Chick from the coast that found love in the mountains.

Do it for the 360

This is a really fun trail in Hanmer Springs! The trek goes up and around mountains while behind surrounded by tons of beautiful golden tussock. The 360 view from the top is so open and vast. I did this with a group of friends from work, what an adventure!

Totally epic surroundings, totally fun trek

If you have had the privilege of flying into Chch from the north on a clear day, you've seen the Rakaia River from above right before you land. It's a view worth taking in and this tramp offers it a totally different angle and so so much more! The climb is definitely steep and to be honest, I thought the first hill was it, but it kept going. And so glad it did because per usual, the view only got better. The tramp is pretty straight forward and a lot of fun around every bend!

Frozen lake and stunning views

After being in higher elevation for a week, this hike was still a good challenge. If it wasn't for the higher traffic of hikers compacting down the snow to make a visible trail, it's a bit harder to follow in the snow. The most difficult part is the first ascend and after that, the trails moved up and down, but not as steep as the first hill. After the view of Lake Dillon you'll still get peeps of the surrounding mountains in several clearings and beautiful forest light. I had three group of returning hikers tell me about the moose ahead, so keep an eye for the wildlife! In this time in early November, the lake has frozen over, but the view from the next lake was still incredible with Buffalo Mountain shining! I absolutely loved this hike!

Awesome Welcome to Summit County

An incredible little hike that's accessible for those without a car. Summit County runs a free shuttle and you can get off right by Lake Dillon, walk the west side of it (whether you're coming from Dillon or Frisco, this adds about another 4 miles there and back, but it's an easy stroll.) and get to the trailhead to the Old Dillon Reservoir. The walk slowly ascends up to the reservoir, making it a great beginner hike for those who is still getting use to the elevation gain. Even though it's right between roads, it gives unbelievable views.

Easy, stunna', whoa.

Every minute of the walk is beautiful and totally interesting. There is just so much going on and you'll understand why this walk is the most popular in Aoraki National Park. The views of Mount Sefton and Mount Cook will take your breath away. Especially when the clouds finally roll away from the peak of Cook!

You have no reason to not do this walk

If you're on highway 1 heading to Chch or Picton, Kaikoura is the perfect spot for a pitstop! This seriously short walk is right off of the highway and well worth the time to either observe the ocean or check out the waterfall and the seal pups just chillin'! As said, these are wild animals, so don't try to feed or touch them!

Do this for the sunrise!

I hiked up this for the sunrise with a backpacker in my hostel and it was absolutely worth waking up for. We took the 4WD track up (which I think may be an easier way up if you like a steady climb without stairs) and then the Oruahine Track down. We had the most epic view as the sun was rising and rain clouds were right behind us with a rainbow on its tail. From the top watch as all the sheep run around on the base of the track too. The walk down with the stairs was really chill and so beautiful. As Grant said, bring your togs! I regret not bring them for a cool down swim after!

Free Spa!!

There are so many hot water creeks/pools in the Rotorua area and this one would probably be the most popular with the Stray bus visiting there and tourist hot spot. Go early! I went on a Saturday and around 10 was when the Stray bus was leaving and it was fairly quiet. The creek itself is also much bigger than I expected! The first spot is smaller and the water flow is almost strong enough to feel like a massage on your back ;) the second spot is much bigger space to hang around. Going down to the bottom can be slippery so be careful! The area can be known for trouble sometimes. It's advised to try to not make it obvious you're life is in your car and bring your stuff to the other side of the creek so it's easier to keep an eye on it.


When Rotorua has a perfectly sunny day and it's in the 30's, you know the right thing to do is to go enjoy some of Rotorua's amazing nature. And Lake Tikitapu is a local favorite with clear and clean blue water, grassy edges, and a sweet 5km+ walk around the lake! Going clockwise when I went, the beginning of the walk on the lake edge was overflowing the trail and the walk was a bit wet, but after a quarter of the way the elevation picked up. I loved when we got to a smaller beach on the other end of the lake (which you could also park near.) A lot quieter from the main lakefront. The walk itself was through open trails surrounded by tall trees! Highly recommended before a cool swim, after or both!

Unreal backpacking trip

I found words hard to put together for this backpacking trip. So much natural beauty, so much to see, such open land, and so many different angles to see everything! It's so different from any backpacking trip. But because it's so exposed, one must absolutely prepare for the conditions and hike with caution! Do hike Mt. Tongariro and do hike Mt. Ngauruhoe. Do backpack with a little bit of wine and do enjoy it over the amazing sunset Tongariro will present you.

It's a lot to take in...

Due to weather conditions starting from The Divide, we had couldn't reach The Harris Saddle on the first attempt. But on our second trip around we did this exact hike! (Couldn't say we were mad about leaving all that extra weight at the base ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) In this hike, you get flat valleys, waterfalls, mountains, and more! You really just have to see it for yourself, it's unbelievably breathtaking.

