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The Best Camping in Mojave National Preserve

Looking for the best camping in Mojave National Preserve? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Mojave National Preserve. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top camping spots in and near Mojave National Preserve

  • San Bernardino County, California

    Hike the Barber Peak Loop Trail

    5.7 mi / 672 ft gain
    The Barber Peak Loop Trail is very well marked, crossing a number of four wheel roads and cow paths. The north end of the trail eventually meets up with the Hole in the Wall trail, if you want to extend your hike. The abundance of barrel cacti and succulents on the West side of the loop is one of...
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  • Cima, California

    Camp on an Isolated Mesa

    From the Hole in the Wall information center, drive north on Black Canyon Road. Table Top is a fairly identifiable mesa to the east. Pick what you think is a suitable approach point and park your car in a dirt pullout. Grab your backpack and make a beeline for the mesa, straight through the dese...
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  • San Bernardino County, California

    Explore the Mojave Desert Lava Tube

    0.1 mi / 20 ft gain
    When visiting the Lava Tubes, you must have a full tank of gas, radiator coolant, and a couple gallons of water before you enter the Mojave Desert Preserve! The preserve doesn't offer any services other than the occasional place to fill up on water.From The North: From Baker, CA on Interstate 15,...
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  • San Bernardino County, California

    Camp at Hole In the Wall Campground

    You may think a desert is barren and ugly with little to offer the avid outdoorsman. The truth is very far from that. The Mojave, like any other great outdoor location offers great hikes, amazing views, wildlife, and a night sky that is hard to beat anywhere else. The Mojave just like all great d...
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