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Sydney Thorson

Beautiful Flagstaff gem - one of the best places to see the leaves changing in the fall.

The most unexpected and breathtaking places I have ever been to. A true piece of paradise right in Arizona. Camping permits are tough to get so try to plan in advanced. About a mile and a half of switchbacks down then relatively flat the remaining 7 miles or so to the campgrounds - you pass through Havasupai Village where a tribe remains today. Spend some time at Navajo Falls and Havasu Falls, but make the journey down to Mooney Falls because it is truly unbeatable.

Great Utah hike. Breathtaking in July when the wildflowers are in full bloom. Hike is nice for families, but go on a weekday if you are trying to avoid them.

Pretty hike - definitely gets crowded. Go on a rainy day to avoid everyone and enjoy the hike up in the clouds.

This hike is a must! Steady start then some steep switchbacks followed by the chain section (I have a moderate fear of heights and can handle it fine - so theres no excuse) up to spectacular views looking down Zion Canyon.

Very unique hike - obviously breathtaking sights along with the challenge of trudging through water. I was worried about the water levels and I didn't bring my camera along. I am 5'6" and only had to carry my pack above head once so I definitely could have brought it without having to worry (dry bag wouldn't hurt though in case). Factor in some extra time to take the tram - it's about 40 minutes from the visitor center/campground to get out to the trailhead.

Brighton is a beautiful area in the summer time - this is a great hike to enjoy on a sunny day. The first part is a steeper incline to get up the bottom of the slope but then the trail gets steadier and the sights get better and better. Who doesn't love a hike to a lake...let alone 4 lakes!