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Bib Track - From Albany Hwy to Dwellingup

Earlier this year i did a 2 night hike on the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia. It was hard work, my feet got sore, but it was worth it.

Before the hike 

Before i could start the hike i had to buy a new backpack. I visited different shops but there were none that really suited my needs. But finally BCF had the backpack that i liked. It wasn't the best, but it did the job. We also needed to buy food. This required planning and thinking about what we were going to eat. When we got the plan all sorted out, we went to COLES and bought everything that we needed. 

The hike

I do not remember everything that happened during the hike. But it was filled with laughter, singing and happiness. Even though my legs were sore, i had blisters on my feet, it was still fun. It was two nights and in the three days of walking, i walked 64 km's. 

The first day was easy, it was mainly flat most of the way and when there was a hill, it was only a minor one. For dinner that night we had some snaggers that we cooked on the provided plate over the fire at the hut. 

The next day we had to walk over 30 k's so we got an early start. It was chilly in the morning and as soon as we started we were challenged with a hill. But as soon as we got to the top we didn't care...because there was an amazing view. Since it was still early in the morning, there was a 'blanket' of mist under us. The whole land below us was covered by this blanket of mist. It was amazing. We planned to reach the next hut for lunch so we pushed on. The hut was on a really steep hill. This hill was very challenging but we all took the challenge and reached the top. We expected a wonderful view, one that would allow the viewer to see a full 360 degree of everything but when we reached the top we were disappointed. The trees blocked our view so we didn't see much. After lunch, of some wraps, we pushed on again and reached the next hut for dinner. Here we slept the night. 

The next day we woke up fairly early. Today we had to walk 20 k's. It was the last day but it was also the hardest. As it just felt like it never ended. It just kept and going, it felt like it never stopped. But we pushed on, with blisters on our feet. Finally we reached Dwellingup, and with some cash we bought a few drinks at the local IGA and waited for our lift to come to bring us back home. 

During the hike, there were many sights and different amazing views. It was an amazing way to marvel at God's creation. 

Here are some views: 

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