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Top Spots

Hike the Little City of Rocks

Gooding County, Idaho

4.2 mi / 800 ft gain

Little City of Rocks Loop

Gooding, Idaho

4.54 mi / 771 ft gain

Box Canyon Springs Trail

Wendell, Idaho

4.15 mi / 338 ft gain

Hike and Swim at Box Canyon Springs

Wendell, Idaho

4.3 mi / 351 ft gain

Gooding City of Rocks

Gooding, Idaho

3.22 mi / 446 ft gain

Sawtooth Scenic Byway

Shoshone, Idaho

116.26 mi / 5384 ft gain

Take a Dip at Miracle Hot Springs

Buhl, Idaho


Auger Falls Park Loop

Twin Falls, Idaho

3.72 mi / 354 ft gain

Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

Twin Falls, Idaho

12.41 mi / 1073 ft gain

Visit Idaho

Idaho is a picturesque state filled with beautiful scenery and warm, wonderful people. It's an ideal destination for family travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers, or those just looking for a relaxing getaway.

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