Hike and Rock Climb the Rocks above Betis, Tarifa

Rate this Adventure 2.5 miles 492.1 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

Added by Doran Erickson

Hiking and rock scrambling/climbing to views of the most popular windsurfing beaches in the world. 

Parking in a dirt parking lot in the quaint town of Betis, there are many small trails that lead up the hill towards the rock faces. The town is full of cattle so be aware as you make your way up the hill. It's very likely that you'll run into cows or their poop. Or both. Be conscious and give a wide berth as you continue up the hill. The trails are a result of the cows making their way up and down the hill so there are many to follow. As long as you continue towards the rocks above you'll be fine. 

In total the hike takes around 20-30 minutes to make your way to the base of the rocks.

When you've reached the rock face there are many established routes with anchors for differing levels of skill.

Many rocks can be scaled without rope keeping caution in mind and not extending beyond your limits/skill level. 

There are many sections of rock that can be climbed and explored making the destination really unique and fun. 

Towards the top of the rocks you'll be rewarded with view of the ocean and distant beaches most popular for wind surfing. 

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