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Young, Arizona

Looking for the best backpacking in Young? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Young. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Backpacking Spots in and near Young

  • Payson, Arizona

    Horton Springs Loop

    8.42 mi / 1896 ft gain
    This is a more scenic and bit more strenuous loop hike to the spring, taking in the Derrick Trail, part of the Highline Trail, and the Horton Creek Trail.After parking the cars near Upper Tonto Creek Campground follow the Derrick Trail and hike gently uphill for 1.4 miles through the rim country ...
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  • Payson, Arizona

    Hike Barnhardt Trail

    8 mi / 1912 ft gain
    To get to the trailhead, use the turnoff of highway 87 labeled Barnhardt trail (has a marked sign coming from both Payson and Phoenix). Barnhardt road is just over 4 miles and is unpaved. The road can be driven on by lower clearance cars because the terrain is not too rocky. Once at the trailhead...
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  • Payson, Arizona

    Mogollon Rim via Washington Park

    4.32 mi / 1138 ft gain
    This trail begins at the Washington Park Trailhead which meets up with passage #27 of the AZT. You begin traveling northbound as you ascend the great Mogollon Rim. The trail takes you through a gorgeous forest and rewards you with an awesome cliff side view at the summit. 2.25 miles into the tra...
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  • Payson, Arizona

    Hike the Colonel Devin Trail

    4 mi / 1116 ft gain
    The hike will begin at Washington Park in Payson, Arizona. To reach Washington Park, take AZ87 to Forest Road 199 (Houston Mesa Road) and turn east. Continue for 10 miles until you reach Forest Road 64 and turn west. Traveling less than a mile you will turn north on Forest Road 32 and in 3 miles ...
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  • Payson, Arizona

    Cabin Loop Trail

    18.82 mi / 2028 ft gain
    People think Arizona is all just desert, but this hike will show you otherwise.  Up on the Mogollon Rim, this trail takes you past old cabins, through lush forest, and near many creeks. Day 1:  (10 miles)  Drive on Rim Road to the General Springs Trail Head.  The cabin marks the start of the tr...
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  • Rogers Trough Trailhead, Arizona

    Hike Rogers Canyon Trail

    8 mi / 1108 ft gain
    The Superstition Wilderness is a vast rugged landscape where you can find the cultural remains of ancient Hohokam, Salado, Apache, and Yavapais tribes.  Rogers Canyon Trail takes you to one of the most impressive and best preserved archaeological sites this region has to offer.  These Salado ruin...
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