The Best Outdoor Activities in Tennessee

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Hike to Abrams Falls

Tennessee / Abrams Falls Trail

Abrams Falls is arguably the most scenic waterfall in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. One of the biggest perks of hiking Abrams Falls is the drive to get there.

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Hike the Chimney Tops

Tennessee / Chimney Tops Trailhead

The Chimney Top's Trail is one of the most visited trails in the Smokies, which is why I recommend going up just before sunset to beat the crowd!During the summer and fall months, it's easy to see a .

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Hike to Fall Creek Falls

Tennessee / Fall Creek Falls State Park

Fall Creek Falls State Park is sprawled across the eastern top of the rugged Cumberland Plateau.

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Hike to Foster Falls

Tennessee / Foster Falls Visitor Center

Foster Falls State Park is part of the South Cumberland State Park system.

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Hike to Cummins Falls

Tennessee / Cummins Falls Trailhead

Catch the trailhead down to the falls at the parking lot. The trail quickly approaches the rim of the river gorge to provide hikers with a great bird's eye view of the falls.

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Hike to Twin Falls, TN

Tennessee / Rock Island State Park

Upon entering Rock Island State Park from the east, the parking area for this trail is located right after the old cotton mill (my friend and I actually ended up getting lost because it is tucked awa.

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Hike to Mt. LeConte via Alum Cave Bluff

Tennessee / Alum Cave Trailhead

The Alum Cave trailhead is on Newfound Gap Road, 8 miles from the Sugarlands Visitor Center. Mt.

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Hike to Greeter Falls

Tennessee / Greeter Falls

An easy, yet extremely beautiful and well marked drive leads to a pretty sizable parking lot at the trailhead.

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Hike to Burgess Falls

Tennessee / Burgess Falls Trailhead

If you like waterfalls, this hike is for you.

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Hike through Virgin Falls State Natural Area

Tennessee / Virgin Falls Trailhead

Beginning at the Virgin Falls SNA parking area, the Virgin Falls trail is approximately a 9 mile round trip (excluding any side trails) which will allow you to experience three waterfalls: Big Branch.

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Climb Lake Nickajack

Tennessee / Hales Bar Marina

Lake Nickajack has an incredible stretch of 50' limestone that is only accessible by water.

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Exploring Bald River Falls

Tennessee / Tellico River

If you're looking to check out a secnic waterfall in East Tennessee, Bald River Falls is sure to be on your list. At 90 feet, you can't miss this roaring beauty during any season.

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Hike to Northrup Falls

Tennessee / Northrup Falls Parking Area

Truly a hidden gem, this trail seems to get little to no attention, yet is absolutely amazing. To get to the trail from I-40 near Crossville, Tennessee, take Highway 127 north toward Jamestown.

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Hike to Rainbow Falls

Tennessee / Rainbow Lake Trail

Most Rainbow Lake Trail hikers have seen or heard the majestic Rainbow Falls, but fewer have ventured down the treacherous path to the falls themselves.

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Picnic On Max Patch Mountain

Tennessee / Max Patch Mountain Trailhead

Max Patch Mountain was once cleared for pasture land, leaving an expansive flat summit that now serves as the ideal location for a picnic hike, flying a kite, or laying in the sun surrounded by the G.

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Explore Ozone Falls

Tennessee / Ozone Falls

This beautiful, 110-foot waterfall is an easy 15-minute walk from the parking area. Note that the walk down to the falls, although short, is steep and there isn’t a well-marked trail down.

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Hike to Rainbow Falls, Cherokee National Forest

Tennessee / Clemmer Trail

Starting at the parking lot, head up the trail (Clemmer #302/Scenic Spur #78) and it should say "1.7 miles to waterfalls". At the top of the hill in approximately 0.

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Bike Cade's Cove Loop

Tennessee / Cade's Cove Loop

Cade's Cove is a valley located smack in the middle of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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Relax at Sunset Rock

Tennessee / Sunset Rock

Sunset Rock provides spectacular access to the Bluff and Gum Spring Trails for hiking, is home to some of the top trad climbing routes in the area, and is perfect for residents and visitors alike who.

