Redding, Connecticut

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  • Earth Day 2020 Goes Online: How to Get Involved

    No one expected that we’d be under lockdown orders in response to a global pandemic by the time Earth Day’s 50th anniversary rolled around, but here we are. We in the adventure travel industry often find ourselves split between two environmental worlds—in between our coveted outdoor destinations,...
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  • From City Sidewalks to the Trail- Explore Bear Mountain State Park

    New York City, usually known for all its hustle and bustle and noise and lights, is a little quieter these days. Getting a little stuffy in that apartment? If you’re a New Yorker and in need of a change of scenery, a trip to Bear Mountain, only about an hour from Midtown, is a great nearby escape...
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  • Escape the Bustle of New York City with a Weekend at Bear Mountain

    When the Bear Mountain Inn opened in 1915, The American Architect named it one of the "finest examples of rustic Adirondack architecture in America." Today, it's historic beauty remains, as its an ideal location for a rustic, adventurous getaway less than an hour from the bustle of New York City....
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  • Bear Mountain, New York

    5 Reasons to Plan a Summer Getaway to Bear Mountain, New York

    Spring is in the air, which means that summer is just around the corner. Dreaming of an adventurous getaway from New York City? Look no further than Bear Mountain, a wild escape from the city that is a mere 45 miles from Manhattan. Bear Mountain State Park and the nearby towns along the Hudson Ri...
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