Holy Switchbacks!

Kicked my butt but it was worth the long wait to finally hike! Roys Peak is popular for a reason and also exhausting, but definitely a rewarding feeling when you reach the top. And when there are switchbacks, be aware of your knees on the way down!

10/10 would recommend 👍

Great beach, great area! The walk from the car park to the beach itself is a beautiful adventure. Soft black sand, giant Lion Rock, and a scenic beach with a lot more to see close by.

Little Piece of Heaven

It's unreal how close this site is to Queenstown and manages to avoid the crowds! Up hills and on gravel for about 10-15 minutes, we were surrounded by total peace. Moke Lake was a magical experience with beautiful natural surroundings and the basic toilet and water supplies (not for drinking).


I got out of work, picked up a heavy sandwich, and climbed up the 16th Avenues Tiled Steps to the top for a hellva sunset and well-earned meal. The tiles were beautiful though, it's a good thing they're stares cause I caught myself staring a lot! Also, what Erin said below!

Love your park as is!

At this time I was interning with the NPS and my friend (now ranger) had just finished another NPS program! It was awesome to take in all the beauty of one of the countries most beautiful and historical parks. This was my first time in Yosemite and even though we had planned to do a different hike, we were so happy to have done this hike! It was definitely incredibly crowded, but once you past Vernal Falls, a good chunk of the crowd dies down. The only downside to going on such crowded days is seeing the amount of people hiking off trail, stepping on plants, and feeding wild animals (this was clearly my first time in a NP on a busy summer day.) At one point, we were hanging out in the shade past Vernal and what most likely seemed to be a bobcat jumped out from a tree and snagged a squirrel. A mom didn't react too well to that, but hey keep feeding the animals and it may come for you next. Oh, but hiking up to Nevada was torture and beautiful at the same time! The moment we were climbing the switchbacks and the Nevada Falls stood right in front of our face and totally refreshing and motivating.

HIke it or drive it - still awesome

A friend and I hiked this before we went to watch Find Dory (yes, it was a great combo) and the sunset was beautiful! This is why I appreciate SF for its blend of city and nature. You'll see over the bay and mountains from afar. What more can you ask for in a city?

Switchbacks ain't always evil

Pretty cool trail climbing with lots of different view points and just things to see in general. You're totally covered by the trees until it suddenly opens up at the top. But like McKenzie said, totally temperamental weather and it can get real close to you! This was an awesome hike, but I think it was the most scared I've ever been with the wind constantly pushing us over and a giant black storm cloud rolling right above our heads. We figured it was about time and once we ran back into the trees, it blocked out all the wind. Awesome adventure! And I'm sure the stargazing is great on a clear night.

Run free like no other

Get down low at the base of the tunnel or fly sky high at the top of the cliffs. Tunnel Beach is truly beautiful. It's clean. Easy parking. Nice walk. Great place to adventure and for photographers, there is some crazy cool angle at every turn!

Worth a stop!

The peninsula is so easy to explore. Easy parking and you'll walk right out to the water. The town itself is a really cool and quaint place. Hiking up the hills is pretty easy and you'll get amazing views of green land and blue mountains on one side and the ocean on the other.

Perfect place for a stroll

It's an easy hike that'll take you to a beautiful waterfall, yes. But my favorite back about the hike here was how historical it is. You'll find signs and pictures with captions in important historical areas. NZ does an amazing job at taking care of their nature and this range is a great example.

Switchback Heaven

If you hate switchbacks, do it anyway!! The view at the top is truly unreal and it's a good workout! It's not hard, but the whole thing is inclined so sometimes I need to take a second to catch my breath and for all those who have knee problems, be careful on your way down. My knees definitely weren't too happy with me after I booked it down the mountain 😅

Bash Bish is an absolute gift

I've been in awe many times in my life, even for the simplest things, but Bash Bish picked me up off of my feet. This wasn't the biggest waterfall or the highest waterfall I've ever seen, but I believe it was the most unique with the way the water falls and the beautiful area in the park. When you stand next to the fall and listen to the roars of the falls it's pretty mellow. And my goodness, that water, it's so beautifully clear! I honestly felt like I could've sat there all day and if a storm wasn't rolling in, I would've.

A must do!

I did this exact trip from Milford Sound! We road tripped over to sound and camped out the night before then work up bright and early for an amazing three hours with GoOrange. Our guide was awesome and filled with classic Kiwi sarcasm and knowledge of the history and myths of the fiord. To top it off, it was beautiful sunny day! GoOrange provided us with snacks in between breaks while on the kayaks and brought us right next to the base of the giant waterfall. Luckily, the Fiordland rains most of the time during the year and the waterfall was rushing. We also turned into some small waves coming our way and road with the current. Totally exhilarating! Regardless of rain or shine, kayaking the Milford Sound is a hell of an adventure all would appreciate.