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What’s the difference between a story and an adventure?

Stories are an opportunity for you to express anything about the great outdoors that your heart desires. Tell us a story, keep a travel blog. Write about what your city has to offer. Tell personal stories. Share hiking advice. Post awesome photos or video from your latest trip. It’s up to you!

Adventures serve as guides to tell someone else how they can go have the same amazing experience you did. These write-ups include driving directions, route information, and key details you would want to know if you were planning to go out on the adventure.

How do I get listed on your site as an official Storyteller?

Our ‘Storyteller’ badge is reserved for our most frequent and high quality contributors to the Journal. Once your status is updated, you’ll get a badge on your profile and you’ll appear on our Storytellers page!

What can I do to get my story featured in the Journal?

First, write unique, interesting stories that the community enjoys. Then, promote your stories to friends, family, and the internet world at large. If we see you’ve shared your story and people are interested in it, we’ll be more likely to feature and share it ourselves!