Top Spots

Mount Abraham Trail

Kingfield, Maine

7.74 mi / 2854 ft gain

Flint Woods Inner Loop

Farmington, Maine

1.3 mi / 112 ft gain

Bonney Woods Walk

Farmington, Maine

0.6 mi / 52 ft gain

Explore Houston Brook Falls

Bingham, Maine

0.25 mi

Whistle Stop Trail

Farmington, Maine

14.14 mi / 581 ft gain

Burnt Mountain Trail

Carrabassett Valley, Maine

5.68 mi / 1870 ft gain

Spaulding Mountain via Sugarloaf Ski Resort and Appalachian Trail

Carrabassett Valley, Maine

9.44 mi / 3990 ft gain

Crocker Mountain and South Crocker Mountain via Appalachian Trail

Carrabassett Valley, Maine

6.58 mi / 2867 ft gain

Sugarloaf Mountain via Appalachian Trail

Carrabassett Valley, Maine

6.09 mi / 2467 ft gain

Places to stay

Mercer, Maine

Valley Acres

From $100 / night

Eustis, Maine

The North Branch

From $125 / night

Wayne, Maine

The Old Place

From $50 / night

Andover, Maine

Lone Mountain Farm Camping

From $100 / night

Winslow, Maine

Fox Run Campsite

From $100 / night

Guides and stories

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The Outbound Collective

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