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Hike Grotto Falls Trail

Tennessee / Trillium Gap Trailhead

This is an intermediate hike along Trillium Gap Trail. There are four stream crossings on your way to the falls, as you hike through an idyll, often wildflower-sprinkled landscape.

321 Saves

Hike around Radnor Lake

Tennessee / Radnor Lake East Parking Lot

If you want a break from the city, take an early morning hike around Radnor Lake. Start this quiet trek by arriving at sunrise to snag a parking spot at the East Parking Lot.

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Hike to Mount LeConte-Cliff Tops via Rainbow Falls Trail

Tennessee / Rainbow Falls Trailhead Parking Area

Begin at the Rainbow Falls trail parking lot. This is very popular area especially in the summer.

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Camp at Rock Island State Park

Tennessee / Rock Island State Park

This little campground is nestled in Rock Island State Park. There are two campgrounds, this one is specifically tents only.

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Hike to Laurel Falls

Tennessee / Laurel Falls Trailhead

This straightforward but scenic hike follows a paved trail to the falls, which is among the most popular in the park.

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Hike to Edwards Point

Tennessee / Signal Point Park

The Signal Point to Edwards Points trail serves as the southernmost leg of the Cumberland Trail, winding through part of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.

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Hike to Sycamore Falls

Tennessee / Grundy Forest Trailhead

Sycamore Falls is located in the Fiery Gizzard region of South Cumberland State Park. The trailhead is located just past Tracy City Elementary School on Fiery Gizzard Road.

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Hike the Machine Falls Loop at Short Springs Natural Area

Tennessee / Machine Falls Parking Area

The Machine Falls loop at Short Springs Natural Area is a 1.6 mile round trip hike easily followed by white blazes.

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Spelunking in Forbidden Caverns

Tennessee / Forbidden Caverns

When exploring all that Tennessee has to offer, it’s hard to ignore the fact it is home to more caves than any other state in America.

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Hike to the Mount Cammerer Lookout Tower

Tennessee / Low Gap Trailhead

Most visitors have a vision of how they'd like to see Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and it typically involves climbing to the top of a mountain like 4,928-foot Mount Cammerer.

259 Saves

Hike the Little River Trail to Backcountry Campsite #30

Tennessee / Little River Trailhead

The trailhead parking area is large but if no spaces are available additional parking can be had at the Jake's Creek trailhead at the top of the hill and to the right of the Little River trail parkin.

257 Saves

Hike the Bluff Overlook Trail

Tennessee / Harpeth River State Park

From the parking lot, walk up the same road the direction you entered. Just a little up the hill to the left, you will see the trailhead for the Bluff Overlook. It's only about a 0.

256 Saves

Stroll Chattanooga's Walnut Street Bridge

Tennessee / Walnut Street Bridge

Chattanooga's Walnut Street Bridge was once almost demolished, but instead it was revitalized to be one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world.

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Hike and Camp on the Volunteer Trail

Tennessee / Volunteer Trail, Long Hunter State Park

Starting at the Bakers Grove Area parking lot, start hiking on the lovely wood chipped trail. The Volunteer Trail and Day Loop share this first section of the trail. In about .

249 Saves

Sunrise Hike to Myrtle Point, Mt. Leconte

Tennessee / Mount Leconte Shelter

Coming from the backcountry shelter at the top of Mt. Leconte (add .2 miles if coming from the Lodge), head east on the Boulevard Trail and follow signs to Myrtle Point, 1 mile away.

220 Saves

Hike to Conasauga Falls

Tennessee / Conasauga Falls

Getting to the trailhead can be a challenge if there has been any heavy precipitation or icy conditions due to the fact the last two miles are one mile of broken pavement and the last mile a dirt roa.

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Hike to Rockhouse and Cane Creek Falls

Tennessee / Paw Paw Trailhead

Fall Creek Falls State Park is home to multiple waterfalls.

