Explore Moturiki Island (Leisure Island)

Mount Maunganui keeps proving that it is an incredibly family-friendly destination with its extremely well maintained path up Mount Maunganui, a massive and easy to access beach with great waves for .

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Explore the Mount Drury Reserve

If you're exploring the little city of Mount Maunganui and got a little bit of time on your hand before climbing, well...

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Explore Kuirau Park

Legend has it, this lake was once cooler. One day, a girl named Kuiarau was bathing and then a taniwha (dragon) dragged her below the lake.

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Backpack to Aspiring Hut

If it is your first time backpacking - this is exactly what you're looking for. I'm not joking! Not only was this my first time camping (the night before), but this was also my first backpacking trip.

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Hike to the Old Catskill Mountain House Site

Once upon a time, this very spot was home to one of the most glamorous hotel for travelers in the United States.

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Walk to Sulphur Point

If you're in Rotorua and taking a chill day, definitely check out Sulphur Point in the city centre! A quick and easy walk from the carpark, Sulphur Point is on the Southern end of Lake Rotorua and is.

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Explore Bridal Veil Falls

The platforms overlooking the 55m falls from different angles offer unique perspectives of this natural feature.

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Swim in Kerosene Creek

Located amidst New Zealand's vibrant volcanic zone, this favourite local gem lies approximately 29.

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Hike to the top of Mount Maunganui

Mount Maunganui sits right on the water in the Bay of Plenty. Half the island rests on the open ocean, where the other half rises out of the bay.

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Hike around Lake Tikitapu

Lake Tikitapu is the smallest of the mountain lakes in the Rotorua area. Take Tarawera Rd about 9 kilometers and you'll run right into it.

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Hike the Bluff Point Loop

Are you looking for a casual stroll in the woods? Want relax by the water with a beer in your hands? Or looking to do some SUP or kayaking? This Coastal Reserve and state park in Groton, Connecticut .

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Explore Fort Shantok

Right along the Connecticut River is Fort Shantok! It is an American Indian Reservation open to the public with a mix of activities.

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Visit the National Elk Refuge

In the 20th century when development continued to grow, the refuge was created to provide the elk with an efficient habitat for survival.

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Explore the Tagbak Marine Park

The best way to get to Liloan is with your own ride. So if you don't have a car rentals range around 3000 PHP. But if you don't get a car, it's not impossible! Check out how these backpackers did it.

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Hike to Wharariki Beach

The very northern tip of the South Island in NZ lies one of the best beaches around. The hike into the beach is very straight forward, easy, and short.

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Run Victoria Peak (太平山)

Whether you're taking the bus or tram (or even walking) up to the peak - get excited for some serious elevation gain at 554 meters! Victoria Peak is an iconic spot in Hong Kong for visitors to see fr.

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Hike Dragon's Back

Hiking the Dragon's Back was a beautiful experience. Once you get above the bush line, your view goes on for miles.

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Camp on Kalanggaman Island

Looking for a serious weekend getaway with no electricity and no city noises? Well an hour long boat ride will take you to this little island right in between Leyte and Cebu where the water isn't as .

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Paddle Board (SUP) at Caluwayan, Samar

First, I'd recommend calling the resort ahead of time (+63 977-354-5692) to see if you can reserve a beach cottage.

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Explore Nagsasa Cove

From the outer edge of this cove to the beach it took about 10 minutes to ride in and when you look out towards the sea, you only see the sea! You're surrounded by the mountains on both sides and it'.

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Explore Camara and Capones Island

When going to the Philippines, people often think about going to beautiful tourist destinations like El Nido on Palawan Island, but if you're looking to be budget friendly and more local the providen.

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Hike to the Fox Glacier

From the carpark follow the well marked trail to the toe of the Fox Glacier. Do not stray from the trail as unstable ice and moraine can be very dangerous.

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Camp at North Lake Campground

During an unplanned road trip, we arrived at the North/South Lake Campground out of curiosity and without a doubt, it was totally worth the stop! (We only saw North Lake.

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Sail the Alma

If you're making a visit to SF and have time to pack in a 3 hour sailing trip at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park (SAFR), I highly recommend cruising on the beautifully restored Al.

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