Trail

The hike is only 6 miles roundtrip, but it's pretty steep the whole way. It will take about 1.5 - 2 hrs to get up and about 45 min - 1hr to get back down.

Eric Bennett
1158 Saves

Backpack Lake Catherine and Bag Sunset Peak

Utah / Lake Catherine Trail

Any chance to get into the backcountry of the Wasatch Mountains is worth it. Many people day hike in the area, but not very many backpack in.

Lindsay Daniels
1131 Saves

Backpack to Red Pine Lake

Utah / White Pine Trailhead

Red Pine Lake, located in Red Pine Fork of the Wasatch Mountains, is one of the premier hiking and backpacking destinations in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Sam Watson
1104 Saves

Relax in the Saratoga Hot Springs

Utah / Saratoga Springs Parking

Awesome all year round, but one of the best places to chill out during winter. The water is just hot enough to feel amazing and escape from the cold. This place is public and not supervised.

Eric Bennett
1091 Saves

Photographing the Sunset at Canyon Junction Bridge

Utah / The Watchman Trail via the Canyon Junction Bridge

The view of the Watchman from Canyon Junction Bridge is one of the most highly photographed views in Zion National Park.

Tiffany Nguyen
1074 Saves

Hike Coyote Buttes North to the Wave

Utah / Wire Pass Trailhead

The hike to the Wave is 2.5 miles (one-way). When you arrive, take in the sandstone showing incredible striations of red, orange, pink, yellow, and beige.

Brendon Kahn
1032 Saves

Hike and Shoot Delicate Arch

Utah / Delicate Arch Trailhead

I headed out to the trailhead because I really wanted to shoot the super moon with the Delicate Arch. It was absolutely fantastic, especially during such a full moon.

Andy Best
969 Saves

Hike Observation Point

Utah / East Mesa Trail Trailhead

This is the best trail in Zion Canyon to beat the crowds while experiencing the awe and wonder it has to offer. We take this trail every time we visit Zion and never tire of it.

954 Saves

Hike Kanarraville Slot Canyon

Utah / Kanarraville Slot Canyon

This hidden gem of a hike takes you into the Kanarraville slot canyons in southern Utah.

Karyna Wilkerson
919 Saves

Backpack Reflection Canyon

Utah / Glen Canyon Parking Area

Backpacking Reflection Canyon is not for the faint of heart.

Kathleen Buenviaje
889 Saves

Hike Lakes Mary, Martha and Catherine (Brighton Lakes)

Utah / Brighton Resort

This trail is a local favorite because you can make it as hard or as easy as you want it to be! You can stop at the first lake which is only 1 mile from the parkinglot, or you can go to the top of on.

Rebecca Stubbs
875 Saves

Hike to Stewart Falls

Utah / Stewart Falls Trailhead

The canyon is closed during snowfall so this is only accessible between May-Nov usually. It is best during the fall when the leaves have changed color, but let's be honest, it's always great.

Eric Bennett
862 Saves

Hike to Willow Lake

Utah / Big Cottonwood Canyon

The Trail: Follow the marked trail and you'll hike less than a mile up to the edge of Willow Lake.

Colton Marsala
854 Saves

Wildflower Hike In Albion Basin

Utah / Albion Basin

At Albion Basin, wildflowers you will see include lupine, Indian paintbrush, American bistort, sunflowers, fireweed, and many more! Drive to the very top of Little Cottonwood Canyon and park at the .

Lindsay Daniels
854 Saves

Short Hike to Double Arch

Utah / Double Arch Trailhead

The hike to Double Arch is a relatively flat and easy hike of 0.5 miles roundtrip. You can add this to the rest of the quick spots you may want to visit on your visit to Arches.

Scott Kranz
832 Saves

Summit the Pfeifferhorn

Utah / White Pine Trailhead

Starting at the White Pine Trailhead in Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT, hike southwest until reaching the junction to Red Pine Canyon.

Conor Barry
821 Saves

Hike to Battlecreek Falls

Utah / Battlecreek Falls

Battlecreek Falls is a great place to get away after a long day of work—or if you're looking for a great hike but are short on time.

Eric Bennett
804 Saves

Backpack Mount Timpanogos

Utah / Mount Timapanogos Trail

The Timpooneke trailhead is located in American Fork Canyon, next to the Timpooneke Campground. There is a $6 fee to enter the canyon, unless you have a National Park Pass with which you get in free.

Lindsay Daniels
802 Saves

Camp at Willow Lake

Utah / Big Cottonwood Canyon

The trailhead to Willow Lake is about 11 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon and is on the north side of the road right after the passing lane begins.

Lindsay Daniels
798 Saves

Hike Zion's Watchman Trail

Utah / Watchman Trail, Zion National Park

The Watchman is one of the last parts of Zion to be illuminated in sunlight at the end of the day.

Casey Berner
784 Saves

Camp Under Zion's Watchman

Utah / Watchman Campgrounds

Watchman Campground is one of the most popular campgrounds at Zion National Park.

Tiffany Nguyen
748 Saves

Hike to Grotto Falls

Utah / Grotto Trail

Heading in the canyon you will drive along a winding road for a while until you pass through a gate (Closed during Winter, this is where you will need to pull over and continue down the road on foot).

Eric Bennett
739 Saves

Canyoneering Keyhole Canyon

Utah / Keyhole Canyon Parking Area

Keyhole Canyon is an experience for the adventurous, thrill seeking explorer.

Kathie Green
736 Saves

Hike Ensign Peak

Utah / Ensign Peak Trailhead

This hike is a piece of cake with a sizable reward. It starts just up the hill behind the Capitol Building and ascends 350 feet over about 0.4 miles to the top on a very well marked trail.

Seth Whelden
720 Saves

Hike to Big Cottonwood Canyon's Hidden Falls

Utah / Big Cottonwood Canyon

Hidden Falls is a beautiful little waterfall with minimal crowds. When I say minimal, I mean I've only seen another person there 1 of the 5 or 6 times that I have been. Take it in. Stay a while.

Jordan Smith
709 Saves

Camp and Hike to Cecret Lake

Utah / Albion Basin Campground

Cecret Lake is reached by driving up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Albion Basin above Alta Ski Resort. The hike is just under 1 mile to the lake and should take about 30 minutes.

Michael Johnston
694 Saves

Cliff Jumping at Power Dam

Utah / Mill Creek North Fork Canyon

This is a rad little swimming hole spot in Moab. A lot of locals will call it The Power Dam. Its just a short easy 1.

Tyler McFall
660 Saves

Backpack Amethyst Basin

Utah / Christmas Meadows Trailhead

Directions: The trail leaves from the Christmas Meadows Trailhead. From Mirror Lake Scenic Byway (US 150) turn on Christmas Meadows Rd. The campground and trailhead are around 3.

Conor Barry
650 Saves

Backpack to Red Castle and Red Castle Lakes

Utah / China Meadows Trailhead

The Red Castle is a stunning formation of crumbling red rock that rises around several small lakes, high in the Uinta Mountains. The trail begins at the China Meadows Trailhead.

Sam Watson
637 Saves

Drive-In Sunrise

Utah / American Fork Canyon, UT

Pull into the Pine Hollow parking lot, just before the winter closure gate and watch the show.

Andy Earl
623 Saves

Take a Dip in the Meadow Hot Springs

Utah / Meadow Hot Springs

These hot springs are located on private property but the owner allows anyone to come and take a dip. You can camp overnight and also have fires in the several pits near the pools.

Eric Bennett
620 Saves

Hike Grandeur Peak

Utah / Church Fork Trailhead

This is the peak that can be seen from the valley located between Milcreek Canyon and Parleys Canyon.

Rebecca Stubbs
613 Saves

Photograph Cecret Lake

Utah / Cecret Lake Trailhead

A short 1 mile hike form Albion Basin to Cecret Lake. It climbs a gentle slope and along the way there are interpretive signs with information about the basin, its plants, animals and geology.

Colton Marsala
609 Saves

Hike Mt. Olympus

Utah / Mount Olympus Trailhead

The trail begins right on Wasatch Blvd. and after the first 0.5 miles you're into the Superior Wilderness.

Eric Harris
597 Saves

Backpacking Kings Peak

Utah / Henry Fork Trailhead

From the Henry Fork Trailhead (approx. 9400 feet elev.) the trail gains very little elevation during the first 5.5 miles with several lakes to camp by along the way.

Jacob Moon
592 Saves

Hike to Zion's Kolob Arch

Utah / Lee Pass Trailhead

In the lesser traveled area of Zion National Park sits Kolob Arch, a sandstone arch high up on a cliff tucked back in the canyon. To get to Kolob Arch take exit 40 on I-15 in Utah.

