Must Hike!

I went on this hike, not knowing what to expect. I was amazed by the outcome! The trail was easy enough, the wash full of big rocks was the most aggravating. We didn’t see many people on the way up but after the stair climb to the end stretch, there were about 50 people waiting in line to get their picture taken on that mind-blowing bridge! I highly recommend this hike. I already want to go back!

Beautiful Views

We came up to the east pocket for thanksgiving 2017. We had the whole place to ourselves! The views are breathtaking and we found a spot that over looks it all! The first night was very windy and cold but the next two were calm and comfortable. We were surrounded by wildlife (most heard and not seen) through the night we heard a chorus of turkey, deer, bats and a large pack of coyote close by. The only downfall was that there is not a whole lot to explore. Next time we will bring more games to occupy the time when we are not relaxing. BRING A HAMMOCK and a camera :)