Tiago Silva

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1 Day to Myticas

We started in Litochoro for lunch and drive to Prionia by own car (If you want there are taxis or other transportations there). We started going up at 17pm and the estimated time to go to Refuge A was 3hours, so we had to speed up not to get caught in the night. 2 hours after we were at the refuge. Maria, the owner and her family as well as all staff treated us very well. 6am on the other day is time to get a cup of tea and see the awesome sunrise and prepare to go to Scala. From scala to myticas the path is more tricky and it can go a litle bit vertical in some places. Some people do it with equipment with some excursions but there are a lot of adventures doing it without. Although it was very cloudy it was awesome. You meet a lot of cool people during the way. We did it around October and had very lucky in the weather. Even being low season, the Refuge was full. At the end of the day we decided to go back to prionia and sleep at a village near the beach