Derrick Lytle
590 Saves

Hike Neff's Canyon

Utah / Neff's Canyon Parking Area

From the parking lot, you will follow a 4-wheel drive track that runs straight up to the beginning of the different trailheads.

McKenzie Roers
582 Saves

Hike and Fish Upper Bell Canyon Reservoir

Utah / Bell Canyon Trail

This is one of my favorite spots in the state of Utah! It is completely secluded high up on the Wasatch front.

Tyler McFall
577 Saves

Backpack the West Rim Trail, Zion NP

Utah / West Rim Trailhead

This 14.5 mile (one-way) trek is a multi-functional trail.

Mike Quine
573 Saves

Hike to Buckley's Abandoned Mine

Utah / Rock Canyon Trailhead

Once you reach the mine it's gated but you can slide in. Follow the main tunnel a hundred or so feet back and climb the 75 foot ladder up to the second level.

Josh Anderson
565 Saves

Hike Stairs Gulch

Utah / Stairs Gulch Trailhead

Drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon for around 2.8 miles, parking will be along the road and there will be a large rock waterfall on the right hand side of the road.

McKenzie Roers
557 Saves

Camp at Lava Point

Utah / Lava Point Campground

Didn't make a reservation? Are all the Zion campgrounds full as usual? Don't worry, the less popular and more secluded Lava Point Campground is just about a 45 minute drive away and it's free! We cam.

Eric Bennett
549 Saves

Hike to Big Cottonwood Canyon's Desolation Lake

Utah / Mill D North Trailhead

Drive 9 miles into Big Cottonwood Canyon and park at the Mill D North Trailhead (on the left). On the right side of the road, there is a restroom.

McKenzie Roers
542 Saves

Hike to the Timber Creek Overlook in Kolob Canyon

Utah / Timber Creek Overlook

The Timber Creek Overlook trail is located at the end of the Kolob Canyon drive in Zion National Park.

Derrick Lytle
542 Saves

Explore Little Cottonwood Canyon's Lisa Falls

Utah / Lisa Falls

Lisa Falls sits approximately 0.22 miles from Little Cottonwood Canyon Road.

Jordan Smith
539 Saves

Hike to Lone Peak

Utah / Orson Smith Trail

The main trail to Lone Peak is via Jacobs Ladder.

Tyler McFall
533 Saves

Hike to the Salt Lake Overlook

Utah / Desolation Trailhead

This popular trail follows a portion of the Desolation Trail leaving from Mill Creek Canyon. The trail to the overlook is 3.5 miles round trip with a 1200 ft elevation gain.

Rebecca Stubbs
514 Saves

Climbing in the Lone Peak Cirque

Utah / Lone Peak

Lone Peak reaches 11,253 feet at its summit. It's alpine feel is unique as it stands above the busy city below. While this gem is one of the highlights in the Wasatch range, it must be earned.

Andy Earl
506 Saves

Hike Buckskin Gulch, Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness

Utah / Buckskin Gulch Trailhead

Buckskin Gulch is a natural wonder. At 15 miles long it is the longest slot canyon in the world. It sometimes is as narrow as 2ft.

Tobin Akehurst
504 Saves

Hike to Lower Calf Creek Falls

Utah / Calf Creek Campground, Utah

The trailhead for lower calf creek falls begins at the Calf Creek Campground. There is a small fee to park in the campground and a larger fee if you plan on camping in the campground.

Thomas Burton
503 Saves

Hike to False Kiva

Utah / False Kiva Trail

False Kiva is an off the beaten path destination located in the “Island in the Sky” district of Canyonlands National Park, a bit outside of Moab, Utah.

Eric Schuette
497 Saves

Hike the Living Room

Utah / Living Room Hike

Because if its proximity to downtown Salt Lake, this is a great quick hike to do after work. Although it's short, it is fairly steep, climbing nearly 1000 feet in 1.25 miles.

Hannah Weaver
487 Saves

Beach Camp On Lake Powell's Lone Rock Beach

Utah / Lone Rock Beach

Just twelve miles north of Page, Arizona on Highway 89 across the Utah border, Lone Rock Beach is a great open beach where you can drive right up and make camp anywhere you like.

Dustin Landon
486 Saves

Backpack Coyote Gulch

Utah / Coyote Gulch Trailhead

Easy hiking, water availability, and spectacular scenery make this a "must do" hike. Three days are best to see all this canyon has to offer.

Colton Marsala
485 Saves

Photograph Arches National Park

Utah / La Sal Mountains Viewpoint

Located in Southeast Utah, 5 miles North of Moab, Utah. From Hwy 70, take Exit 182 towards Crescent Jct/Moab, taking Hwy 191 S for about 25 miles until you reach Arches National Park on your left.

Kyle Aiton
484 Saves

Hike Devils Garden Primitive Loop in Arches

Utah / Devil's Garden Trailhead

This adventure begins at Devils Garden, which is a hotspot in Arches National Park.

Ryan Dewane
483 Saves

Explore Arches' Fiery Furnace

Utah / Fiery Furnace Trailhead

Arches National Park is an incredible place with a variety of places to explore. One of the great places to explore is the Fiery Furnace.

Devin K
482 Saves

Scramble Up Lady Mountain

Utah / Zion Lodge, Zion National Park

Begin by taking the shuttle to the Zion Lodge, where you can fill up on water for the day of steep hiking and scrambling ahead.

Michael Whitman
480 Saves

Hike the Red Cliffs Recreation Nature Trail

Utah / Red Cliffs Parking Area

Hike along streams that run through red sandstone - the blue water makes a fun contrast against the red rocks and sand.

Thomas Burton
472 Saves

Hike Navajo Loop and Queens Garden Trail

Utah / Navajo Loop Trail

There are many many trails that explore the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon and this is just one option of a combination of trails that is about 3.5 miles.

Rebecca Stubbs
472 Saves

Hike to the Wind Caves, UT

Utah / Wind Caves Trailhead, Logan UT

Starting at an elevation of 5100 feet you gain 2300 feet in just 3.5 miles. As you drive up Logan Canyon you'll see the trailhead on the left side of the road, just after Guinavah-Malibu Campground.

Quick Hike to Mesa Arch

Utah / Mesa Arch Trailhead

This is an easy 0.6 mile loop. The hike takes you out to Mesa Arch, which is one of the most famous structures of Canyonlands National Park.

Lee Cuellar
470 Saves

Camp by the Spiral Jetty

Utah / Spiral Jetty

This spot is pretty wild and barren. Head there with an open mind and be ready to have an amazing experience.

Prajit Ravindran
465 Saves

Hike to Upper Falls

Utah / Bridal Veil Falls

Coming from Provo, at about 2.5 miles make a right hand turn for Nunn's Park/ Bridal Veil.

Eric Bennett
457 Saves

Hiking Little Wild Horse Canyon & Bell Canyon Loop

Utah / Little Wild Horse Canyon & Bell Canyon Trailhead

The Little Wild Horse Canyon/Bell Canyon loop hike is a classic southern Utah experience.

Aaron Roth
454 Saves

Camping in Arches National Park

Utah / Devil's Garden Campground

This popular campground houses 50 campsites. Keep in mind that since it's the only campground in Arches, it can be crowded from March through October, so get on it early.

Kelly Drake
449 Saves

Hike Adams Canyon

Utah / Adams Canyon

The trailhead is at a dirt parking lot with a lot of parking, but on Saturday mornings it can get full and people are forced to park on the street.

Thomas Burton
447 Saves

Hike the Fairyland Loop Trail at Bryce Canyon NP

Utah / Fairyland Point

Let's face it: Bryce Canyon National Park is stunning. Its remarkable and unique hoodoos bring people from all over the world, and lots of them.

Hike to Corona Arch

Utah / Corona Arch Trailhead

This is an easy 1.5 mile hike to an amazing arch in Moab that ISN'T in Arches National Park.

Tyler McFall
433 Saves

Hike Zion's Canyon Overlook Trail

Utah / Zion Canyon Overlook

The trailhead is located east out of the 1.1 mile long tunnel off highway 9.

Mariya Dondonyan
432 Saves

Exploring the Caves of Kanab

Utah / Caves of Kanab Trailhead

To get to this cave, drive north of Kanab on Highway 89. Just after you pass Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, you will see these caves on the right.

Prajit Ravindran
428 Saves

Backpack and Camp at Ibantik Lake

Utah / Crystal Lake Trailhead

From the Crystal Lake trailhead, follow the trail 1.1 miles north to Wall Lake.