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Hike to the Jump-Off

Tennessee / Newfound Gap Parking Lot

This trail starts at the Newfound Gap parking lot. Newfound Gap is situated on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina.

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Hike the Hidden Springs Trail

Tennessee / Hidden Springs Trailhead

This trail is a prime spot for anyone who wants to get a simple, but enjoyable walk in the woods. It's very well marked, flat, and can be enjoyed in any weather.

211 Saves

Hike to the Ramsey Cascades

Tennessee / Ramsey Cascades Trailhead

This multi-tiered waterfall is known as the tallest in the park – a worthwhile reward for the steep and sometimes tricky terrain you'll face on the way up.

203 Saves

Photograph Snoopers Rock

Tennessee / Snoopers Rock

To hit one of the best panoramic views of the Tennessee River Gorge, head into Prentice Cooper State Forest and head straight for Snoopers Rock.

196 Saves

Climb Gravity Boots and After Burner

Tennessee / Foster Falls Visitor Center

Foster Falls State Park is a sport climber's paradise, with most climbs tailored to advanced and expert climbers.

194 Saves

Hike the Mossy Ridge Trail

Tennessee / Mossy Ridge Trail

trail run. You can add extra milage to this hike by creating a loop with the Cane Connector Trail. The trailhead is located behind the kiosk in the parking area.

190 Saves

Hike to Spruce Flats Falls

Tennessee / Spruce Flats Falls Parking Area

To get to Spruce Flats Falls, you will want to drive down 2.2 miles down the scenic Tremont Road to the Great Smoky Mountains Institute and park in the visitor center parking area.

181 Saves

Hike to Baskins Creek Falls

Tennessee / Baskins Creek Falls Trailhead

The trail begins with a short climb, and after around a quarter of a mile, flattens out and you can get decent views to your west when the leaves are of the trees.

180 Saves

Hike the Beech Bottom Trail to Jacks River Falls

Tennessee / Beech Bottom Trailhead

Jacks River Falls is one of Georgia's most impressive waterfalls.

174 Saves

Hike to Stinging Fork Falls

Tennessee / Stinging Fork Falls Trailhead

The trail begins on the right side of the parking lot. The first part is flat with no elevation change and easy walking. About half a mile in you will reach a trail split.

167 Saves

Scenic Drive on Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

Tennessee / Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

This 6 mile drive is a great way to spend a scenic day in the Smokies. The road is open to cars only (no trucks or RVs) and runs one-way.

167 Saves

Hike to Cataract Falls, Smoky Mountains

Tennessee / Cataract Falls Trailhead

You will find the trailhead to this gravel path just to the left of the Sugarlands Visitor Center. The easy walk along Fighting Creek is scenic and tends not to be crowded, either.

165 Saves

Hike to Falls Branch Falls

Tennessee / Falls Branch Falls

To get to the trailhead, drive 22.5 miles on the Cherohala Skyway from Tellico Plains, Tennessee. If you are coming from the North Carolina side, drive 20.5 miles to the trailhead.

162 Saves

Hike the North Plateau-North Rim Loop at Savage Gulf

Tennessee / Savage Gulf Ranger Station

From the Savage Ranger Station, take the Savage Day Loop for roughly 2.2 miles until you reach the junction. From there take the North Plateau trail and return on the North Rim trail.

149 Saves

Explore North River Road

Tennessee / North River Road

If you're looking to get off the beaten path and take the road less traveled, North River Road is your ticket to solitude.

147 Saves

Hike through the Laurel Snow Pocket Wilderness

Tennessee / The Laurel-Snow Trailhead

The Laurel-Snow Trail was the first National Recreation Trail designated in Tennessee and at just under 35 miles from downtown Chattanooga, it is perfect for a day hike, for a day of climbing, or for.

147 Saves

Hike the Day Loop at Long Hunter State Park

Tennessee / Day Loop Trailhead

Park at the Bakers Grove Area and take the newly wood chipped wood chip trail into the forest.

