Ithaca, New York

Gorges Hideaway At Little Leaf Farm

From $158/night

Copper Hill, Virginia

Shaushkah's Delight

From $40/night

Catskill, New York

The Old Catskill Game Farm Abandoned Zoo: Fido's Vineyard

From $145/night

Lewisburg, Kentucky

Hidden Lake Farms Camping And Retreat County Road Camp

From $30/night

Bland, Missouri

Dl Farms

From $65/night

Belgrade, Montana

Sandhill Crane

From $28/night

Arkville, New York

Eagle Mountain Eyrie

From $130/night

Bisbee, Arizona

Rustic Private In High Desert

From $30/night

Sidney Center, New York

Escaping Cow Farm

From $120/night

East Meredith, New York

Mountain Top Camp At Greenane

From $120/night

Holland Patent, New York

Blackberry Meadow

From $120/night

Fairfield, Pennsylvania

Paw Paw Mountain Hideaway

From $40/night