Colton Marsala
427 Saves

Camp at the Little Grand Canyon

Utah / Little Grand Canyon

The Wedge and The Little Grand Canyon are located in Eastern Utah and despite their amazing beauty are relatively unknown and overlooked partly due to their close proximity to national parks like Arc.

Derrick Lytle
424 Saves

Hike through Paria Canyon

Utah / Paria Canyon

No matter how far you plan on hiking, it is ideal to get an early start so you aren’t hiking too long under the desert sun.

Brandon Silver
419 Saves

Explore the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway

Utah / Mirror Lake Scenic Byway

Mirror Lake Scenic Byway is breathtaking.

Jordan Smith
418 Saves

Hike Big Cottonwood Canyon's Silver Lake

Utah / Silver Lake Information Center

This quick hike to a beautiful lake in the Wasatch Mountains is perfect for the whole family.

Lindsay Daniels
416 Saves

Canyoneering the San Rafael Swell

Utah / San Rafael Swell

The San Rafael Swell, is the home of many adventures! One of those adventures being canyoneering. There are many slot canyons of various skill levels that have been explored and descended.

Explore Scenic Cascade Springs

Utah / Cascade Springs

One of the most photogenic spots of the Timpanogos Canyon. If you take the Alpine loop you will see a sign to turn off and go to Cascade Springs. It's about a 15 minute drive from there.

Eric Bennett
407 Saves

Hike the North Summit of Mount Timpanogos

Utah / Aspen Grove Trailhead

To reach the north summit of Timpanogos you start out just like you would if you were going to the main summit.

Tyler McFall
404 Saves

Hike the Y Trail

Utah / Y Mountain Trailhead

Everyone who lives in Provo knows about Y Mountain. Many locals and visitors enjoy “hiking the Y.” There is a small parking lot at the beginning and bathrooms.

Janel Reynolds
402 Saves

Hike Little Deer Creek to Cataract Gorge

Utah / Little Deer Creek Canyon

Little Deer Creek Canyon can be accessed from the Emerald Lake Highway (150) in the Uinta National Forest east of Kamas, Utah.

Michael Johnston
401 Saves

Hike Wall Street in Bryce Canyon

Utah / Sunrise Point Parking

Hoodoos? What's that you say? Hoodoos are these amazing rock formations that Bryce Canyon is famous for. This hike is hands down the best way to see the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon.

Ryan Vermilion
393 Saves

Exploring Goblin Valley

Utah / Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley Can entertain you for 1 hour or 10. There are no established trails, so you are free to wander around the entire park.

Rebecca Stubbs
391 Saves

Photograph Bridal Veil Falls

Utah / Bridal Veil Falls

Heading on Provo Canyon Rd the waterfall is just on the right hand side. You will see a sign that says "Bridal Veil" to turn in and park at the falls.

Eric Bennett
388 Saves

Hiking Bryce Canyon's Rim Trail

Utah / Rim Trailhead

This popular hike in Bryce Canyon National Park offers up breathtaking views from just about every step.

Nick Oman
383 Saves

Hike Peek-a-Boo and Spooky Canyons

Utah / Peek-a-boo and Spooky Canyons

This hike is located in the Grand-Staircase-Escalante Monument and the nearest town is Escalante, Utah. From Escalante, you take Hole-in-the-Rock Road 26 miles to the Dry Fork road turn-off.

Rebecca Stubbs
380 Saves

Explore Kanab's Peek-a-Boo Canyon

Utah / Peek-a-Boo Trailhead

The trailhead is Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (Angel Canyon Rd.) located between the Kanab and Mt. Carmel Jct. To get started, head out on a sandy track on the north side of US 89 (37.154,-112.573).

Prajit Ravindran
374 Saves

Camp at Goblin Valley

Utah / Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley State Park is in a rural section of southern Utah, but if you type it into Google Maps you will go straight there.

Andy Earl
365 Saves

Catch a Sunset on Antelope Island

Utah / Antelope Island

This is a great place to catch a sunset with the herds of Buffalo grazing and the surrounding mountain ranges.

Eric Bennett
359 Saves

Hike Cassidy Arch

Utah / Cassidy Arch Trailhead

Follow the scenic road just past the Fruita Campground to the first dirt road on the left.

Nick Oman
357 Saves

Capture Sunrise at Dead Horse Point SP

Utah / Dead Horse Point Trail

Dead Horse Point State Park sits next to Canyonlands National Park with expansive views of the canyons carved by the Colorado River.

Jason Hatfield
349 Saves

Night Photography in Moab

Utah / Arches National Park Visitor Center

Moab, Utah should be on every photographer's "to do" list.

Phill Monson
347 Saves

Hike to the Golden Cathedral

Utah / Golden Cathedral

From highway 12, drive south down the hole in the rock road for about 17 miles to a dirt road on the left that is well marked for Egypt. Follow that dirt road 9.9 miles to the Egypt Trailhead.

Thomas Burton
346 Saves

Night Photography at Calf Creek Falls

Utah / Calf Creek Campground, Utah

This is a popular destination for campers and tourist hikers alike, so get there early to snag a campsite if you plan on staying the night.

KiKi Lamm
345 Saves

Winter Backpack to Lake Blanche & Sundial Peak

Utah / Lake Blanche Trailhead

This is a popular hike all year round, but less popular in the winter. If you’re backpacking you’ll most likely be alone.

Lindsay Daniels
344 Saves

Photograph the Bonneville Salt Flats

Utah / Bonneville Salt Flats

The Bonneville Salt Flats are unlike anywhere else in the world.

Sam Watson
342 Saves

Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive

Utah / Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point: All who look out from this point are bound to be inspired. The intricacies of the hoodoos and their formation through the erosion of the Claron Formation is simply beautiful.

Mariya Dondonyan
339 Saves

Swim at Mona Ponds

Utah / Burriston Ponds

There are two different rope swings. Once you park, it is about a minute walk to the first rope swing. There are wooden boards on the tree where you can start your swing from.

Janel Reynolds
334 Saves

Hike the Hidden Canyon Trail in Zion

Utah / East Mesa Trail Trailhead

This trail starts at Weeping Rock Trailhead, it's the same trailhead for Observation Point and the East Rim Trail.

Kevin Abernethy
331 Saves

Hike Broads Fork Basin and Beaver Pond

Utah / Broads Fork Trailhead

The Broads Fork trailhead starts in Big Cottonwood Canyon in the same parking lot as the Lake Blanche trailhead, this trailhead is on the west side of the parking lot.

Tyler McFall
331 Saves

Sunset Paddle on Utah Lake

Utah / Vineyard Beach

Vineyard beach offers up a convenient place to get your SUP or kayak in the water.

Hike the Peek-a-Boo Loop in Bryce Canyon

Utah / Navajo Loop Trail

This 5 mile hike begins at an elevation of 8000' at the Navajo Loop trailhead at Sunset Point.

Sonja Saxe
327 Saves

Hike to Island Lake

Utah / Island Lake Trailhead

There are many lakes in this area, but Island Lake is the only one with epic cliff jumping. You can camp anywhere around the lake and campfires are permitted.

Eric Bennett
320 Saves

Backpack to Rudy's Flat

Utah / Mueller Park Canyon

Rudy's Flat is a great overnight hike with plenty of tent or hammock space and multiple established fire rings.

Jordan Smith
319 Saves

Hike to Timpanogos Basin via Timpooneke Trail

Utah / Timpooneke Trail

The wildflowers are normally at their peak from mid to end July or beginning of August. Depending on the amount of snow that year and how wet of a spring we had it could vary a little bit.

Beau Day
318 Saves

Photographing Landscape Arch

Utah / Devil's Garden Trailhead

Landscape Arch is considered the longest natural arch in the world, and it doesn't take too much effort to experience and see.

Dustin Landon
316 Saves

Hike to Maybird Lakes (Maybird Gulch)

Utah / White Pine Trailhead

This out and back hike begins at the same trailhead as White Pine Lake and Red Pine Lake which are both a lot more popular that Maybird Lakes. You follow the trail to Red Pine Lake for the first 2.

Rebecca Stubbs
315 Saves

Hiking Through Wire Pass Slot Canyon

Utah / Wire Pass Trailhead

Wire Pass is a hike through a scenic slot canyon that is often overlooked due to it's close proximity to the very famous Wave.

Nick Oman
315 Saves

Camp at the Cottonwood Ridgeline

Utah / White Pine Trailhead

Begin at the White Pine Trailhead in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Follow the trail up toward Red Pine Lake.

Andy Earl
314 Saves

Exploring Leprechaun Canyon's Middle Fork

Utah / Utah's North Wash Area

To reach the Leprechaun Canyons drive south of Hanksville, UT on highway 95 for 26 miles to the intersection with highway 276.

