I ruin instant coffee. From Connecticut - currently reminiscing in New Zealand. I'm just chilling.

Explore the Giant Te Paki Sand Dunes

2 Saves

Hike the Bluff Point Loop

19 Saves

Hike the Lookout Trail in Beartown State Forest

42 Saves

Hike Lantern Hill

80 Saves

Climb Alander Mountain

51 Saves

Hike the Salmon River Trail, CT

67 Saves

Hike to Chauncey Peak

111 Saves

Watch the Sunrise at Roger W. Wheeler State Beach

25 Saves

Hike the Benedict Pond Loop Trail

23 Saves

Hike the Spruce Brook Ravine

85 Saves

Hike the Sprague Land Preserve Loop

49 Saves

Visit the National Elk Refuge

32 Saves

Camp at Beartown State Forest

38 Saves

Camp at North Lake Campground

31 Saves

Hike Dragon's Back

17 Saves

Climb Mount Ngauruhoe

68 Saves

Hike to the Old Catskill Mountain House Site

10 Saves

Hike the Okere Falls Track

3 Saves

Hike to Key Summit

36 Saves

Explore the Mount Drury Reserve

7 Saves

Explore Moturiki Island (Leisure Island)

7 Saves

Walk to Sulphur Point

5 Saves

Hike to Signal Hill Lookout

23 Saves

Explore the Dunedin Botanic Gardens

23 Saves

Explore the Tagbak Marine Park

15 Saves

Run Victoria Peak (太平山)

13 Saves

Paddle Board (SUP) at Caluwayan, Samar

9 Saves

Explore Camara and Capones Island

11 Saves

Backpack to Aspiring Hut

6 Saves

Explore Kuirau Park

6 Saves

Camp on Kalanggaman Island

9 Saves

Explore Nagsasa Cove

12 Saves

Explore Lake Pukaki

40 Saves

Summit Rainbow Mountain

2 Saves

Hike the Rainbow Mountain Track to Crater Lake

1 Saves

Hike to Stephens Bay

14 Saves

Visit the Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

0 Saves

Visit Lake Mangamahoe

0 Saves

Explore the Otago Peninsula

0 Saves

Explore the town of Raglan

0 Saves

Explore Lake Okareka

0 Saves

Explore The Redwoods - Whakarewarewa Forest

0 Saves

Explore Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Reserve

0 Saves

Explore Fort Shantok

1 Saves

Backpack the Rakiura Track

1 Saves