Top Adventures in Billings

  • Explore The Rimrocks

    The Rimrocks (also known as the "Rims") are geological rimrock sandstone formations that outcrop in Billings, Montana. Eighty million years ago the Billings metro area was the shore of the Western Interior Seaway, a sea that went from the present-...

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    • Billings, Montana

      Billings Koa

    • Hardin, Montana

      Hardin Koa

    • Reed Point, Montana

      Deer Creek Cabin (Mt)

      Overview The Todd Family began building Deer Creek Cabin in 1953 and finished it in 1960. They used it as a retreat while they grazed cattle on federal lands in the summer and hunted in the fall. T...

    • Red Lodge, Montana

      Red Lodge Koa

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