Steven Yu

about 3 years ago

Not a Hike

It's not really a hike, the walk is extremely short. The views are spectacular. Worth the visit if you're in the area

Okay Hike

It's an okay hike with good views. Worth a hike and some photos. Go further out of LA if you want interesting.

about 3 years ago

Pretty Good

Cool jungle and waterfall. Nice short walk but it is crowded.

about 3 years ago


Definitely out of the way but totally worth it. Gorgeous location away from the crowd of Honolulu.

about 3 years ago

Fantastic Hike

Highly recommend very quiet and peaceful. It's a nice walk

over 3 years ago

Still worth it but

Poor directions couldn't find the trail but there are a bunch of trails in the area and also multiple rocks.

Pretty spectacular

incredible overview. If you're lazy and you look on a map you can almost drive up to this one. However its a good hike you just need to mind the things living in the undergrowth. Would have stepped on a rattlesnake had I not looked where I was going.