Trekking in the Gissar, Fann and Pamir Mountains Tajikistan

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Challenge yourself on this remote Gissar, Fann and Pamir Mountains trek in Tajikistan.

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World Expeditions

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Arrive in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Transfer to Hotel

Arrive at Dushanbe airport. The capital city of Tajikistan. You will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel. The remainder of the day is free to relax. This evening your guide will hold a group briefing in the lobby before you head out to enjoy a welcome dinner. Overnight: Hotel.

Sightseeing in Dushanbe

After breakfast we will embark on a city sightseeing tour which includes the Museum of Antiquity of Tajikistan (including the 13 metre stature of Buddha), museum of musical instruments, visiting Gissar fortress, botanical garden and Somoni square. Lunch and dinner will be at local restaurants. Overnight Hotel

Transfer to Varzo Gorge to commence trek

This morning we will be transfer from Dushanbe to the north, to Varzob gorge (54 km, +900 m, 1 hr) (1750m). Here we start our trekking, at the Siama gorge and make our way along the Siama river, ascend to 2180 m, for our first night of camping. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset. (6 km, +430 m, 3-4 hrs) Overnight Camping

Follow the Siama River

After a hearty breakfast we pack up camp and continue our ascent along the Siama river, up to Green glade at the footsteps of the Chetyrekh pass to the altitude of 3030 m. (11 km, +850m, 5-6 hrs) Overnight Camping

Passage through the Chetyrekh Pass

We begin today trekking through Chetyrekh pass (4060m). From here we descend to the Kadamtash River. Tonight we camp at an altitude of 2750m. (14 km, +1030m, 6-7 hrs) Overnight Camping

Ascend through Angisht Pass

Today we ascend and make our passage through Angisht pass (4090 m). From here we descend to the Angisht River and camp at 3420 m. (11 km, +1340m, 6-7 hrs, -670 m) Overnight Camping

Descend to Iskanderkul Lake

Today we descend to Iskanderkul Lake and continue trekking along the southern shore. We ascend to the Sarytag village (2400 m) and we will have dinner and overnight in a local homestay, treated to some local food and hospitality readily offered by the people of Sarytag. (14 km, -1200 m/+200 m, 6-7 hrs) Overnight Homestay

Along the Arg Canyon

Today we continue our trek, moving up along Arg Canyon. Tonight we will camp at the foot of Kaznok Pass at 3000 m. (15 km, 6-7 hrs, +600 m) Overnight Camping

Over the Kaznok Pass

This morning we ascend and make the passage over Kaznok Pass (4040 m). Continuing on, we descend along the glacier to Mutnoe Lake at 3500 m. Our camp location tonight is along the shore of the lake. (10 km, 6-7 hrs, +1040 m, -540 m) Overnight Camping

Trek to the Chimtarga Pass

We will make our ascent from Mutnoe Lake to the slope of Chimtarga Pass. Tonight we camp at 4550 m, close to the pass. (6 km, 5-6 hrs, +1050 m) Overnight Camping

Summit the Energiya Peak

We continue our ascent to Chimtarga Pass (4740 m). From the pass we commence our ascent to one of the most beautiful five thousand metre peaks of the Fann Mountains - Energiya peak (5120 m). Energiya Peak is the second category of climbing difficulty by Russian classification (the maximum possible difficulty by that classification is six). The second part of the ascent will require moving up the glacier in roped teams with crampons and ice axes. Following the climb, we will descend backwards to Chimtarga Pass and further to Zindon gorge, down to 3800 m. (8 km, 6-7 hrs, +570 m, -1320 m) Overnight Camping

Passage to Lake Bolshoe Allo

After breakfast we make our way from Zindon Gorge to Lake Bolshoe Allo (3150 m). There is the option to walk along Ahbasay Canyon up to Lake Verhnee Allo (3400 m) (7 km, 2 hrs, +/-250 m). This evening we will camp along the shore of the Bolshoe Allo Lake. (15 km, 3-4 hrs, -650 m) Overnight Camping

Descend along the Zindon Gorge

Today we continue our descent along the Zindon Gorge from Bolshoe Allo Lake, through Maloe Allo Lake (2340 m). From here we make our way to Amshut River (1800 m). (15 km, 6-7 hrs, -1350 m) Overnight Camping

Transfer Fann Mountains

Today we will be transferred from the Fann Mountains to Dushanbe (5-6 hrs, 280 km) where we will have lunch. We will enjoy a rest and dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight Hotel

In the village of Kalaykhumb

Today we rest our legs again and transfer from Dushanbe through Kulyab to the village of Kalaykhumb (370 km, 8-9 hrs, +350 m). This evening dinner and our overnight stay will be in a local homestay (1200 m). Overnight Homestay

Transfer to Khorog

This morning we will be transfered from Kalaykhumb-Khorog via the Rushan village. Lunch will be at a road-side restaurant as we make our way to Khorog (2200 m). (230 km, 5 hours, +1000 m). We will have an hour and a half to explore the bazaar. We depart Khorog and make our way to Bachor Village via Gunt Canyon (120 km, 3 hrs, +930 m). Our dinner tonight is enjoyed in a local homestay (3170 m). Overnight Homestay

Trek through Bachor

Today we have an acclimatisation walk though Bachor. We will trek from Bachor to Kavch Spring where we camp for the night (3600 m) (10 km, +430 m, 5-6 hrs) Overnight Camping

Hot springs in Kavch

Today is an acclimatisation day. We ascend to the hot hydrogen sulfide springs in Kavch (4200 m). If you wish you can bathe in the hot springs (locals say it is natural healing water) and we will have a picnic lunch. From here we descend to base camp (3600 m) (6 km, +/-600 m, 4-5 hrs) Overnight Camping

