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6 Environmentalists you should know

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Environmentalism comes in many forms. From outdoor-lovers who occasionally pick up trash to professional guides teaching stewardship on-trail, we can all do something to help the earth. Here are 6 environmentalists who inspire us with their daily choices to improve the planet.

1. Chris Hill

A woman weaering waders and a rain jacket is up to her hips in a stream while fly fishing.
Image courtesy of Chris Hill.

Chris Hill is the Senior Campaign Director for the Sierra Club's Our Wild America campaign, which added protections to the Middle Fork Snoqualmie, Pratt, and Illabot Creek and new Alpine Lakes wilderness areas. Chris is an avid fisherperson and practices conservation in her personal life while in and on the water.

2. Spencer R. Scott

A white man wearing a red fleece sweatshirt faces the camera. He is holding a phone and piece of paper. There is a calm lake behind him reflecting the trees surrounding the water.
Image courtesy of Spencer R. Scott.

Spencer R. Scott changed his career paths to science and climate change education after realizing the pressing need for creating a "livable and equitable future." His Instagram is full of amazing facts, from why seed banks are important to understanding carbon intensive lifestyles. Give him a follow if you're interested in learning all sorts of things about climate change in an easily digestible format! 

3. Kristy Drutman

A woman faces the camera. She is seated and leans her elbows on her knees. She has a slight smile and is sitting next to a window.
Image courtesy of Kristy Drutman.

Kristy Drutman is the founder of Browngirl Green. She uses humor (just watch her Instagram reels!) to talk about how the media, the environment, and diversity intersect. She recently launched Green Jobs Board, a resource for finding positions that support a healthy earth. We appreciate how Kristy shares serious information (like the importance of adequate and equal pay) with humor, sharing information that is relatable and important.

 4. Isaias Hernandez

A young man is posing in front of a large leafy tree inside a zero-waste shop. he is wearing a grey sweater and checked scarf and has a big smile.
Image courtesy of Isaias Hernandez.

Isaiah Hernandez aka Queer Brown Vegan worked in a zero waste shop where they learned about smart consumption like buying products that last. Today, Isaiah is an environmental educator who uses colorful graphics to facilitate "introductory forms of environmentalism." Check out their profile to learn about whether nut milk is sustainable, understand carbon footprints, and what does it mean to say food is medicine

5. Cindy Villaseñor

A woman with long hair faces the camera. She is smiling and wearing a green collared shirt among tall yellow flowers.
Image courtesy of Cindy Villaseñor.

Cindy Villaseñor is a Los Angeles-based garden educator and consultant. She shares sustainability tips from buying locally to updating secondhand furniture to suit your taste (and your budget)! She love going outside, and often combines her interest in being eco-friendly with outdoor recreation like making low-waste backpacking meals. 

6. Parker Aka Kween Werk

A black woman wearing a head wrap, African print shirt, glasses, and large dangling earrings smiles off into the distance. She is in the forest and there are trees in the immediate background.
Image courtesy of Parker aka Kween Werk.

Parker, known as Kween Werk, is well-known for her Tik Toks and Reels mixing humor with social justice and encouraging people to get outside! She is a self-proclaimed black environmentalist and social justice activist who loves recreating outdoors. This winter, she shared a seriously hilarious Reel about her reasons for hiking that had us laughing in recognition of our own love of the outdoors. Parker co-founded Inclusive Guide, a resource where people can share what physical spaces like restaurants felt safe and inclusive and offer features like mobility-accessible design.

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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