Hike the Badlands' Notch Trail


    Added by Spud Groshong

    1.5 Mile Out and Back. 125 foot elevation gain. Sketchy ledge walking. Ladder. Gorgeous view of at the end.

    Notch Trail is on the south end of the Door Trail car park.

    The Trail sorta follows a dry river bed but there is also a actual trail you can also follow. It winds through the gulch and about half a mile or so you come to a 50 foot ladder. The ladder is a pretty easy climb up but can be a little more difficult on the way down.

    Beyond the ladder is a bit about 50 yards or so the trail gets very close to the edge and those with a fear of heights may be sketched out too much, about 100 feet into this part my brother and i found an older woman tucked into the shade waiting for her friend who had gone on with out her cause she was afraid of falling.

    After the cliff part you enter a gulch that feels like you could be on mars. It ends with a views of Cedar Pass and the prairie below

    Also right in this part of the park are Door Trail (.75 miles)and Window Trail (.25 miles) both out and back.

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    🥈 Contributor

    over 3 years ago

    Nice Easy Hike

    It's a quick and easy hike that makes you feel like you're not on this planet. Only "downside" is the views from the cliff lookouts aren't necessarily of the badlands themselves but more so the prairie.

    🥇Top Contributor

    about 4 years ago

    Unique and Fun

    Makes you feel like you're on another planet! It doesn't take to long so if you're in the park, I recommend it!

    Short & Fun

    This trail is short, easy (I was able to manage in Chacos) and just downright fun! Make sure to hike up on the right hand side to get the amazing views of the Badlands. Also, make sure you are following the correct trail! We got lost for a bit, nothing long or bad, just annoying.

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