I'm a Web Developer, Photographer, Travel Lover and Bigfoot Believer from Minnesota, eh! =)

Best Beach in Florida

The sand here is amazing. Makes for a great sunset spot, I recommend going to the end of the pier and visiting the pelicans while you watch the sun go down! :)

An Experience You'll Never Forget

I did a 3 hour snorkel tour. I recommend just finding the cheapest tour you can as they all go to the same spots really. Going more in winter you have better chances to see them as in March they start making their way back to the gulf. You have to let them come to you, so there is a chance you may not see one up close to touch. I was lucky enough that a young one swam up to me and played with us for about 10 minutes. Letting us touch him, rolled over for a belly rub. It was absolutely incredible! Bring your go pro and hit record!

Can't get any better

If you happen to get lucky with weather, you'll be in for a treat! We were prepared with rain gear and hiked down the bright angel trail a little ways. After the storm passed a beautiful rainbow stretched across the canyon.The icing on the cake...we crossed paths with a big horn sheep on the trail. Epic Stop!