Trek to Chashin Lake

Today we will trek from Kavch Spring to Chashin Lake. (10 km, +600 m, 6-7 hrs) Overnight Camping (4200 m)

The lakes of Pamir

Today we will trek from Chasin Lake (4200 m) to Zaroshkkul Lake to Kulen Lake (4300 m). (16 km, +318 m, -218 m, 6-7 hrs) Overnight Camping

Trek to Zaurbek pasture

Trekking from Kulen Lake to Zaurbek pasture (4100 m) and on to Yechkyl Lake (4300 m). (10 km, -200 m, +200 m, 5-6 hrs) Overnight Camping

Up to the Langar Lake

On today's trek we journey Yechkyl Lake to the fork of Yechkyl-Langar Pass, before climbing up to Langar Lake (4600 m) where we will camp for the night. (8 km, +300 m, 4-5 hrs) Overnight Camp

Ascend unnamed peak

Early start, ascension to unnamed peak, 5600m, then descent to the Chapdarkul lake, 4529m. Dinner and overnight in tents near Langar river - Upper Bachor pasture, 4260m. Outfitting of participants. Climb on unnamed summit 5400 m. Wide panorama of Pamir mountains opens from the peak. Descent down, passage over the Langar pass (4629 m.). Trekking along the Langar river to the Upper Bachor pasture. Trekking and climbing (10 km, 6-7 hrs, +1000m, -1340m)

Trek from Chapdarkul Lake

Trekking from Upper Bachor pasture down to Lower Bachor pasture (3630 m). On this day group will have a long descent from Upper Bachor Pasture through wide valley of river Chapdarkul through numerous herds of yaks, to pasture Lower Bachor located at the confluence of Chapdarkul and Gunt. Overnight in the tent camp, 3630m. 5 hours trek

Yashikul lake crossing

Today our group will cross the Gunt River (delta), which is slightly below the dam of Yashilkul Lake. There are three possible ways to get across the river, depending on the water level of the river delta at the time we are trekking: 1. Low water level - it possible to cross unassisted 2. Medium water level - we will cross by vehicle (jeep) 3. High water level - we will cross by inflatable rubber boats Once we complete our crossing of Yashilkul Lake we will depart for Bulunkul village (20 km, 1 hour). Here we enjoy dinner and overnight at a homestay in Bulunkul village (3700 m). (8 km, -200 m, +300 m, -200 m, 4-5 hrs) Overnight Homestay

Walk along the Varkhan Canyon

This morning we will be transferred from Bulunkul village to the Khargush Pass (4344 m) and walk along the Varkhan Canyon, before driving to Langar village (150 km, 5-6 hrs). We will make our way to our accommodation and have lunch at the guest house (2850 m) before some free time to visit the village. Overnight Homestay

The mountain panorama of the Hindu Kush

Today we will be able to view Peak Engels (6510 m), enjoy a picnic lunch and continue to a lovely green glade at a height of 4000 m, where we will camp. At our camp site tonight we can admire the peaks of Karl Marx, Engels and a wonderful panorama of the Afghan Hindu Kush mountains. (10 km, +1200 m, 5-6 hrs) Overnight Camping

Canyon walk to view the Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels mountain peaks

This morning we will walk up the canyon, to admire the peaks of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (6-10 km, 3-4 hrs, +/-300 m). Here we will have lunch and descend to the village of Langar. (10 km, -1200 m, 4-5 hrs) Overnight Homestay

Transfer to Ishkashim Village

Today we give our legs a rest and will be transferred from Langar Village to Yamg Village (2650 m). On the way we will visit the Buddha statue, the museum of Sufi Muborak Kadam with its solar calendar. Here we take stop for lunch before visiting the Yamchun Fortress and Bibi Dotima-Zukhro hot springs. From here we are transferred to the village of Ishkashim, 2450 m (140 km, trip duration 6-7 hrs, -350 m). Overnight Homestay

Garm Chashma Hot Springs

Today we are transferred from Ishkashim to Khorog (100 km, 5-6 hrs). On the way we will visit the Garm Chashma hot springs. Dinner and overnight will be at a guesthouse in Khorog (2200 m). Overnight Guesthouse

Transfer Khorog - Kalaykhumb

Today we are transferred from Khorog to Kalaykhumb (230 km, 5 hrs, -1000 m), dinner and overnight are at a homestay (1200 m). Overnight Homestay

Transfer to Dushanbe

Today our journey takes us from Kalaykhumb to Kulyab to Dushanbe (370 km, 8-9 hrs, -1000 m). Tonight we will celebrate our adventure with a farewell dinner. Overnight Hotel

Transfer to airport, trip concludes

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport, where your trip concludes.

Additional Information

This area is undeservedly forgotten and is rarely visited by outsiders. You will see the colourful panorama of "Siama crown" - representing four mountain peaks in one crown. You'll descend to the magnificent lake Iskanderkul and ascend on the other side to climb one of the most picturesque peaks in Fann Mountains - Energiya peak (5120 m). You will also witness the "garden of stones" at the Zindon gorge to see the unique lake Bolshoe Allo that appeared after the massive earthquake of 1912. The second half of the trek will take place in the remote area of Pamir, untouched and left alone. Here you will be able to observe the diverse size and colours of the lakes of Pamir: Zaroshkul, Kulen and Yashilkul. We end this trek at the foothills of the famous Pamir peaks of Marx and Engels to view the spectacular panorama of Afghan Hindu Kush Mountains.


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