Michael Whitman
314 Saves

Hike Bald Mountain in the Uintas

Utah / Bald Mountain Trailhead

Bald Mountain is one of the most popular hikes in the Uintas, so get an early start if you want to beat the crowds.

Eric Harris
303 Saves

Hike Capitol Reef's Sulphur Creek

Utah / Chimney Rock Trailhead, Capitol Reef

This is a loop hike that either requires a shuttle or 3 mile walk along highway 24. The starting trailhead is the Chimney Rock Trailhead which has limited parking.

Thomas Burton
302 Saves

Photograph Guardsman Pass & The Alpine Loop

Utah / Guardsman Pass Trailhead

Since this is a loop you can start at either end, but this is the way we did it. Start driving up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Enjoy the views and take in the impressive peaks on either side of the road.

Conor Barry
301 Saves

Explore Stansbury Island

Utah / Stansbury Island

Rarely will you ever see another person at the underrated Stansbury Island, the second largest island within the Great Salt Lake in Utah - even though a dirt causeway connects it to land, it is still.

Eric Bennett
301 Saves

Hike and Camp at the Twin Lakes Reservoir

Utah / Solitude Nordic Center

The trailhead begins at the Solitude Nordic Center. Walking around Silver Lake, you get a chance to observe the ducks and lovely wetlands area.

Stefan Erickson
300 Saves

Backpack to Amethyst Lake

Utah / Christmas Meadows Trailhead

It all starts at Christmas Meadows Trailhead. This trailhead is easily accessible and quick to get to because its just a couple miles off the mirror lake highway.

James Troxell
299 Saves

Hike Negro Bill Canyon

Utah / Morning Glory Bridge

The Negro Bill Canyon trail is 2.4 miles to Morning Glory Bridge and can take anywhere between 3-5 hours round trip. Negro Bill Canyon is nestled right along the Colorado River in Moab, UT.

Tyler McFall
295 Saves

Hike to Navajo Arch

Utah / Devil's Garden Trailhead

In order to get to Navajo Arch, you will have to hike through Devils Garden Trailhead. The hike is relatively easy until you pass Landscape Arch.

Lee Cuellar
293 Saves

Backpack to Bloods and Lackawaxen Lakes

Utah / Guardsmen Pass Trailhead

Disclaimer: This backpacking trip enters onto private land, which is not supported by The Outbound Collective, Inc.

Michael Johnston
292 Saves

Hike Mossy Cave in Bryce Canyon

Utah / Mossy Cave Trailhead

This short hike cannot be reached from the main area of Bryce Canyon, but with a 15 minute drive from the main entrance you can access this less crowded portion of the park.

Rebecca Stubbs
290 Saves

Hike the Mineral Fork Trail

Utah / Mineral Fork Trailhead

The trailhead begins along Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, with a relatively small parking lot at the trailhead. Starting early in the day is advised, as on nice summer days it will fill up quickly.

Dan Barr
286 Saves

Camp and Stargaze at Burriston Ponds

Utah / Burriston Ponds

Pulling into Mona Reservoir you will see campsites, which you can set up at for free. There are some trees to hang up a hammock and have a relaxing afternoon and evening.

Eric Bennett
285 Saves

Explore Forrest Gump Hill

Utah / Forest Gump Hill

If you are in or around Monument Valley, the drive and corresponding effort to get to Forrest Gump Hill is minimal.

Michael Gabbert
282 Saves

Trail Run to Elephant Rock

Utah / Mueller Park Canyon

Mueller Park is a beautiful, quaint canyon, with some sweeping up canyon views throughout the ascent. The trail is a fun, family friendly single track from the bridge all the way to the rock.

Jordan Smith
279 Saves

Hike to Double O Arch

Utah / Devil's Garden Trailhead

Starting at the Devils Garden Trailhead, this 4.2 mile looped moderate hike features flat sandy paths to narrow sandstone slabs with narrow ledges.

Hillary + Matt
278 Saves

Photograph The Rimrock Hoodoos

Utah / Rimrock Hoodoos Trailhead

The Rimrock area of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument offers a playground to any level of landscape photographer.

Phill Monson
274 Saves

Snowshoe Lake Blanche

Utah / Lake Blanche Trailhead

Lake Blanche is an extremely popular hike along the Wasatch Range in Utah. During the summer and fall months the lake, wildlife, flowers, and Sundial Peak as a backdrop offer spectacular views.

Tyler McFall
273 Saves

Hike Mount Nebo

Utah / Nebo Basin Trail

Mount Nebo is the tallest of all the mountains in the Wasatch, and also one of the easiest to hike, due to the fact that the trail begins at an elevation of ~9300 ft.

Jacob Moon
271 Saves

Backpack Bryce Canyon's Under the Rim Trail

Utah / Bryce Point

This trail is just about the only way I would see Bryce Canyon. When we initially drove in it was like we were at Disneyland, with crowds of people everywhere.

Emily Goodman
269 Saves

Backpack to Island Lake

Utah / Island Lake Trailhead

You begin at the Crystal Lake trailhead off of the Mirror Lake Highway. On the way to Island Lake you pass several other lakes including, Crystal Lake and Long Lake.

Rebecca Stubbs
268 Saves

Photograph the Milky Way at North Window Arch

Utah / North Window Arch

Arches National Park is a must see for all photographers, but especially for astrophotography.

Jake Hougaard
266 Saves

Hike the Buffalo Point Trail on Antelope Island

Utah / Buffalo Point Trailhead

Antelope Island State Park is a gem within the Utah State Park system. With over 28,000 acres, it is the biggest island located in the Great Salt Lake...

Michelle Olmstead
264 Saves

Camp and Explore at Meadow Lava Tubes

Utah / Lava Tubes

EXPLORE THE AREA The entrance to the Lava Tubes is located in a rock pit near the NW base of Tabernacle Hill.

Travis Sullins
262 Saves

Night Photography at Corona Arch

Utah / Corona Arch Trailhead

First and foremost: Don't attempt to climb the arch at night. It's potentially unsafe and the BLM has banned roped activities meaning that you would have to go ropeless.

Day Hike to South Thunder Mountain

Utah / Schoolhouse Springs Trailhead

The summit of South Thunder Mountain, sitting at 11,154 ft, is a superb peak. Located on the Alpine Ridge of the Wasatch Mountains, this peak is criminally overlooked.

Tanner Maxwell
245 Saves

Hike Park Avenue Trail

Utah / Park Avenue Trailhead

From the Park Avenue Trail parking area, you can walk up towards the lookout and admire the beauty, or you can hike down the steep path towards the canyon.

Lee Cuellar
240 Saves

Explore the Icy shores of Utah Lake

Utah / Utah Lake

While Utah Lake in Utah County, Utah (Utah to the 3rd power) is a fun place for summer and autumn boating activities, in the winter, it becomes a wonderland of ice.

Phill Monson
238 Saves

Explore the Abandoned Tintic Standard Reduction Mill

Utah / Tintic Standard Reduction Mill

Parking just off the road in a dirt lot you walk about 7 minutes before heading up the hill to reach the Mill. Going up and down the hill can be a bit difficult with loose rock covering the hill side.

Doran Erickson
234 Saves

Hike the Skull Creek Trail of Causey Reservoir

Utah / Skull Crack Trailhead

To get to the trailhead from Ogden, Utah, take 12th street east up canyon and around Pine View Reservoir. When you get to Huntsville, turn right and continue to head east up the canyon.

Thomas Burton
232 Saves

Hike or Run Taylor Creek's Middle Fork in Kolob Canyon

Utah / Taylor Creek Trailhead

The Taylor Creek trailhead sits in the little-explored part of Zion National Park known as Kolob Canyon just south of Cedar City.

Derrick Lytle
227 Saves

Hike South Thunder Mountain via Bell Canyon

Utah / Bell Canyon Trail

Starting at the Bell's Canyon trailhead, the trail follows a river for most of the way, passing two reservoirs and two waterfalls. This trail is intermediate, depending on your destination.

Fin Keleher
223 Saves

Backpack to White Pine Lake, Logan

Utah / White Pine Lake

You will start from the Tony Grove Lake parking lot and start hiking northeast on the White Pine Lake trailhead. The trail is roughly 3.8 miles to the lake through beautiful Quaking Aspens and Pines.

Hunter Iverson
223 Saves

Explore Sunset Arch

Utah / Hole in the rock road

Beginning in the small town town of Escalante, head out to the somewhat famous Hole in the Rock road.

Phill Monson
219 Saves

Explore Grandaddy Basin

Utah / Grandaddy Lake Trail

Grandaddy Lake is the largest lake in the High Unitas. While Grandaddy Lake can have plenty of hikers, there are over twenty lakes within a two-hour hike within the Grandaddy Basin.