144 Saves

Catch a Sunrise at Newfound Gap

Tennessee / Newfound Gap Parking Lot

Newfound Gap is a mountain pass in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Newfound Gap is accessible via U.S. Route 441 from Gatlinburg, TN or Cherokee, NC.

143 Saves

Hike to Carmac Falls

Tennessee / Evins Mill, TN

Complete a short hike to the 90-foot Carmac Falls! Firstly, it is important to note that Carmac Falls is located on the grounds of Evins Mill resort and is therefore private property.

141 Saves

Hike to Middle Creek Falls

Tennessee / Middle Creek Pull-Off

Middle Creek Falls, despite its proximity to the Cumberland Trail hikes, has no official designated trail.

140 Saves

Camp at OBED Wild and Scenic River Area via the Point Trail

Tennessee / Lilily Bluff Parking Area

You will want to park at the Lilly Bluff parking lot. Your GPS won't know where this is, so here are the GPS coordinates N36° 06.162', W84° 43.280'.

138 Saves

Climb The Lilly Bluff Wall

Tennessee / Lilly Bluff Trailhead

The Obed Wild and Scenic River is typically not found in the same conversations as Zion or Yosemite, but be assured this hidden gem of Tennessee is one of the East Coast's must climb destinations.

137 Saves

Hike the Sugarland Mountain Trail

Tennessee / Sugarland Mountain Trailhead

Starting on the AT at just under 6,000 feet and ending at Fighting Creek Gap, just under 2,300 feet in elevation, the Sugarland Mountain Trail is a grand descent from the high divide of the Smokies.

128 Saves

Hike to Margarette Falls

Tennessee / Margarette Falls

To reach the trail head, take exit number 39 to Erwin/Jonesborough and turn onto State Route 81/107 west and stay on this for 6.5 miles.

122 Saves

Bouldering Stone Fort, TN

Tennessee / Stone Fort, TN

Stone Fort sits atop the Cumberland Plateau just half an hour from downtown Chattanooga, and is one of the premiere bouldering locations in the Southeast.

121 Saves

Hike to Savage Falls

Tennessee / Savage Gulf Ranger Station

Savage Gulf Natural Area has more than 50 miles of trails, so be sure to start this adventure from the Savage Gulf Ranger Station entrance.

116 Saves

Hike the Narrows of the Harpeth

Tennessee / Harris-Street Bridge Trail

The Harpeth River State Park has a handful of good trails to hike at the park. One of those trails includes the Bluff Overlook trail. That post can be read here.

109 Saves

Hike the Rocky Branch and Limestone Cove Trail

Tennessee / Rocky Branch Trailhead

The trail starts from just beyond the old Limestone Cove campground and runs 3.9 miles to Stamping Ground Ridge high atop Unaka Mountain.

108 Saves

Summit Gregory Bald

Tennessee / Gregory Ridge Trail Parking Lot

The Gregory Bald summit is indisputably picturesque – the 10-acre meadow at the top hosts magnificent azalea blooms in June, wild blueberries in August, and views of Cades Cove, Rich Mountain, Fontan.

107 Saves

Canoe down the Duck River

Tennessee / Milltown Dam

Start this canoe adventure from Milltown Dam for an easy five-mile paddle down a wide, scenic river. During the warmer months, you will undoubtebly encounter a variety of wildlife, from water to land.

89 Saves

Photograph Welch's Point

Tennessee / Welch's Point

This location was recently opened back to the public by Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and the Tennessee Department of Conservation and Environment in the fall of 2014 after being closed for ove.

89 Saves

Hike to Lower and Upper Busby Falls

Tennessee / Short Springs Natural Area trailhead

Short Springs Natural Area is where these falls are located. There is a decent amount of hiking trails that are a nice getaway for a day to hang out at for waterfalls.

89 Saves

Hike to Rocky Top

Tennessee / Cade's Cove Visitor Center

Rocky Top is known to be the spot that inspired the famous fight song of the University of Tennessee, which is also an official song for the state of Tennessee.

