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Rombo, Tanzania

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Grow your cultural understanding and wilderness skills on this two-week expedition. For this course, you’ll join a motivated group of adults to learn about leadership and other cultures as you travel on foot through Tanzania’s rainforests, savannah, and remote villages. See some of the world’s richest wildlife havens in the Ngorongoro Crater. Challenge yourself physically as you wander Tanzania’s volcanic highlands. Spend time with the Maasai, Bushmen, Chaga, and Meru people learning about their culture, history, and the area’s ecology. Fall asleep listening to flamingos call and wake up to start a new day of hiking and honing your outdoor skills. In addition to this course’s cultural and outdoor opportunities, you’ll also focus on leadership. Challenging hiking days are opportunities to improve tolerance for adversity. Communication skills come into play as you and your group make decisions about your route or where to camp. Each day, you’ll fill a different leadership role and focus on developing your own leadership style. By the end of this course, you’ll leave with a new perspective on your place in the world and relationship to the people in it.


Duration: 14 Days
Starts in: Arusha, Tanzania
Ends in: Arusha, Tanzania
Group Size: 8-15
Difficulty: 3/5

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The leader in wilderness education since 1965. Learn more at www.nols.edu.

Additional Information

NOLS Prime: 

NOLS Prime Expeditions are immersive 1- to 3- week wilderness experiences designed exclusively for adults 23 and over. Our mission is to be educators, not guides. This means while learning how to climb, sail, backpack and more, you’re getting experience making decisions and mentorship from your instructors on managing risk with your group—with the goal that when your course is done you are ready to lead friends and family on your own wilderness trips! Vacations are great for a week or two away but wouldn’t you rather go beyond?

NOLS East Africa:

Travel to NOLS East Africa to explore Tanzania’s famed wilderness landscapes and rich cultural history. Hike through renowned wilderness areas ranging from Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Ngorongoro Crater to the Great Rift Valley and Oldoinyo Lengai, an active volcano. Trek across the lowland savannah where the Maasai people herd cows alongside zebra and giraffes or bushwhack through the rainforest to Kilimanjaro’s summit—an experience as grand as its name. You’ll have the rare opportunity to experience Tanzania as a loololan, a traveler who carries a heavy bag, rather than a tourist. For part of your course, your group will have the privilege of hiking with a Maasai liaison and learning firsthand about local culture, ecology, and history. On courses with a homestay, you’ll participate in your host family’s day-to-day life, which may include going to school with the children, helping with daily tasks, and performing service projects. Most of the local food will probably be new to you and you’ll learn to cook some dishes, like ugali, the staple corn meal, and uji, porridge made from millet and sorghum. The NOLS East Africa experience is not easy—but it is fulfilling and by the end, you won’t want to say goodbye.

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