219 Saves

Winter Hike the Pfeifferhorn

Utah / White Pine Trailhead

Rising to a height of 11,326 feet, the Pfeifferhorn is one of the most majestic and iconic peaks in the Wasatch Mountains, and also one of the most popular mountains to hike.

Jacob Moon
218 Saves

Hike Mt. Superior and Monte Cristo

Utah / Mt. Superior Trail

Mt. Superior, and its close neighbor, Monte Cristo, are two of the most iconic peaks in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Sam Watson
216 Saves

Hike to Goblin's Lair and Carmel Canyon

Utah / Goblin Valley State Park

This beautiful, isolated hike also makes for a flexible route – very few places in Goblin Valley are off limits, allowing you to customize the adventure as much as you please.

Katie Lyons
215 Saves

Bike "Holy Guacamole" Outside of Zion NP

Utah / Dalton Wash Rd

This incredibly scenic ride is just out of Zion National Park and is a great place to escape the tourists. The ride starts at the end of Dalton Wash Rd just off of Route 9.

Jake Young
214 Saves

Night Photography at Knolls Sand Dunes

Utah / Knolls Sand Dunes

The Knolls Sand Dunes are an amazing pace to capture night shots. On a clear night, you can see the milky way with only your eyes.

Prajit Ravindran
213 Saves

Photograph the Great Salt Lake

Utah / Great Salt Lake Marina

The most popular place to get out to the Great Salt Lake is by way of the Antelope Island Causeway.

Phill Monson
212 Saves

Rock Climbing at Dogwood

Utah / Big Cottonwood Canyon

If you can avoid the crowds, Dogwood is an easy crag to get to with a lot of climbs and a legendary 5.13a sport climb. From the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon, the Dogwood picnic area is 1.

Lindsay Daniels
210 Saves

Ski Little Cottonwood Canyon

Utah / Alta Trailhead

It's no secret that Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC) is home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the lower 48, if not North America.

Sam Watson
207 Saves

Canyoneering Birch Hollow

Utah / Birch Hollow

Birch Hollow is near Zion National Park, and accessible from North Fork Road (East Zion) past the Ponderosa Resort.

Scott Barlow
207 Saves

Hike Malans Peak

Utah / Malans Peak Trailhead

You can reach this trail either via 27th Street or 29th Street in Ogden, Utah. Get on one of those roads and then head east until you reach the mountain. On 27th St.

Thomas Burton
207 Saves

Backpack into the Needles District

Utah / Elephant Hill Trailhead

The Needles district of Canyonlands National Park is expansive, difficult, and one of the most visited areas of Canyonlands for hikers.

Casey Berner
206 Saves

Explore Big Mountain Pass

Utah / Big Mountain Pass

Famous for being the route of the Mormon Pioneers who crossed this pass on their way into the Salt Lake Valley, Big Mountain Pass is also a beautiful area to take in the fall colors.

Lindsay Daniels
206 Saves

Hike the Red Canyon Rim Trail at Flaming Gorge

Utah / Red Canyon Overlook

If you only have time for a quick trip to the overlook, the main network of paths leave directly north from the Red Canyon Visitor Center and lead to a few viewpoints that provide impressive vistas t.

Dan Ransom
201 Saves

Camping at Granstaff Campground

Utah / Granstaff Campground

Granstaff Campground has 17 campsites available, which are first come, first served. The sites are $15 a night per vehicle.

Joel Bear
199 Saves

Rock Climbing American Fork Canyon

Utah / American Fork Canyon, UT

American Fork Canyon, UT has a rich history in outdoor activity. Little do most people know that American Fork was the birth place of steep, overhanging, sport climbing.

Hike the West and East Rim Loop at Dead Horse Point

Utah / Big Horn Overlook Trail

This is a 5.5 mile loop, if you opt out of the several in/outs to various lookout points, which extend the hike to about 10 miles -- do not opt out! These lookout points get better and better.

Jennell McHugh
198 Saves

Hike WIllis Creek Slot Canyon

Utah / Willis Creek Trailhead

Willis Creek Slot Canyon begins at the Willis Creek Trailhead, located in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. The trail is very easy to find and follow.

Sam Watson
197 Saves

Hike to Broken Bow Arch

Utah / Hole in the Rock Road

The trailhead starts at the Willow Gulch Trailhead, located just off of Hole in the Rock Road in the Grand Staircase -Escalante National Monument. The coordinates for the trailhead are 37.324812,-111.

Thomas Burton
191 Saves

Catch a Sunset at the Great Salt Lake Marina

Utah / Great Salt Lake State Marina

Head west on I-80 and get off on the Saltair exit. You will drive past the music venue and into the Great Salt Lake state park.

David Waugh
191 Saves

Camp at Echo Reservoir

Utah / Echo Reservoir Campground

This scenic reservoir provides you with the opportunity to spend the day on the water. To get here, drive around 45 minutes from Park City toward Coalville.

McKenzie Roers
190 Saves

Hiking Druid Arch

Utah / Elephant Hill

Important Note: Druid Arch is located on the eastern side of Canyonlands National Park in the Needles District. It is not located at the main entrance to the park.

Scott Nichols
189 Saves

Stroll through the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve

Utah / The Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve

The wetlands of The Nature Conservancy's Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve are a unique system of salt and fresh water marshes, ponds, pools, sloughs and mudflats.

Sara Mortensen
189 Saves

Backpack Four Lakes Basin

Utah / Highline Trailhead High Uintas Wilderness

Four Lakes Basin is one of the many basins of the High Uintas Wilderness.

James Troxell
187 Saves

Photograph Cathedral Valley

Utah / Cathedral Valley Turnoff

First let me preface that a high clearance vehicle is needed for this adventure.

Nick Oman
185 Saves

Hike to Partition Arch

Utah / Devil's Garden Trailhead

Hiking to Partition Arch begins at Devils Garden Trailhead which is at the end of the 16 mile Arches Scenic Drive road.

Hillary + Matt
181 Saves

Hike to Upper Calf Creek Falls

Utah / Upper Calf Creek Falls Trailhead

Finding the trailhead for the Upper Calf Creek Falls can be a little difficult. Head east out of Escalante and follow highway 12 for about 20.6 miles.

Thomas Burton
180 Saves

Explore Toquerville Falls

Utah / Toquerville Falls

Toquerville Falls is a hidden waterfall nearby a small town named Toquerville. The road is rugged - saying rugged is kind of an understatement. Medium or high profile 4x4 is recommended.

Leo Xu
180 Saves

Hike the Crimson Trail

Utah / Guinavah-Malibu Campground

From the start of Logan Canyon it's just a 4.3 mile drive up the canyon. Pull over at the Guinavah-Malibu campground (between mile marker 466 and 457).

Cycle City Creek Canyon

Utah / City Creek Canyon Road

City Creek Canyon is a hidden gem, just minutes away from downtown Salt Lake City. Secluded winding roads will take you deep into the canyon, away from the bustling city.

Jordan Smith
178 Saves

Hike to Tower Bridge, Bryce Canyon NP

Utah / Sunrise Point

Getting there is half the fun on this hike below the canyon rim. While there are fewer hoodoos in this area of the park, the scenery is still incredible and the crowds are much lighter.

Eric Harris
177 Saves

Ride Down the Wasatch Crest Trail

Utah / Wasatch Crest Trail

There are two popular starting points from Guardsman Road. The lower trail climbs and the higher one trail descends, then they converge at Scott's Pass below Puke Hill.

Hike Mt. Aire

Utah / Milcreek Canyon

Mount Aire, standing around 8600 ft, certainly isn't the most inspiring peak in or around Salt Lake City, but to me it serves as a quick summit to catch the sunset when I'm short on time.

Zach Luchs
175 Saves

Broads Fork Twin Peaks

Utah / Broads Fork Trailhead

The Broads Fork trailhead starts in Big Cottonwood Canyon in the same parking lot as the Lake Blanche trailhead. This trailhead is on the west side of the parking lot.

Tyler McFall
175 Saves

Camp at Long Canyon

Utah / Long Canyon, UT

If you haven’t been to Moab, UT then you are missing out. There is truly something for everyone in this breathtaking desert landscape which has become increasingly popular over the past several years.

Matthew Eaton
173 Saves

Hike to the Parrish Creek Pictographs

Utah / Parrish Creek Pictographs

The petroglyphs are pretty easy to find and it is such a short hike you can do it in about 45 minutes.

Thomas Burton
172 Saves

Hike to the Nautilus

Utah / White House Trailhead Parking

Like the submarine in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, Jules Verne called it "A Masterpiece Containing Masterpieces.

