Skagway, Alaska

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Top Camping Spots in and near Skagway

  • Skagway, Alaska

    Upper Dewey Lake Trail

    5.5 mi / 3169 ft gain
    The Dewey Lake trail system leads visitors to Skagway on adventures to multiple remarkable destinations, including Lower Dewey Lake, Sturgill's Landing, Icy Lake, Upper Reid Falls, Upper Dewey Lake and Devil's Punch Bowl. Each trail extends from a single trail head located closest to the cruise ...
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  • Skagway, Alaska

    Backpack the Chilkoot Trail

    33 mi / 6800 ft gain
    The Chilkoot Trail follows the access route from the Alaskan coast to the Yukon goldfields used during the Klondike gold rush. You can get to Skagway via road (from Whitehorse), flight, or ferry (from Juneau). Whale spotting on a ferry from Juneau is a great way to start the trip! There are 9 of...
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