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Ultimate Seychelles With Aldabra Atoll


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Spellbinding tropical beaches meet an intoxicating cultural crossroads in the Indian Ocean. Departing on February 14, 2020.


Arrive in exotic Zanzibar.

This morning, visit Stone Town, a World Heritage Site.

Relax on board

Assumption is famous for clear surrounding waters populated by a profusion of marine life.

Spend two full days at magnificent Aldabra, a World Heritage Site, and a highlight of your adventure.

Board Zodiacs to land on this uninhabited island’s sandy beach.

Take a walk along the beach and snorkel in the vast, shallow lagoon where turtles can often be found grazing on sea grass.

Spend the day at sea attending lectures and spotting marine mammals from the ship's deck.

We anchor in the Alphonse Island group to experience the beauty and serenity of these three islands that lie in the heart of the Seychelles Archipelago.

Take Zodiacs to Poivre Atoll for beachcombing, nature walks, birding, and a visit to the copra plantation.

This reef-surrounded island offers opportunities for snorkelers and divers to spot more colorful tropical fish or even a hawksbill turtle.

Explore this tranquil island by bike or take a stroll along the picturesque, sandy roads.

Mahé’s century-old botanical garden is home to 80 indigenous plant species, an abundance of birds inhabit the area as well, including the Seychelles kestrel, Seychelles white-eye, and the rare, endangered Seychelles sunbird.

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Africa meets Arabia in this magical archipelago packed with powdery white sand beaches, ancient stone cities, vibrant corals and brilliantly blue waters that feel too good to be true. Eat your way through one of Africa’s most interesting cuisines in Zanzibar – a delicious fusion of Indian, Arab, Chinese, Portuguese and African cooking traditions. Cruise through sublime scenery in search of rare wildlife and some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world. Meet the incredible animals that call UNESCO-listed Aldabra home, spot countless rare birds that populate this magical region and relax on remote island paradises that are impossible to reach on your own. Led by Ornithologist Brent Stephenson, you’ll have the chance to get to know the region’s unique birdlife – red-tailed tropicbirds, crested turns and Madagascar turtle doves, just to name a few. From National Geographic expeditions in New Zealand to cultural explorations of Papua New Guinea, Brent is no stranger to adventure travel. His passion and knack for wildlife photography have led to publications in books and magazines across the globe, so you can be sure he’s got some tips to improve your photography on the road.  Along with Brent, you’ll be joined by a renowned team of naturalists, divemasters, marine biologists, ornithologists, historians and more.


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