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One of THE Best Hikes You Can Do in Santa Barbara

One of the best hikes in the Santa Barbara area! The hike is more of a climb, which is EXTREMELY fun. Lots of bouldering (not actual bouldering, but steep incline with rocks and caves). The viewpoint is absolutely breathtaking, especially with a little fog - not joking, the fog makes it look unworldly. Make sure you take water and food, it's a long climb. Nothing to avoid though, anyone in a healthy state can manage it.

Classic Hike

Really short hike, it has a great view of the county but that's pretty much it. You hike for the view, and the hike is fairly short. Worth a view of the sunset or sunrise (not sure which one you see from the viewpoint). Classic destination for UCSB students.

Wander Around :)

Beautiful hike, it is more of a wandering adventure than a "I'm getting to the top" adventure, although it can be both. My friend and I hiked the summit and saw several ravines, you might think the bay fog would hinder the view/experience but it adds a lot. Pretty magical place. We ended up at a road at the top of the mountain, a pretty isolated place with a few buildings and satellites. Great pictures, great little adventure.

Absolutely Beautiful

Did this many years back, but it was one of the most memorable experiences during my tine in Nicaragua. You can arrange to sand board down one of the faces of the mountain, at a lower level. Extremely fun! :)

Classic Iceland

It is usually very crowded, so I recommend going in the early AM or later around sunset (many groups start with this waterfall). I would recommend walking up to the first one and going into the small cave, seeing the waterfall from behind and under is amazing.

Absolutely Beautiful

Lots of tourists end up here, so it tends to be crowded. However you can keep walking for as long as you like until the sand ends, so go in further and you pretty much have the glacier to yourself.

Beautiful and Private

Did this in March, and it was beyond beautiful. The water is (almost) as blue as gatorade, no joke. It's a great area to explore on your own as well, less crowds. If you are looking for less crowds in general, then get AWAY from Reykjavik. The northern and eastern coasts are absolutely breathtaking, and have a lot less tourist traffic.


SUCH a beautiful place, you have to make sure you spend time in Quiraing during your stay at the Isle. In fact, you have to make sure you spend time everywhere in the Isle. I would recommend taking a tour of the Isle first, and then hiking around on your own (if you have the liberties of a car). The tour I got was through a local woman who runs her own tour company by herself. Really intimate and open experience, she takes you everywhere (including hidden spots, cultural treasures) and you have the freedom to choose specific spots yourself as well. Added the link below in case anyone is interested.

Beautiful, Breathtaking Knee-Buster

One of the most breathtaking hikes I have ever been on. The climb does not usually take 8-11 hours if you keep a steady pace, my group and I finished in around 6 hours tops. Keep in mind we are all very young and active though. The climb is not specifically treacherous in good weather conditions, but it is extremely steep. You can see many individuals of all ages climbing Trolltunga - including elderly. You just have to know what your limits are, and mostly everyone I saw had a climbing stick with them. On the way down you are going to put A LOT of stress on your knees, especially if you are hiking at a fast pace. So make sure you take care of yourself and prepare ahead of time; a walking stick is almost a must if you don't want to endure some knee pain later on. Also give yourself some time to relax at the top; if you want your picture taken, you are going to have to wait in a line (I know, disappointing and kind of ridiculous, but if you really want your picture that bad then go for it, either way it's a beautiful journey).