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Top Spots

Maasto Hiihto / Churning Rapids Loop

Hancock, Michigan

7.96 mi / 883 ft gain

Hike to Hungarian Falls

Houghton County, Michigan

1 mi

Hungarian Falls

Hubbell, Michigan

1.57 mi / 233 ft gain

Jacob's Falls and Arnold Mine Falls via Forest to Ruins to Creek Trails

Keweenaw County, Michigan

2.16 mi / 571 ft gain

Nicole Bloom Memorial Trail

Eagle Harbor Township, Michigan

6.09 mi / 636 ft gain

Rainbow Cove Trail

Eagle Harbor Township, Michigan

1.48 mi / 56 ft gain

Hike to Sturgeon Falls

Pelkie, Michigan

1.5 mi

Hike the Canyon Falls Gorge and Jump into Canyon Falls

L'Anse, Michigan

1 mi

Canyon Gorge Trail

L'Anse, Michigan

3.86 mi / 354 ft gain

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