Top Spots

Ganondagan State Historic Site

Victor, New York

2.28 mi / 272 ft gain

Lehigh Valley Trail

Victor, New York

31.58 mi / 551 ft gain

Lehigh Crossing Trolley Trail Loop

Victor, New York

1.95 mi / 108 ft gain

Dryer Road Park Trail

Victor, New York

2.34 mi / 489 ft gain

Pittsford, Mendon, and Victor in Monroe and Ontario Counties: Cobblestone House Tour

Victor, New York

8.18 mi / 1001 ft gain

Fishers Park Trail

Victor, New York

1.75 mi / 285 ft gain

Inner Pond Trail and East Pond Trail Loop

Victor, New York

2.47 mi / 233 ft gain

Ganargua Creek Meadow Preserve Trails from Bunker Hill Drive

Macedon, New York

1.61 mi / 217 ft gain

Lollypop Farm Trail

Fairport, New York

0.91 mi / 213 ft gain

Places to stay

Beerocracy Commonwealth Camp

From $145 / night

Rock Stream, New York

Beerocracy Colonial Camp

From $145 / night

Burdett, New York

Potomac Group Campground

Varysburg, New York

A Hilltop View

From $140 / night

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