88 Saves

Hike to Upper Meigs Falls

Tennessee / Meigs Creek Trailhead

Parking available off of Little River Gorge Road (State Hwy. 73) at The Sinks/Meigs Creek Trailhead.

88 Saves

Hike to Stillhouse Falls

Tennessee / Stillhouse Falls Trailhead

This waterfall is a fun short hike that can be done quick, or a nice place to hangout for the day in your hammock to read a book! From Nashville, take I-65 south and take the Saturn Parkway toward Co.

83 Saves

Bike or Run the Tennessee Riverwalk

Tennessee / Tennessee Riverwalk

The Tennessee Riverwalk is a part of the Tennessee Riverpark System that features the Coolidge Park, Renaissance Park, Ross's Landing, and the Walnut Street Bridge, all jewels of downtown Chattanooga.

81 Saves

Hike to Hen Wallow Falls in Great Smoky Mountains NP

Tennessee / Gabes Mountain Trail

Start your adventure by parking in the Cosby Picnic Area Parking Lot near the entrance of the Cosby Campground. (127 Cosby Picnic Area Rd, Cosby, TN 37722.

78 Saves

Park Day at Renaissance Park

Tennessee / Renaissance Park

Renaissance Park is a 23-acre urban wetlands park, snuggled between the Market Street Bridge and Cherokee Blvd. on Chattanooga's North Shore.

76 Saves

Take in the View at Lilly Bluff Overlook

Tennessee / Lilily Bluff Parking Area

Honestly this is hard to even call a trail, but that doesn't mean it lacks beauty.

75 Saves

Hike the Scenic Spur Trail

Tennessee / Scenic Spur Trail

Very little elevation gain leads to an easy hike along a river right outside of the Ocoee river region. First .7 miles is very flat, then leads to some slight elevation gain but nothing too serious.

69 Saves

Backpack to Spence Field

Tennessee / Anthony Creek Trailhead

Start your hike at Anthony Creek Trailhead (elevation 1,800 ft), in the Cade’s Cove area. The trailhead is located at the far end of the day-use picnic area near Cade’s Cove campground.

68 Saves

Photograph Moccasin Bend From Point Park

Tennessee / Point Park

Located in Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park, Point Park is a ten acre memorial park that overlooks the Lookout Mountain Battlefield and the city of Chattanooga.

67 Saves

Hike the Trails at Fontanel

Tennessee / The Trails at Fontanel

The trailhead is located across from the Woods at Fontanel Music Venue, with the trail leading up and over the ridge behind the Fontanel Mansion and back down by the Woods at Fontanel VIP seating are.

66 Saves

Hike the Hogskin Upper and Lower Loop

Tennessee / Hogskin Loop Trailhead

After an easy 25 minute drive from Chattanooga you will reach North Chickamauga Gorge on Montlake Road in Soddy Daisy. Park any where in the gravel loop just make sure other cars can get through.

62 Saves

Photograph Buzzard's Roost Overlook

Tennessee / Buzzard's Roost Overlook

Located in the beautiful state park of Fall Creek Falls, you'll find this overlook along with Millikan's Overlook.

61 Saves

Hike to Fern Branch Falls

Tennessee / Porters Creek Trailhead

Take Porters Creek Trail, a gravel road alongside Porters Creek. You will pass by an old farmstead and cemetery, as well as lots of wildflowers if you're out during the spring.

61 Saves

Hike House Mountain, TN

Tennessee / House Mountain Welcome Center

House Mountain is a short, at times strenuous hike that is doable in all weather conditions.

61 Saves

Mountain Bike Raccoon Mountain

Tennessee / Raccoon Mountain MTB Trail

Raccoon Mountain is an extensive, yet newer system of singletrack that circle the TVA Raccoon Mountain pumped storage facility, just 15 minutes east of downtown.

60 Saves

Explore Backbone Rock and Falls

Tennessee / Backbone Rock

First, from the parking lot, there is a trail which climbs up to walk on top of the rock. The top of the rock is narrow, but has hand rails to hold on to.