John Loyola
170 Saves

Kayak at Little Dell Reservoir

Utah / Little Dell Reservoir

Located just 20 minutes from the heart of Salt Lake City, Little Dell Reservoir is the perfect quick getaway for a recreational paddler or angler.

Lindsay Daniels
170 Saves

Explore Looking Glass Arch

Utah / Looking Glass Arch

Getting there: From Moab, follow Highway 191 south for about 23 miles until you get to Looking Glass Road/Co. Rd. 131.

Allison Herreid
168 Saves

Hike the Grand Wash, Capitol Reef National Park

Utah / Grand Wash

The Grand Wash is a canyon in Capitol Reef National Park featuring several-hundred-foot-tall sandstone walls.

Tobin Akehurst
168 Saves

Hike to the Anasazi Ruins in Forgotten Canyon

Utah / Forgotten Canyon

The Anasazi Ruins found up Forgotten Canyon can only be described as awe inspiring and humbling. The small adobe brick homes are known as the Defiance House.

Jake Hougaard
167 Saves

Winter Camping in Bryce Canyon National Park

Utah / Sunset Campground

The incredible views at Bryce Canyon National Park can be described with little else than a “Wow.” During a snowy winter, especially, these sights are not to be missed.

Kathleen Buenviaje
167 Saves

Take in the Sunset at Grand View Point

Utah / Grand View Point

If you have one hour in Moab, Utah, head to Grand View Point inside Canyonlands National Park.

Casey Berner
165 Saves

Hike in Horseshoe Canyon, Canyonlands NP

Utah / Horseshoe Canyon Unit

Formerly known as Barrier Canyon, this lesser-known and harder to reach corner of Canyonlands National Park is truly an incredible place.

Hike Frary Peak Trail on Antelope Island

Utah / Frary Peak Trailhead

The Frary peak trail is the highest point of Antelope Island and can be found a short drive off of I-15 north on Antelope Drive near Layton. There is a fee to access the island, but well worth it.

Brandon Hentkowski
164 Saves

Explore Devils Garden

Utah / Devils Garden (Escalante)

This is a great area that the whole family can enjoy. It is located about 15 miles down the hole-in-the-rock road south of Escalante, Utah. There is a sign marking the turn-off.

Rebecca Stubbs
164 Saves

Rock Climbing Moab's Wall Street

Utah / Potash Road

Moab's Wall Street is exactly what it sounds like, but nothing like the "Wall Street" you're familiar with.

Brynn Schmidt
163 Saves

Hike and Climb the S. Ridge of Mt. Superior

Utah / Mt. Superior Trailhead (south ridge)

Approach: Start by parking on the side of the road just above the Snowbird Cliff Lodge.

Jacob Moon
163 Saves

Hike to the Snow Canyon Petroglpyhs

Utah / Snow Canyon Petroglpyhs Trailhead

These are the coolest petroglyphs I have ever visited, but they are very difficult to find.

Thomas Burton
162 Saves

Photograph the Famous Stump by the Antelope Island Causeway

Utah / Davis County Causeway

If you've ever visited Antelope Island State Park, there is no doubt you've seen the stump.

Michelle Olmstead
162 Saves

Backpack to Ryder Lake

Utah / Christmas Meadows Trailhead

Ryder Lake is accessed via the Stillwater Trail, beginning at the Christmas Meadows Trailhead off of Mirror Lake Highway. The trail heads due south from Christmas Meadows along the Stillwater River.

Sam Watson
160 Saves

Photograph Little Cottonwood Creek at Snowbird

Utah / Little Cottonwood Creek

Little Cottonwood Creek flows right through Snowbird Ski Resort and there are a few beautiful locations to go shoot the river at.

Jake Hougaard
160 Saves

Hike to Kennecott Copper Mine

Utah / Butterfield Canyon Rd.

From Salt Lake City go on UT-201W, then take Bacchus Highway all the way until the intersection with Butterfield Canyon Road.

Prajit Ravindran
160 Saves

Hike Old Red Pine Road Trail

Utah / Old Red Pine Road Trailhead

The trail begins at the parking lot at the very top of Millcreek, called Upper Big Water. The trail begins on the east side of the lot, where bathrooms are available.

Madeline Sandt
159 Saves

Hike Box Elder Peak

Utah / Rattlensake Trailhead

From the Rattlesnake Trailhead (about a mile northeast of the Sherwood Hills Resort on U.S. 89) to the peak is just under 4.5 miles. The hike is great exercise, as it's relatively steep.

Jeff Sonderegger
159 Saves

Mountain Bike to Elephant Rock

Utah / Mueller Park Canyon

Mueller Park is a beautiful, quaint canyon, with some sweeping up canyon views throughout the ascent. The trail is a fun, flowy, well maintained single track from the bridge all the way to the rock.

Jordan Smith
158 Saves

Bouldering in Joe's Valley, UT

Utah / Joe's Valley

The bouldering in Joe's Valley has been a hot spot for climbers from all around the world.

Hike to Tower Arch

Utah / Tower Arch Trailhead

Tower Arch is located in the remote Klondike Bluffs area in Arches National Park.

Johnathan Valdez
156 Saves

Kayaking on the Great Salt Lake

Utah / Great Salt Lake Marina

Launch your kayak or SUP from the marina, which is located only 20 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. You can go as long and far as you want.

Lindsay Daniels
156 Saves

Bike Emigration Canyon

Utah / Emigration Canyon Road

If you're looking for a fun climb on your road bike that won't kill you, or you are trying to find a place to train for some bigger climbing, Emigration is the perfect place to ride.

Jordan Smith
150 Saves

Explore the Factory Butte Badlands

Utah / Factory Butte

Coming from Hanksville, UT on scenic route Highway 24 headed toward Capitol Reef National Park, you'll see Factory Butte in the distance.

Phill Monson
150 Saves

Hike Hole in the Rock

Utah / Hole in the Rock

Hole in the Rock is a historic site in Utah where the Mormon Pioneers had to dynamite a path down the mountain to get through to the Colorado River.

Jake Hougaard
148 Saves

Camp Goose Island Campground

Utah / Goose Island Campground

Many of the campground in Arches National Park are extremely hard to book and almost impossible to get walk-in spots during the peak season in this area.

Jake Young
147 Saves

Winter Backpack to Dog Lake and Backcountry Ski Reynolds Peak

Utah / Mill D North Trailhead

The hike is considered moderate, but the 1500ft. elevation gain (2100ft. to Reynolds Peak) will definitely get your heart rate up.

Eric Harris
146 Saves

Explore the Petrified Sand Dunes

Utah / Sand Dunes - Snow Canyon

Snow canyon is only 15 minutes from St George, Utah and has so many neat areas to explore. A favorite of mine is to climb around on the petrified dunes.

Rebecca Stubbs
146 Saves

Hike the Loop Trail at Natural Bridges National Monument

Utah / Sipapu Bridge Trailhead

Natural Bridges National Monument has the distinction of being the first National Monument in Utah, and is known for its three massive natural bridges - Sipapu, Kachina, and Owachomo.

Photographing Dutchman's Arch

Utah / Dutchman's Arch

Duchman's Arch is visible from I-70 but ask anyone about it and they will look at you with a blank face.

Derrick Lytle
142 Saves

Hike Chesler Park and Joint Trails, Canyonlands NP

Utah / Soda Spring

This world class hiking route circumnavigates Chesler Park by way of open meadows, slots, subterranean alcoves, stairways and slick rock.

Tobin Akehurst
142 Saves

Scale the Cliffs at Ruth Lake

Utah / Ruth Lake Trailhead

Getting There From Evanston, take the Mirror Lake Highway 150 about 42 miles to the Ruth Lake trailhead and follow the easy hike up from the highway; just look for the signs directing you to Ruth La.

Colton Marsala
140 Saves

Hiking to Wilson Arch

Utah / Wilson Arch Trail

To get to Wilson Arch, drive south of Moab on US-191 S for about 25 miles. The arch is right off US-191S and there is parking on either side of the highway.

Prajit Ravindran
137 Saves

Backpack the Zion National Park Traverse

Utah / Lee Pass Trailhead

When doing this point-to-point trail in a west-to east-direction, start at Lee Pass trailhead, about 8 miles up the hill on Kolob Canyon Road from Exit 40 on I-15.

Angela B
136 Saves

Mountain Bike Moab's Porcupine Rim

Utah / Porcupine Rim Trail

This ride is one of the most popular in Moab, let alone the state of Utah.

