Terry Hargraves

Are you sure about this place?

I've lived and outdoorsed in the Houston area for 66 years and I had never heard of this place. I researched just a bit and it appears that it's a private lake owned by a scuba diving operation. Their website clearly states you can't make a reservation unless you're a diver, and swimming is only allowed if and when the divers are done. Reading reviews, it sounds as if the divers don't appreciate the presence of the swimmers and the swimmers don't appreciate the presence of the divers. But everyone seems to agree it's a lovely spot, but with management issues.

Crowds definitely inhibit enjoyment

We went on a Saturday in October 2016. We thought it would be off season but were unaware that Utah schools have a "Fall Break" and they were out in droves all over southern Utah that whole week! That caused Angel's Landing to be far more crowded than we expected. I'm so very glad I did it, it was terrifying and exhilarating and devastatingly crowded with non-hikers who didn't really know how to behave. I would dearly love to do it again, but having done it once, on my second try if it was this crowded I would choose a different hike. I passed on Scout's Landing and went to the top, but I suspect the views from Scout's were *almost* as good without all the new gray hairs I came home with.

Used to be a pretty wicked place!

I spent 3 months at Pace Bend in the late 70s. At that time it was affectionately nicknamed Paleface Park and was mixed nude/clothed. Hippy Hollow was all-nude, but at Paleface you didn't feel out of place with or without clothes. I see all these reviews today and not one mentions nudity, so I'm guessing that's no longer a thing. But that's ok, my skinnydipping days have been over for a long time anyway!