60 Saves

Hike to Pinnacle Mountain Fire Tower

Tennessee / Pinnacle Mountain Fire Tower

Pinnacle Mountain hosts one of the nicest fire towers on the East Coast of the United States. The fire tower is relatively new, sturdy, and has a large 360 degree viewing area at the top.

56 Saves

Climb at Kings Bluff

Tennessee / Kings Bluff

Owned and maintained by the Southeastern Climbers Coalition, Kings Bluff hosts a wide variety of established routes ranging from 5.3 to 5.13 in difficulty.

51 Saves

Hike to Jones Falls

Tennessee / US 19E Trailhead

Starting at the Appalachian Trail (AT) trailhead at US 19E, follow the AT north for 3.1 miles until you reach the intersection of the trail with Buck Mountain Rd.

50 Saves

Hike the Hogskin Loop to Stripmine Falls

Tennessee / Stripmine Falls

Stripmine Falls is not the biggest waterfall in the area, but it is both beautiful and accessible with just a short and easy out-and-back (or loop) hike.

49 Saves

Hike the Cucumber Gap and Little River Loop

Tennessee / Elkmont

This loop offers a scenic 2.5 mile hike next to the river before looping back around via the Cucumber Gap Trail. At the tail end, you'll connect with the Jakes Creek Trail for about 0.

48 Saves

Float The Scenic Ghost Section of the Wolf River

Tennessee / Ghost River Canoe Run (Input)

The Wolf River is a hidden gem for any paddler located in west Tennessee or the greater south.

47 Saves

Hike to Debord and Emory Gap Falls in Frozen Head SP

Tennessee / Panther Branch Trailhead

The trail head begins just over the bridge and is labeled as the Panther Branch trail head. To began you will continue straight and within .

46 Saves

Winter Hike to Clingman’s Dome via Newfound Gap

Tennessee / Newfound Gap Parking Lot

During the winter months, from December 1 through March 31, the 7-mile Clingman’s Dome Road that branches off Highway 441 at Newfound Gap, stays closed.

45 Saves

Hike to Suter and Horsepound Falls

Tennessee / Collins Gulf West Trailhead

Located in South Cumberland State Park in the Savage Gulf section, this is a somewhat difficult 5 mile out-and-back viewing two waterfalls, cascades, creeks, rock shelters, and high bluffs.

43 Saves

Hike to Bridal Veil Falls in Sewanee, TN

Tennessee / Bridal Veil Falls Trail

Great short hike. Hard to find trail head, it is not marked at the parking area or where you leave the road.  Put in your gps the coordinate spot tagged above off Clara Point Rd.

41 Saves

Hike Rich Mountain Loop

Tennessee / Rich Mountain Loop Trailhead

Park at the Cades Cover Information Kiosk. The trailhead is just down the road from here. At 4.2 miles you'll arrive at the Rich Mountain Trail junction.

40 Saves

Hike and Traverse the Cables to Dennis Cove Falls

Tennessee / Dennis Cove Trailhead

The Hike to Dennis Cove Falls includes three water crossings and passes several small waterfalls.

40 Saves

Climb at Foster Falls SP

Tennessee / Foster Falls Visitor Center

Foster Falls will suit any climber. A novice climber can find routes here, and an expert can find new and exciting projects. There are a few camping sites near the climbing area.

39 Saves

Hike to Laurel Fork Falls

Tennessee / Dennis Cove Trailhead

From Hampton, Tennessee, take US-321S for about 3.5 miles. Turn right onto Dennis Cove Road and travel for 4 miles on this steep and very curvy mountain road.

38 Saves

Run the Springfield Greenway

Tennessee / Springfield Greenway

The scenic Springfield Greenway meanders along a lush tree-lined creek in northern Springfield, just a half hour north of Nashville.

35 Saves

Hike to Bay's Mountain Firetower

Tennessee / Bay's Mountain State Park, Parking Area

Bay's Mountain Firetower overlooks the city of Kingsport, the South Fork Holston River, and the surrounding Tennessee mountains.