John Maurizi
136 Saves

Check Out Pioneer Park's Little Narrows

Utah / Little Narrows Trailhead

This is located in the red sandstone cliffs above St. George Blvd in Pioneer Park. Pioneer Park has tables for picnics and lots of fun rock formations for kids and adults to play on.

Thomas Burton
136 Saves

Camp in the Valley of the Gods

Utah / Valley of the Gods, Utah

The dirt road loop is relatively smooth and can be driven on by just about any car, campervan, or RV.

Mike Fennell
136 Saves

Backpack to Dead Horse Lake

Utah / Dead Horse Lake

Dead Horse Lake is a lightly trafficked and highly scenic route in the High Uintas Wilderness.

Eric Harris
135 Saves

Backpack Great Gulch: Kane Gulch to Bullet Canyon

Utah / Kane Gulch Trailhead

One of the many wonderful hidden gems in Utah (so just tell you close friends about it). Kane Gulch is located four miles south of the Highway 95/Highway 261 junction.

Ian Glass
132 Saves

Hike through the Red Caves (Sand Wash)

Utah / Red Caves Trailhead

They don't require any technical gear unless you would like to do two short rappels near the beginning of Lower Red Cave and one short rappel into the Upper Red Cave.

Thomas Burton
131 Saves

Mountain Bike Moab's White Rim Trail

Utah / Shafer Trailhead

This trip can be done with an outfit or independently. The outfit Escape Adventures is highly recommended. They send two guides - one drives a pickup behind with all the camping gear.

Fletcher Chapin
131 Saves

Photograph Star Trails over Hellgate Spring

Utah / Hellgate Spring

From the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon, follow the road approximately 7 miles until you reach the area between the Snowbird and Alta ski resorts.

Bryony Richards
126 Saves

Backpack to Cutthroat Lake

Utah / Ruth Lake Trailhead

There isn't a trail to Cutthroat Lake so for a portion of the hike will be cross-country.

Eric Harris
122 Saves

Camp at Dave's Hollow Campground

Utah / Dave's Hollow Campground

We all know the crowds well at our favorite National Parks, and Bryce Canyon is no exception.

Michael Wigle
122 Saves

Backpack the La Verkin Creek Trail

Utah / Lee Pass Trailhead, Zion NP

I've visited Zion National Park twice this year and the experience between the two visitations were like night and day. Zion National Park is by no means a secret, and for good reason.

Alex Anderson
120 Saves

Camp in Capitol Reef National Park

Utah / Cathedral Valley Turnoff

From Interstate 70, the road can be accessed from the west just a few miles from Highway 6, and from the east just near the town of Richfield.

Mike Fennell
120 Saves

Photograph Star Trails at Silver Lake

Utah / Silver Lake, Brighton

Silver Lake is one of the easiest, most accessible hikes in the Wasatch, located at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, close to the ski resorts of Brighton and Solitude.

Bryony Richards
120 Saves

Soak in the Bonneville Salt Pools

Utah / Bonneville Salt Pools

Drive 1.

Travis Sullins
119 Saves

Fishing Big Cottonwood Creek

Utah / Big Cottonwood Canyon

Big Cottonwood Creek is a fun little creek that is often overlooked by the more popular fly-fishing waters of the Provo, Weber, and the Green Rivers of Utah.

Nick Oman
119 Saves

Snowshoeing Twin Lakes Pass

Utah / Twin Lakes Pass Trailhead

Starting at the parking lot near the Albion Basin gate, travel up the summer road until the second switchback. Just past the second switchback and cabins, leave the summer road heading east.

Conor Barry
117 Saves

Photographing and Hiking Sunrise Arch

Utah / Coyote Gulch Trailhead

The trailhead starts at Coyote Gulch Trailhead in the Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument.

Thomas Burton
115 Saves

Birding at Farmington Bay

Utah / Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area

Every winter as the ice thaws, eagles gather at Farmington Bay to feed on huge populations of carp.

Dan Ransom
113 Saves

Big Cottonwood Canyon Astrophotography

Utah / Donut Falls Trailhead

Located in the Wasatch Mountains, less 30 minutes from Salt Lake City, Big Cottonwood Canyon, provides some of the best rural dark-sky viewing of the Milky Way in the Wasatch.

Bryony Richards
112 Saves

Explore Ancient Ruins in Grand Gulch

Utah / Kane Gulch Trailhead

There are a number of trailheads to enter the Gulch, as well as a countless number of side canyons with hidden artifacts and ancient art scattered everywhere.

James Troxell
111 Saves

Hike to Upheaval Dome Overlook

Utah / Upheaval Dome Trailhead

Upheaval Dome is a geologic structure whose origins have remained hotly debated for years.

Katie Lyons
111 Saves

Hike and Scramble Mount Superior

Utah / Mt. Superior Trail

This is an intermediate to advanced hike. Scrambling up the ridge is more difficult but can be done by anyone with patience and a few maneuvering skills.

Tyler McFall
111 Saves

Explore a Manmade Geyser in Utah

Utah / Crystal Geyser, Utah

Four and a half miles from the town of Green River, Utah, Crystal Geyser is one of the few manmade geysers as a result of the area's historical mining industry.

Derrick Lytle
111 Saves

Hike to the Snow Canyon Overlook

Utah / Red Mountain Trailhead

While the trail to the top is mediocre, the views once you get there are absolutely stunning, making for an amazing hike.

Rebecca Stubbs
111 Saves

Snowshoe to Cardiff Mine

Utah / Donut Falls Trailhead

The trail starts from the same trailhead as Donut Falls which is extremely popular. In the winter, the gates are closed and you need to park just off the highway.

Rebecca Stubbs
111 Saves

Hike or Run Little Mountain in Emigration Canyon

Utah / Little Mountain Trailhead

Just off of Highway 80, head up Emigration Canyon Road to the trailhead. There is a large parking area on the opposite side of the road from the trailhead.

Tyler Drake
110 Saves

Hike Naomi Peak

Utah / Tony's Grove Lake

Beginning at the astoundingly beautiful Tony's Grove Lake in Logan Canyon and ending at the summit of Naomi Peak, the highest point in Cache County and the Bear River Range, the Naomi Peak Trail does.

Jeff Sonderegger
110 Saves

Milky Way Astrophotography At Alta

Utah / Grizzly Parking Lot, Alta

Early spring is a unique time to photograph the Milky Way due to its low angle and the distinctive perspective of its galactic core.

Bryony Richards
109 Saves

Winter Hike to Green Pond

Utah / Green Pond Trail

About a mile before Snowbasin, is a parking lot with a map and trail marker. The first incline is steep and follows a single track trail that leads to the ponds.

Shayli Lones
108 Saves

Kayak Glen Canyon

Utah / Colorado River (Lees Ferry)

Starting at Lee's Ferry, you meet with a boat that will back haul you up the river close to Glen Canyon Dam for approximately $150/2 people, plus your gear.

Carrie Roc
107 Saves

Hike the Frary Peak Trail

Utah / Frary Peak Trailhead

This is a fairly easy hike starting at the parking lot near the trailhead. You will encounter little or no obstacles on your hike, just a nice incline leading you to the highest point of the island.

Tom Klyczek
106 Saves

Hike Utah's Mount Naomi Peak

Utah / White Pine Lake Trail

Getting There: From Logan, UT, on US 91, take US 89 east approximately 20 miles up Logan Canyon to the Tony Grove Campground turnoff.

James Troxell
106 Saves

Hike to Weir Lake

Utah / Crystal Lake Trailhead

Weir Lake is one of many mountain lakes located in the High Uintas near Kamas, Utah.

Brandon Hentkowski
105 Saves

Hike to Hickman Natural Bridge

Utah / Hickman Natural Bridge Trail

Starting at 5350' in elevation, the hike to Hickman natural bridge is one of the best hikes in Capitol Reef National Park for families with small children.

Katie Lyons
105 Saves

Hike to Escalante Natural Bridge

Utah / Escalante River Natural Bridge Trailhead

This is a 3.2 mile hike in the Escalante River Canyon near Escalante, Utah.

Alex Schoemann
105 Saves

Camp at Drinks Canyon

Utah / Drinks Canyon Campground

Drinks Canyon Camping Area is located just 6 miles up the Colorado River on Hwy 191 from Moab. This BLM managed campsite has 17 sites that are all first-come, first served.

Johnathan Valdez
104 Saves

Hike Iron Mountain

Utah / Iron Canyon Trail

Start up the trail that begins off of a small round-a-bout. Once you are on the trail, you will pass through a field before starting your journey to the top of Iron Mountain.

hilary fay greene
104 Saves

Explore Needles Overlook

Utah / Needles Overlook

About 1.5 hours from Moab on BLM land, Needles Overlook sits on a peninsula of rock 1600 ft. above southern Canyonlands NP.

