Top Spots

Buckeye Trail: Dock 1 to Burr Oak

Glouster, Ohio

5.3 mi / 709 ft gain

Burr Oak Reservoir Lakeview Trail

Glouster, Ohio

21.04 mi / 2641 ft gain

Rockhouse Trail and Athens Trail Loop

Athens, Ohio

3.84 mi / 728 ft gain

Trace Trail and Finger Rock Trail Loop

Athens, Ohio

5.79 mi / 1017 ft gain

Dow Lake via Hickory Mulit-use Trail

Athens, Ohio

3.91 mi / 351 ft gain

The Ridges Loop Trail

Athens, Ohio

3.02 mi / 600 ft gain

Zaleski Extended Loop

New Plymouth, Ohio

16.5 mi / 2231 ft gain

Hike Lake Hope's Peninsula Trail

McArthur, Ohio

3 mi / 300 ft gain

Hope Furnace to Sidewinder Trail

New Plymouth, Ohio

6.16 mi / 899 ft gain

Places to stay

Zanesville, Ohio

Dillon Lake Group Picnic Shelter

Matamoras, Ohio

Leith Run

Guides and stories

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