Sherron Baker

Urban art in nature

I absolutely loved the Truckee tunnels!! The hike up is super easy and the view over Donner Lake is amazing. The artwork in the tunnels is over the top crazy cool. We definitely did not plan enough time though, the tunnels seemed to go on and on. Definitely bring a flashlight and a camera. Do this adventure! It’s not super physical, but the juxtaposition of the urban art in the middle of nature’s beauty is fantastic!

Nice beginner trail

This is a well groomed trail, in that it is consistently the same width and fairly flat the entire way. It’s runs along a water canal (the community’s water source), is surrounded by trees, and tends to be pretty quiet. There are a few areas where you will find yourself behind people’s houses, but I’ve never seen anyone outside of them. Dogs (on leash) are allowed on the trail, but very often runners will have their dogs off leash, so you have to know that’s always a possibility. It’s a great trail for running. It’s a beginner trail for biking.

Day hike to Loch Leven Lakes

We hiked this round trip in one day in the fall and only ran into a few other people. It’s an intermediate and more lengthy climb to the first lake, but quick to the second two. I loved the diversity of the landscape as we changed elevations. The trail is very easy to follow except when crossing some huge rocks that aren’t very clearly marked. We only had to look around for a few minutes until we found the trail again. We got to the top fairly quickly and were able to spend time enjoying the beauty while the dogs swam and ran around. We’re going to hike it again in the springtime to see it from a different perspective.