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Stuart Yee

Adventurer from Cali!

I've explored several places in Dominica, but Hiking to Boiling Lake was unlike any of the other hikes I have done! The changes in scenery are just astounding! In order to get to Boiling Lake you hike in the rainforest, hot springs, mountains, and rivers. It definitely is a difficult hike that requires endurance and stamina. There's a lot of uphill hiking and river crossings, which can especially be slippery when it rains. Once you get to the Valley of Desolation and then see The Boiling Lake, all your suffering becomes worth it! Overall this hike took my group about 6 hours to hike. We also used a guide which is highly recommended and he made our hike much more entertaining!

Awesome hike that took me 5 hours. From the the Mt. Tallac trailhead pick up a free permit then head along the trail with Fallen Leaf Lake on your left. You'll then hit two beautiful lakes: Floating Island Lake and Cathedral Lake. After Cathedral Lake you'll have some rocky and steep terrain that's very exposed, but the view is amazing! Once you get to the top you'll have a 360 view of beautiful Lake Tahoe!