The Best Outdoor Activities in South Dakota

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Drive Through Badlands National Park

South Dakota / Badlands Scenic Loop

Badlands National Park is on the western edge of South Dakota, about 60 minutes from Rapid City, and is a strikingly different landscape from the mostly flat typography of the state.

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Hike the Badlands' Notch Trail

South Dakota / Notch Trail

Notch Trail is on the south end of the Door Trail car park. The Trail sorta follows a dry river bed but there is also a actual trail you can also follow.

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Hike to Little Devil's Tower in the Black Hills

South Dakota / Little Devil's Tower Trailhead

The trail starts at the Little Devil's Tower Trailhead which is located roughly one mile east of Sylvan Lake on Highway 87. Take Trail #4 for around 1/2 mile until a fork in the trail.

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Hike the Sacred Steps of Bear Mountain

South Dakota / Bear Butte Trail

Bear Mountain or Mathó Pahá as it's called by the Lakota peoples, is the leftover remnants of an ancient volcanic plug.

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Hiking to Harney Peak

South Dakota / Harney Peak Trailhead

The Harney Peak Trailhead #9 is located in the northwest corner of the parking lot just beyond Sylvan Lake.

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Backcountry Camp off the Fossil Trailhead, Badlands NP

South Dakota / Fossil Exhibit Trailhead

Backcountry camping at Badlands National Park is very easy. While it is recommended that you contact a staff member at the Ben Reifel Visitor Center or Pinnacles Entrance Station, it is not required.

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Drive the Sage Creek Rim Road

South Dakota / Badlands National Park Parking Area

A labyrinth of gullies, hoodoos, and ravines, Badlands National Park in western South Dakota is a welcome break from the unrelenting flatness of the surrounding prairie.

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Tour Wind Cave

South Dakota / Wind Cave National Park Visitor Center

Established in 1903, Wind Cave National Park is home to over 140 miles of mapped cave passages.

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Tour Jewel Cave

South Dakota / Jewel Cave National Monument

Established in 1908, Jewel Cave National Monument is home to over 179 miles of mapped cave passages.

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Stargaze at Spokane Ghost Town

South Dakota / Spokane Ghost Town

Great all year long but, especially stunning when the galactic center of the Milky Way is visible from Spring to Fall, Spokane Ghost Town is a local favorite and a hidden gem.

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Hike the Lookout Point Loop at Wind Cave National Park

South Dakota / Wind Cave National Park

The Lookout Point Loop actually combines parts of three trails to bring you through some of Wind Cave's best prairieland.

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Hike to Poet's Table

South Dakota / Little Devil's Tower Trailhead

This hike starts at the Little Devil's Towers trailhead just east of Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park.

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Photograph Sunset at Wind Cave NP

South Dakota / Gobbler Pass

Above the famous Wind Cave, miles of natural mixed-grass natural prairie cover the Black Hills.

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Hike the Cliff Shelf Nature Trail

South Dakota / Cliff Shelf Nature Trailhead

About 4 miles south of the Northeast Park Entrance, just past the Castle Trailhead, is the Cliff Shelf Nature Trailhead.

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Explore the Frozen Waterfalls of Spearfish Canyon

South Dakota / Spearfish Canyon

There are a multitude of frozen waterfalls throughout Spearfish Canyon. Some require a short hike and others can be seen from the road.

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Camp at Black Fox Campground

South Dakota / Black Fox Campground

Black Fox is 9 miles west of Rochford has nine campsites along the Rhoads Fork Creek where it meets up with the South Fork of Rapid Creek.

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Hike to the Cathedral Spires in the Black Hills

South Dakota / Cathedral Spires Trailhead

This trail starts at the parking lot along the Needles Highway. Follow the trail to the spires.

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Cross-Country Ski the Big Hill Trails

South Dakota / Big Hill Trailhead

From Spearfish, head south on Tinton Rd. for roughly 8 miles. There will be a large parking lot to your right with a pit toilet and an information kiosk.

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Fly Fish from the Rapid Creek Trailhead

South Dakota / Rapid Creek Trail Head

To get the the trailhead for Rapid Creek you must turn to the east onto Pactola Basin Road or FS road 164 when on Highway 385 crossing the Pactola Reservoir.

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Camp at Elk Mountain Campground in Wind Cave National Park

South Dakota / Elk Mountain Campground

Elk Mountain Campground is in a secluded area of the park, providing plenty of peace and quiet.

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