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Amazing hike

But BRUTAL! If you go all the way to the Dome. Or if the tiny upper lot is full so you have to park and hike from the lower lot, up Bob’s Hat trail, adding another ~1 mile and ~500 to the regular route. Cannot best the views or the climbing opportunities though!!!

Beautiful and short

The Mossbrea falls themselves are gorgeous! The “hike” is just walking a short distance along the railroad track, which takes you mere feet away from the falls. So as far as “hiking” is concerned, 1-star. As far as the Mossbrea Falls themselves, 5-stars. Truly unique and wonderful to behold.

Todd Gallegos

about 2 years ago


Hiked it in the middle of March on a rainy day. Absolutely gorgeous with the lush vegetation. Moss covered rocks and trees, ferns, streams, waterfalls...it has much to offer. Near the top it started to snow, and snowed most of the way down. Gigantic, soft, slow-falling snowflakes were everywhere. It was almost magical. The hike up was pretty grueling as it’s nearly all uphill. There are a few short flat parts scattered throughout tho, which come as a nice respite. Coming down is super easy. Also, you do have to cross these streams by rockhopping or wading through with waterproof boots or something else appropriate (barefoot?). Highly recommend. Nice bench at the peak but we didn’t sit because it was wet. A beautiful hiking partner is highly recommended.


Mostly easy hike along a beautiful creek ripe with waterfalls ranging from small and gentle to big and raging! Helpful bridges when you have to cross little streams, and once you’re hiking down along Brandy Creek, for the last bit of the hike to the main fall, there are handy metal rails to hold onto. Once you get to the main waterfall, there is a climbing path to the right where you can reach the top of the falls. Coming down is, as with any uphill hike, very quick and easy! My 11-yr old son and I hiked it in mid-March, which was a little chilly but very lush.