Jason Hatfield
103 Saves

Trail Run Upper Big Water Trail to Dog Lake

Utah / Mill Creek

Drive all the way to the top of Millcreek Canyon until you can't drive any further. (They close the road further down the canyon in the winter so this trail is not accessible to cars in the winter.

Jackson Smith
103 Saves

Riding the Jardine Juniper Trail

Utah / Jardine Juniper Trail

The Jardine Juniper Trail is a nice hill climb, and worth doing just for the ride. At its end point there are great views, plus Utah's oldest tree, the "Jardine Juniper".

Camp at Timpooneke Campground

Utah / Timpooneke Campground

The Timpooneke Campground sits at 7,400 ft. elevation with views of Mount Timpanogos and campsites surrounded by beautiful aspen, fir and spruce trees.

Kim Baker
102 Saves

Desert Camp at White House Campground

Utah / White House Trailhead & Campground

White House Trailhead & Campground sits just north of the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument.

Nick Tort
102 Saves

Fly Fish the Green River below Flaming Gorge

Utah / Dutch John Boat Launch

Located in the northeast corner of Utah, this section of the Green River begins beneath the Flaming Gorge dam.

Dan Ransom
100 Saves

Camp at Goosenecks State Park

Utah / Goosenecks State Park

Located near the southern border of the state, Goosenecks State Park is a small slice of Grand Canyon views in Utah.

Katie Lyons
99 Saves

Night Photography at Brighton

Utah / Lake Mary Trail Head

Park at the main parking lot at Brighton Ski Resort and head up the hill (under the Majestic Lift is a good place to start).

Bryony Richards
97 Saves

Camp at Shallow Lake Meadow

Utah / Shallow Lake Meadow

Located 1.

Travis Sullins
95 Saves

Cycle Big Cottonwood Canyon

Utah / Big Cottonwood Canyon

Big Cottonwood Canyon (BCC) is one of the longest rideable canyons in the Salt Lake City area, taking you from the base of the canyon to Brighton Ski Resort.

Jordan Smith
95 Saves

Backpack the Lathrop Canyon Trail in Canyonlands

Utah / Lathrop Trailhead

Access to this trailhead is a few miles south of the Islands in the Sky Visitor Center in Canyonlands National Park. An easy drive from Moab or Interstate 70.

Chris Bruin
95 Saves

Hike to Zebra Slot Canyon

Utah / Zebra Slot Canyon

This place is just outside of Escalante, Utah, about 6 miles drive down the Hole in the Rock Road / BLM 200.

Leo Xu
94 Saves

Night Photography at Mesa Arch

Utah / Mesa Arch Trailhead

From the parking lot, the hike is a .6 mile loop (20-30 min hike round trip). It took 10 minutes to get to the Arch.

Connor Morris
94 Saves

Climbing Moses in Canyonlands

Utah / Moses

Moses offers some fantastic crack climbing. It is in the Island in the Sky area near the Taylor Canyon Campsite. The climbing is difficult but the rock is a really solid wingate sandstone.

Andy Earl
94 Saves

Hike the Wheeler Creek and Icebox Canyon Loop

Utah / Wheeler Creek Trailhead

To get to the trailhead from Ogden drive up Ogden Canyon toward Pine View Reservoir.

Thomas Burton
93 Saves

Camp and Soak at Gandy Warm Springs

Utah / Gandy Spring, UT

Near the border of Utah and Nevada stands Spring Mountain which harbors a warm spring, underwater cave system, and crystal ball cave. The warm springs has two separate pools both around 80 degrees.

Travis Sullins
93 Saves

Backpack Lone Peak via the Cherry Creek Logging Trail

Utah / Orson Smith Park

You start this trail at the Orson Smith Park in Draper.  It joins with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail briefly before turning off onto the cherry creek logging trail.

Nathan Hanna
93 Saves

Floating the Provo River

Utah / High Country Adventure

There's no better way than spending a hot summer day floating down a river with your friends.

Photographing Little Sahara Recreation Area

Utah / Little Sahara Recreation Area

What I used: An old Nikon D80 that was converted into an infrared camera. The infrared camera can be used to create some unique images.

Prajit Ravindran
92 Saves

Explore the Newspaper Rock Ancient Petroglyphs

Utah / Newspaper Rock

After leaving Moab, turn off Highway 191 on to 211. The drive will wind over the mesa tops and down into red rock canyon country.

LJ Dawson
92 Saves

Hike the Pine Hollow Trail

Utah / Forest Trail 047

The trailhead (Forest Trail 047 - Pine Hollow Trail) starts across the street from a turnout about .5 miles above Mutual Dell in American Fork Canyon.

Jake Clements
91 Saves

Hike in the Upper Muley Twist Canyon

Utah / Upper Muley Twist Canyon Trail

This hike is by far my favorite trail I've been on. To begin, you access Upper Muley Twist Canyon Road from the top of the Burr Trail Road switchbacks.

Emily Goodman
91 Saves

Whitewater Kayaking the Weber River

Utah / Weber River, Henefer to Taggart

This is a great beginner river for whitewater kayaking, with rapids from class II-III.

Lindsay Daniels
88 Saves

Backpack to Joint Trail in the Canyonlands Needles District

Utah / Squaw Flat Campground

A large part of the grandeur of Canyonlands National Park is the vast barren vista at Island in the Sky, but no visit to Canyonlands would be complete without the intimate and immersive desert experi.

Jonathon Reed
88 Saves

Cycle Big Mountain

Utah / Hogle Zoo

The views from the top of Big Mountain are breathtaking.

Jordan Smith
86 Saves

Camp at Hamburger Rock

Utah / Hamburger Rock Campground

Hamburger Rock is a small BLM campground with 10 sites based around an interesting rock outcropping. Each site can accommodate around 6 campers, 2 tents, and 2 cars.

Jason Hatfield
86 Saves

Hike Arch Trail to Babylon Arch

Utah / Arch Trail

Arch Trail to Babylon Arch is a short family friendly hike to the Virgin River and back. The trail is very sandy, which makes climbing hills difficult.

Thomas Burton
86 Saves

Climbing in Moe's Valley

Utah / Moe's Valley, Utah

Moe's Valley, UT is a hidden climbing paradise found in southern Utah. It's located just minutes outside of St. George, Utah.

Hike to Three Ponds

Utah / Hidden Pinyon Trailhead

This relatively easy trail is great for the whole family. There are multiple alternate trails branching off from this route, as well, so you can turn this into a much longer hike if you like.

Rebecca Stubbs
85 Saves

Camp at Christmas Meadows in the Uinta National Forest

Utah / Christmas Meadows Campground

Just four miles from the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, this limited site campground is a great alternative to the larger, busier campgrounds at lower elevations.

Hike or Run Mount Wire

Utah / Mt. Wire Trailhead

This 4.5 out-and-back trail starts just south of the Natural History Museum at the University of Utah. Park in the museum parking lot and walk up the stairs to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Jackson Smith
83 Saves

Hike to Murphy Point

Utah / Murphy Trailhead

Murphy Point, found in the Island In The Sky district of Canyonlands NP, takes hikers on a mesa that ends at an overlook with sweeping vistas over Murphy Basin, the White Rim, and Green River.

Johnathan Valdez
81 Saves

Explore Faux Falls

Utah / Faux Falls Road

Faux Falls is located near the Ken's Lake campground off Route 191, 20 minutes south of Moab. When I was there it was during several days of thunderstorms. The waterfall was really gushing.

John Maurizi
81 Saves

Skiing Utah's Mount Timpanogos

Utah / Aspen Grove Trailhead

Start at the Aspen Grove trailhead for Mt. Timpanogos.

Devin Earl
81 Saves

Winter Hike to Mt. Olympus

Utah / Mount Olympus Trailhead

Approach: You can access the well traveled Mount Olympus Trail the same as you would any other season. Park in the trailhead lot or along Wasatch Blvd.

Ken Meleta
81 Saves

Explore Dance Hall Rock

Utah / Dance Hall Rock

Dance Hall Rock is a historical marker along the pioneer trail, as well as a geological wonder to explore.

Phill Monson
77 Saves

Singletrack on the Little Cottonwood Creek Trail

Utah / Little Cottonwood Creek Trail

The first portion of the trail is smooth, hard-pack dirt with a gentle slope. After a mile, the slope increases. Rocky sections will test your bike handling skills.

Rock Climbing St. George Utah

Utah / Utah Hills

The Utah Hills areas of climbing are mostly limestone. Some of the best quality rock in the country. There are many areas here that are still being developed.