Tiffany YoungExplorer

Frozen lake and stunning views

After being in higher elevation for a week, this hike was still a good challenge. If it wasn't for the higher traffic of hikers compacting down the snow to make a visible trail, it's a bit harder to follow in the snow. The most difficult part is the first ascend and after that, the trails moved up and down, but not as steep as the first hill. After the view of Lake Dillon you'll still get peeps of the surrounding mountains in several clearings and beautiful forest light. I had three group of returning hikers tell me about the moose ahead, so keep an eye for the wildlife! In this time in early November, the lake has frozen over, but the view from the next lake was still incredible with Buffalo Mountain shining! I absolutely loved this hike!

Awesome Welcome to Summit County

An incredible little hike that's accessible for those without a car. Summit County runs a free shuttle and you can get off right by Lake Dillon, walk the west side of it (whether you're coming from Dillon or Frisco, this adds about another 4 miles there and back, but it's an easy stroll.) and get to the trailhead to the Old Dillon Reservoir. The walk slowly ascends up to the reservoir, making it a great beginner hike for those who is still getting use to the elevation gain. Even though it's right between roads, it gives unbelievable views.

Easy, stunna', whoa.

Every minute of the walk is beautiful and totally interesting. There is just so much going on and you'll understand why this walk is the most popular in Aoraki National Park. The views of Mount Sefton and Mount Cook will take your breath away. Especially when the clouds finally roll away from the peak of Cook!