27 Saves

Hike the Albright Grove Loop

Tennessee / Maddron Bald Trail

Hidden in the eastern reaches of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Cosby region receives a fraction of the visitation of Gatlinburg or Cherokee.

27 Saves

Hike the Fiery Gizzard Trail

Tennessee / Grundy Forest Trailhead

Start this journey from the Grundy Forest Trailhead, where you will quickly begin a decent along the Little Fiery Gizzard Creek. At the 0.

24 Saves

Climb at Blue Hole Falls

Tennessee / Blue Hole Falls

From TN 91, turn onto Panhandle Road. Follow Panhandle for 1 mile and park in the parking lot to the left.  Waterfall Follow the path to your right downwards until you encounter wooden stairs.

23 Saves

Visit The Mindfield

Tennessee / The Mindfield

Driving through Brownsville, TN you might miss "The Mindfield" if you aren't paying attention. It's situated behind a barber shop and a motel.

22 Saves

Bike the Tweetsie Trail

Tennessee / Tweetsie Trail

The course gravel trail begins just east of downtown Johnson City. The trail maintains a flat grade throughout the 10 miles towards the city of Elizabethton.

21 Saves

Hike to White Rock

Tennessee / White Rock Trail

The White Rock trailhead is less than a 10 minute drive from downtown Johnson City. When pulling up Highbridge Road, take a left at the fork.

20 Saves

Camp at Unaka Mountain Overlook

Tennessee / Unaka Mountain Overlook

Unaka Mountain Overlook is one of the highest locations in the Cherokee National Forest.

19 Saves

Backpack to Angel Falls Overlook in the Big South Fork

Tennessee / Angel Falls Parking Lot

Starting at a very small parking space, you head onto a fairly overgrown trail for half a mile. The trail then begins to thin out and is not as overgrown.

18 Saves

Explore the South Holston Dam

Tennessee / South Holston Dam

Coming from US-421 turn off on Emmett Rd and keep left to get on Holston View Dam Rd and continue straight on this road by the river.

18 Saves

Hike at The Outback at Shelby Farms Park Conservancy

Tennessee / Shelby Farms Dog Park - The Outback

Parking can be found at Raleigh Lagrange Rd and Trinity Rd. There are several trails to follow as well as trails that can be found into the wooded areas.

16 Saves

Watch the Sunset from Sugarloaf Overlook

Tennessee / Sugarloaf Overlook

The overlook is easily accessible from a parking circle located off Oswald Road. Follow U.S. Highway from Ocoee, Tennessee for 8 miles then turn left onto Oswald Road. Follow Oswald Road for 2.

14 Saves

Mountain Bike up Pinnacle Mountain

Tennessee / Pinnacle Mountain Trailhead

Pinnacle Mountain is a long, grinding climb to the top. The singletrack winds up 1,500 feet of elevation for nearly 5 miles with few downhill sections.

7 Saves

Take in the View at Chilhowee Overlook

Tennessee / Chilhowee Overlook

Catch the sunset, bring friends and a picnic, or gaze at the stars from this classic Tennessee overlook! To reach Chilhowee Overlook, follow U.S.

7 Saves

Mountain Bike the Brush Creek Trail (Tanasi Trail System)

Tennessee / Brush Creek Trail, Tanasi Trail System

Brush Creek Trail belongs to the popular Tanasi Trail System in Ocoee, Tennessee.

5 Saves

Hike to Tip Top on Buffalo Mountain

Tennessee / Tip Top Trailhead

Tip Top rests on one of the highest points of Buffalo Mountain.

3 Saves

Hike the Dismal Swamp Loop

Tennessee / Turkey Call Trailhead

Civil War history buffs may find themselves near the tiny town of Shiloh, Tennessee. While in the area be sure to explore Big Hill Pond State Park, in nearby Pocahontas, and hike Dismal Swamp.

1 Saves