The Ultimate Adventure Photography Destination: Jasper's 10 Most Photogenic Locations

Tourism Jasper

If a picture is worth a thousand words, these are worth a million.

Jasper is known for being one of the best places in the world for photographers and it's no surprise. The park is packed with wildlife, stunning landscapes, and an awe-inspiring dark sky. With 11,000 square kilometres of pure unadulterated beauty, Jasper National Park provides opportunities for unmatched imagery all year long.

Whether you’re a beginner in the world of photography or you are already a seasoned professional, there are endless photo opportunities that will draw you to Jasper. We’ve selected some of the best spots in Jasper worth capturing on your next photography expedition:

1. Spirit Island and Maligne Lake

Photo: Christin Healey

Spirit Island is one of the most photographed locations in the world and is located on Maligne Lake in Jasper. People began travelling to Jasper just to see Spirit Island beginning in the 1940's due to Peter Gales' image of Spirit Island that hung in Kodak's Colorama showcase in New York City's Grand Central Station. Today, you can take boat tours (departing daily in the summer) with Maligne Lake Tours - they even have a special “Through the Lens” cruise designed for photographers. While you can't go wrong when it comes to shooting at Maligne Lake, we recommend taking shots from the scenic dock area at sunset. Learn more.

2. Pyramid Lake

Photo: Jonathan Sinclair

Pyramid Lake lies about five minutes from town at the foot of Pyramid Mountain, an impressive triangle-shaped landmark overlooking the town of Jasper. A frequent destination for weddings and other ceremonies in the summer Pyramid Lake Resort lies at the base of the lake as well as a scenic footbridge leading to Pyramid Island. Pro tip: visit in the early morning hours for the best shots. Learn more.

3. Patricia Lake

Photo: Mason Boring

If you're stopping at Pyramid Lake, Patricia Lake is just a stone's throw away and worth a visit, especially if you're visiting in the summer. Set your alarm clock for about 2AM and make the quick drive out of town and snag a few shots of the Northern Lights. Jasper is one of the world's greatest locations for night sky photography, so be sure to take advantage. Learn more.

4. Cavell Lake

Photo: Kyle Szegedi

Photographers in Jasper know that Cavell Lake area is a go-to spot for alpine beauty - anywhere along the trails near the lake would be considered world-class photography spots. If you’re seeking alpine flowers and meadows, visit later in the summer season. Alternatively, you can come during the winter and explore the Cavell Hostel and shoot Jasper blanketed in snow. Learn more.

5. Wilcox Pass

Photo: Matt Clark

One of the many scenic areas near the Columbia Icefields, Wilcox Pass offers stunning vistas all year long without all the work. For enviable summer snapshots, embark on a 3-4 hour hike to a scenic lookout over the Athabasca Glacier. Take a seat (and a fun photo) after your adventure on Parks Canada's Red Chairs. Learn more.

6. The Jasper SkyTram

Photo: Tourism Jasper

Regardless of what time of year you visit, there’s always an accessible mountain peak in Jasper offering a perfect panorama. During the summer and fall months, ascend 2,277 metres up Whistler’s Mountain by riding the Jasper Skytram and completing a quick hike to the peak. In the colder months, gain elevation - and a new perspective - as you take one of Marmot Basin’s chairlifts to stunning mountainous viewpoints. You'll find amazing views of the surrounding mountain ranges, lakes, and town of Jasper at both spots so take your pick. Learn more.

7. Athabasca Falls

Photo: Jonathan Sinclair

About half an hour south of Jasper, the powerful and picturesque Athabasca Falls is easily accessed. Framed beneath a towering Mount Kerkeslin, the rushing water of the falls makes for awe-inspiring photos. Planning a visit in the winter? The frozen falls are just as scenic. Sunwapta Falls is another falls right along the Icefields Parkway that is worth taking a stop and busting out your photography gear. Learn more.

8. Horseshoe Lake

Photo: Jonathan Sinclair

With crystal-clear turquoise water surrounded by forest and mountain landscape, Horseshoe Lake is the perfect place for shooting on a hot summer day. If you're working on your action shots, bring a friend and scope out some of the popular cliff jumping spots to capture a jump in action. A lazy swimmer works just as well, too! Learn more.

9. Maligne Canyon

Photo: Jonathan Sinclair

Featuring sheer limestone walls that plunge to depths of over 50 meters, Maligne Canyon is one of the most unbelievable gorges in the Canadian Rockies. Catch the spray from the thundering Maligne River along the interpretive trail that winds its way from the picnic area across six bridges. In the summer, shoot from the top to capture rushing water. In the winter, head to the canyon bottom to capture waterfalls frozen in time. Learn more.

10. The Athabasca Ice Caves

Photo: Tiffany Nguyen

Located a short walk off the Icefields Parkway, the deep, icy blue of the Athabasca Ice Caves make for stunning photos. Explore inside the caves (with extreme caution) and capture the Canadian Rockies framed perfectly by the opening in the caves. Learn more.

Get more information on these adventures and others around Jasper at Tourism Jasper.

Cover photo: Christin Healey

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Published: April 18, 2016

Tourism Jasper

Located in the Canadian Rockies, Jasper, Canada is the base of Adventure. Welcome those prepared to Venture Beyond.

Please respect the places you find on The Outbound.

Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures. Be aware of local regulations and don't damage these amazing places for the sake of a photograph.

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